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These clones are high quality and not too expansive, nice plugs for testing wires config. Because I'm lazy to disassemble them.
22 AWGx3(Silver plated Copper, Teflon Coated) Triple braided(2 for ground), 4% silver solder. Not beautiful, but nice sound.
Congrats!!! EdipisReks. But don't forget to sleep! Can't wait your PPX3 with SA5k reviews, so I buy a K340 from Germany.
Quote: Originally Posted by Garbz There is no stain on the cables. It's just coloured techflex covered with clear techflex. I love the end presentation of this combination. It does strange and wonderful things when the light bounces off it just right. The two different wire thicknesses 18awg and 22awg are an application of the Eichmann ratio which is used in Eichmann series 4 and 6 interconnects, and the series 2 speaker cables (which I use at home)....
The Little Dot II will coming soon~
I'm waiting for 110V version. Still some problem with 110V transfosmer, Mr. Yang can't put them in the Little Dot.
Does SLAM has input selector? I saw two on panel.
Dear All, Thanks for lots informations with tube rolling.
EdipisReks, thanks
Dear EdipisReks, I'm interst SA5000 with PPX3, waiting for your review!!! Meeting with Singlepower East(sacd lover)? Take some pics with singlepower family!!!
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