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Didn't seen any update from ECP's site?
@KB  Will ALO plan successor of Pan-Am? Thanks!
Will ALO have Pan Am successor? 
Green should be right.    Plug and play channel test videos to indicate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTvJoYnpeRQ
switchcraft makes nice products.
 Get any upgrade cable to reterminate.  Found this on ebay, perfect fit.
I have Claire MK2, sound is good and much better than sony/kimber. recommand.
 It's option for Z7/Z1R use. 
S/K use 8 OFC? wires braided, Kimber use 16 OFHC wires braided. I believe they used different wires.   Sony's use very thin 4 SPC wires.   I won't recommand S/K, at that price range many aftermarket cables may choose.
It's Sony, Emgineered with Kimber. Kimber has own Axios series. https://axios.kimber.com/
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