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You like a Ferrai Red? take your amps and goto Ferrari service center, and you will got a Ferrari Red one. The Woo3($470) and LD2(under $90 w/shipment I think) were not in the same level, never heard the Woo3 but the LD2 was a very good tube amp in the entry level. But the problem is the tubes on LD2 were hardly to find the replacment tubes, I still looking for some tubes for tube rolling. Cheers Pal
Same questions as Grabz. I've try use soldering iron to open them, but I fault. I've same cable as you have, can't wait your reviews. Great Job~
I like LD II then LD I. LD II has more power and soundstage, but the sound still changing during burn in.
Before HP890 After HD600 K340 SA5000 (will leave me soon)
How about DHL?
To adhoc, Ya~ you're right. To EdipisReks, They're very cute, and hot. And sound not bad!!! To axle, Yes, w/DHL will around the price you say.
Waiting for your reviews! Thanks Mike! Pal.
Ya~ that's my baby~ still hot.
Quote: Originally Posted by RnB180 I dont think yang has gold cases for those, all his pics look like yours. I have yet to see any pics with difference colors for the dot II. How about this? my friend. A silver one.
How about Blue Dragon V2 with HD600? Any one has try this combo?
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