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 Vomit is the best  
Use A+ now.   Waiting for trail Master Class. http://www.danielhertz.com/index.php/master-class
I take Vali to my friend's place, use Playback MPS3 and pluged apadter to PS P5.   Use with LCD3, Vali is awesome!
HRT has provide new firmware and drivers for running USB Audio 2.0 24/192 under windows.    I've used under Windows 8.1 24/192 without any problem, also works great with foobar/WASAPI or ASIO.
 It's orange. Light from LED, not tubes.
They're out of warranty already.   I'm not in US, shipment may let me get many boards to replace...
It's series connecting config, 3X3.7V to 11.1V(3000mAh)   506085 3.7V   Maybe Optima Batteries will be a good option for PanAm.
The battery is complete dead and removed, I'm looking for similar size can fit in the PassPort.   Here's some pics if someone interested.         PS: Battery still good. Only dead the battery protect board.
 It since Sep. Last year, atleast used them five days a week.
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