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 Not sure SQ difference if use same transistors. But newest version is much easier to source all parts for build one.
 If Dr.Cavalli will do change internal cables to JPS for LL1 for someone, we'll know the result.
 Cnatata is a music center, it has cd driver.
Hi, is Peak/Volcano still available? Thanks!
lol How many years of warranty they provide? BTW, what's Dn1's brand name? and do they have website? I'm interested in this. Do you know will they provide demo? or moneyback?   Thank   Pal
  WOW!  Hi joyway, I can't google any about this "DN1". do you have more detail about this? or do you have more pics?   Thanks!   Pal
  If needs a DAC for your setup, personally prefer M51.
  Hi DarKu,   Thanks for your nice review!   Do you know which chip or transistor is under the heatsink?   Best   Pal
  Like this pic?     pics from 007ta should be same.
Visit a local audio shop yesterday.     Just out from box, can't told too much.   When play DSD files, it's sound quite nice.   Should be better after burning more days, will visit again.  
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