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 PanAm is good with Z1R? Glad to heard. I've PanAm w/LCD2, and waiting Z1R arrvie.    :D
HP's cable is kimber's silver axios?
Sony da fa hao   Can't wait!
Anyone tried switchcraft 35HDLBAU with headphone side? it maybe fit as stock cable.    
Price USD 40K+ with  a 300B tube amp combo?
Thanks for comments! Asking importers to demo.
Updates? please.
I need to save another 8K for next flagship.
Will Sennheiser launch new "Baby Orpheus" successor?
Owners of Amber II mostly in China, because only 220V version has provide.   Uncle Po said will shipping Production 110V version soon last month.   You may google "金波 琥珀 2" as keywords and transltor to English. :D
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