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 I still wish to use locking 3.5mm on Z7/Z1R, Switchcraft 35HDLBAU should be best fitting one.  I can't found in myy country, but easy to purchase in north american. May someone help to comfirm this? Thanks!
Just found Z7's balanced cable on shelf, try to disassemble and check if they may use to recable.
Here is plug on original cable, not easy to reuse.
Pelican travel case? Audeze use them.
  Ok, it will fit. (I use ebay one on Z1R)   But Sony's plug is plug-in and a click then tight the nut.   The ebay one is plug, needs tight the nut then click.
Got these. Will check fitting with Z1R, I don't have Z7 right now.   But this more diffcult to soldering than switchcraft's.
I've Z7 but never like it, I still use LCD2 all the time. But Z1R is different level one, better everywhere. It's much musical than Z7, just let me want to play more songs. I give Z7 to my bro's son already. I've short listened R10 800s abyss w/W234 two weeks ago at my friend's place, Z1R may sitting level if compare with 800s basis my experience. Z1R may less dipth of soundstage than 800s(in my memory), but 800s should't complete Z1R. I'm waiting more time to burn-in mine...
I'm from Taiwan, mine is #207 maybe early batch has these print?
Got mine Z1R.   
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