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Didn't seen any update from ECP's site?
@KB  Will ALO plan successor of Pan-Am? Thanks!
Will ALO have Pan Am successor? 
Green should be right.    Plug and play channel test videos to indicate.
switchcraft makes nice products.
 Get any upgrade cable to reterminate.  Found this on ebay, perfect fit.
I have Claire MK2, sound is good and much better than sony/kimber. recommand.
 It's option for Z7/Z1R use. 
S/K use 8 OFC? wires braided, Kimber use 16 OFHC wires braided. I believe they used different wires.   Sony's use very thin 4 SPC wires.   I won't recommand S/K, at that price range many aftermarket cables may choose.
It's Sony, Emgineered with Kimber. Kimber has own Axios series.
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