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  It's updated with HQ pics. :D
  Sure.   We'll have WA2 mod./WA5/WES+009 @meeting, but it's later in October.
Some Riken and AMRG resistors.   Signal hook-up wires and caps are Duelund's silver foil wires and Cu caps. (he is rave with Duelund's stuff)   Two Gold film caps are Odin.   Other electrolytic caps are BHC and Jensen.   DACT pot.   I didn't listened his amp, but we will have a small meeting later. :D
  My friend's WA2 mod.   lol   "My Hiend"(Hiend audio forum in Taiwan) is starting to review the DAC   not sure what's that model.  
Anyone know what's the SR009X???  
Pathos used CS4396 in their CDPs, maybe use same chip.  
Transformers is better sound?  
How about Oscon or polymer?   I think 16V is too tight, 25V+ for safty.
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