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Welcome to Team SinglePower!!!
Wow~ full loaded MPX3!!! That's my dream headamp!!! Congrats!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover I should probably change my user name to singlepower_east I can't do that, there are many SinglePower's owner in Asia. I'm not the only one, they just hide. Cheers Pal
Dear sacd lover, You will got 4 MPX3 in your house!!! Oh my god~ You make me want to get one right now!!! Oops, thanks my wife took my credit card away. Ya, MPX3 will be my next upgrade. I'm glad with SinglePower! Cheers Pal Chiu
Dear Sleestack, Welcome to Team SinglePower, you can go find some tubes before you get your new baby. Here is some advice for tube rolling, lots of advice was from sacd lover. Thank you very much!!! sacd lover!!! "Here are some of my favorite combos: Gain tube/ Output tube Ken Rad black or clear glass 6sn7gt/ Sylvania 6sn7gt/ gta or gtb RCA gray glass vt-231/ Sylvania 6sn7gt/ gta or gtb RCA gray glass vt-231/ Hytron 6sn7gt National Union black glass...
I got "Solen stage1" option with my first SinglePower. If let me choose, I'll get a regular one w/power cap. upgrade. Or pick up some Jensen cap. And choose a P2P wiring version for better sound, it could mass inside the MPX3, but you will never see it. Just what I'm thinking. Make a phone call with Mikhail, he will give you some advice. Cheers Pal Chiu
Dear Sleestack , Try find some 6922/6dj8 tubes for your x-can v3, change tubes will effect the sound. Find the thread were talking about woo3, they using 6922/6dj8 too. Having Fun with tubes!!! Cheers Pal Chiu
Thanks!!! sacd lover I found only one Tung Sol's tube in my father's dawer , tonight I'll try put it on the gain. And thanks for your testing, waiting for your result. Thanks!!! PS. which tube(number) can be replace the 6SN7? 6SN7 / 5692 / VT231 / 6N8P / ECC32 / CV181 / ECC33 / ECC34 / B65 (Ifind these)
I'm loving in my PPX3-6SN7 with VT-231 for gain and Sylvania 6SN7 WGT for output, now. The PPX3-6SN7 sounds really good, but good 6SN7 tubes are a little bit expensive. Maybe you can waiting for SLAM, sacd lover say they are more powerful then PPX3, and 6CG7 and 5687 tubes are easier and cheaper to have. Welcome to Team SinglePower!
Thanks, dgardner!!!
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