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Dear PsychoZX, Telefunken are good choice, but they are not a cheap one. Replace table I've found: 12AX7-> ECC83 7025 ECC803S CV4004 M8137 E83CC CV492 5751 and 12AU7-> ECC82 E82CC 5814 ECC802S 5963 CV491 CV4003 6189 Hope these infos can help you. BTW, HP-200SE is nice sounds with nice looking. Will post some reviews about your HP-200SE? Happy with tube rolling!!!
Congratulations! Welcome to Team SinglePower. Show us your new baby!
Nice pics, RnB180!
Put the Little Dot with my Wadia last night, it really bring me some wonderful sound. There was totally different sound with a cd walkman, ya! this is very fantasy. I like the Little Dot, but PPX3 is still my best headamp.
Don't forget the Little Dot. If you got a good source, the Little Dots will give you a great sound at this price.
Some Pics
Got my black Littles today.
Is Dynatoob project still going?
Excellent job for the Dynalo boards (Rev. C). group buy.
My 110V version Little Dots just sent today.
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