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For sale is a clean set of Senn HD 555's with a grey Headroom bag. Phones have not been used much.  Bought originally in '06.   $80 plus $10 shipping. 
This is a Squeezebox Classic V3 with power cable and remote.  There are scuff marks on front, but works fine.     SOLD. $150 + $10 shipping.
SOLD. For sale is a Go Vibe 6 that I bought off another Head-Fier a few years ago. Amp is in good shape, a few scratches. $50 + $10 shipping.
  SOLD.   Gauging interest for an Eddie Current EC-01.  The unit I have was a demo unit that Craig sold me back in '07.  Very powerful tube amp, built like a tank. 
I have an Eddie Current/Laconic EC-01 that I bought Jan. 07. This was a demo unit that I got directly from Craig. It's nice and loud, but I'm moving and need to shed some of the xtra stuff I have. Would prefer to deal locally. If interested, make me an offer. (Burbank/Los Angeles)
Quote: Originally Posted by Claus-DK My hearing is acutally becoming somewhat better, I really can not explain this but my listening is done at lower and lower volumes... I don't know if my hearing has gotten better, but since using IEM's and generally better quality listening equipment, I don't need to listen at high volumes anymore, and like you, I find myself listening to music lower and lower volumes with IEM's. Partially due to good...
That's a good question. I'm looking for a new usb dac myself and can't for the life of me make up my mind. I'm thinking for $400 the headroom micro dac is probably a safe bet, but personally, I'm thinking of waiting and saving up for the ultra micro dac. Other dacs in the running: Emu 0404 usb (under $200), Fubar (WAY under $200), Keces usb dac for sale on ebay (waiting to hear more reviews about this one). The more I wait though, the more I may just save and invest...
Not to be confused with Headroom's Macro Dac, "The Endtable".
Husker Du - Zen Arcade Meat Puppets - II and Up On The Sun Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime Blast - It's In My Blood Black Flag - Damaged Beatles - White Album Black Sabbath - anything with Ozzy Leo Kottke - 6 and 12-string guitar The Clash - London Calling Sugar - Copper Blue Neil Young - Harvest Fleetwood Mac - Rumours John Coltrane - Love Supreme Minor Threat - Out of Step Van Halen - Fair Warning Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes Spoon - Girls Can Tell Elliott...
Sh*tty Sh*tty Band Band C*l*n on the cob (replace * with "o".)
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