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I've PPX3-6SN7 with HD600+cardas and SA5000 right now. 600 are good headphone for classic and jazz music. If you like electric music, try SA5000. Both of these headphones needs to brun-in very well.
Welcome to Team HD600 I love 600
Ya~ they are LD1, with six tubes. And LD1 is small them LD2
Thanks everyone!
Finish my first DIY headamp, but questions is how to measure and adjust. I follow measure with this diagram, I've adjust the voltage as this. But, I measur the output there were different voltage from left and right. Any one can help? Thanks!!!
Can't wait the maxed LD2
Thanks AMB!
Some questions about 2sj109/2sk389, Can them replace to 2sa1349/2sc3381? Thanks for your kindly inputs.
Quote: Originally Posted by edisonwu yeah, so what is the street price in taiwan for a pair of AD2000 in US.D? The list price is USD $1000 But after 30~40% off discount, they still very expansive. My god~
Yes, they made in China.
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