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Updates? please.
I need to save another 8K for next flagship.
Will Sennheiser launch new "Baby Orpheus" successor?
Owners of Amber II mostly in China, because only 220V version has provide.   Uncle Po said will shipping Production 110V version soon last month.   You may google "金波 琥珀 2" as keywords and transltor to English. :D
http://www.stereosound.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=4877&extra=page%3D1   HQ pics
 Copper wire for signal.
  I cut Z7's cable to replace to WireWorld's 6.3mm plug, they're not all silver plated wires.
Pam Am will be discontinue production? I saw on sale on ALO's web, also passport & gateway.
Will "Mani" have XLR out version for balanced amp?
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