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 Copper wire for signal.
  I cut Z7's cable to replace to WireWorld's 6.3mm plug, they're not all silver plated wires.
Pam Am will be discontinue production? I saw on sale on ALO's web, also passport & gateway.
Will "Mani" have XLR out version for balanced amp?
You can try some Philips Military 5654.
Q cables are always my favorite cable for HPs.   Steve, Thank you for everything you have done!!!       Pal
 Vomit is the best  
Use A+ now.   Waiting for trail Master Class. http://www.danielhertz.com/index.php/master-class
I take Vali to my friend's place, use Playback MPS3 and pluged apadter to PS P5.   Use with LCD3, Vali is awesome!
HRT has provide new firmware and drivers for running USB Audio 2.0 24/192 under windows.    I've used under Windows 8.1 24/192 without any problem, also works great with foobar/WASAPI or ASIO.
New Posts  All Forums: