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It's series connecting config, 3X3.7V to 11.1V(3000mAh)   506085 3.7V   Maybe Optima Batteries will be a good option for PanAm.
The battery is complete dead and removed, I'm looking for similar size can fit in the PassPort.   Here's some pics if someone interested.         PS: Battery still good. Only dead the battery protect board.
 It since Sep. Last year, atleast used them five days a week.
My PassPort is near death, any suggest?   Replace battery in PassPort or external power-pack.   Thanks!
DS-DAC100 street price will around Yen55,000, ship time will be later in November. 
LCD-X will comes with which version of leather pads? LCD2 or 3?
 Thank you! :D
Hi NeuKrisz,   May you post more infomations about internal USB-DAC?   Thanks!     Pal
 Not sure SQ difference if use same transistors. But newest version is much easier to source all parts for build one.
 If Dr.Cavalli will do change internal cables to JPS for LL1 for someone, we'll know the result.
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