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Well unfortunately my samsung galaxy s4 doesn't work with my hrt microstreamer at all. I haven't tried the s4 with the usb audio player pro though (which doesn't help me with spotify). Its so weird since my galaxy s3 worked great with the microstreamer (both nuetron player + spotify worked just fine with the s3!).
I have the us version of the Samsung galaxy s3 and a iPhone 3GS. With my westone 4r iems unamped I prefer the s3 with the neutron player to the 3GS. However the s3 with the stock player or poweramp was so bad in comparison to the iPhone 3GS I nearly returned the phone. The neutron player GUI is awful but once u get the hang of it. It's ok. I just wish the us version got the wolfson dac. Sigh.......
Thanks for the feedback everyone and I'll be in touch EtyHeadRick if I am still having problems. Headroom is sending me a new unit and I'll post whether it works or not when i get it. I wish Headroom was a little better with their customer service though. I didn't get any response with my initial email and had to call twice. It was so strange. In the past they have been awesome though.   I probably just got a 'Monday' hf3. We'll see what happens when i get the new...
Update.   Contacted Headroom yesterday morning regarding the iphone 3gs control issue and i'm supposed to hear back from them (the employee said they would contact me after trying a demo hf3 with another employees iphone 3gs). Once i get a answer i'll post the response. I'll try again tomorrow morning. crossing my fingers.   So far they sound nice with a lot more clarity than the mc5 iems but the iphone control problem is a deal killer for me. If there are any...
I just received a pair of ety hf3 iems with iphone controls and the controls do not work at all. I have a iphone 3gs (updated with the latest software) and the original stock ear bud controls still works great. Has anybody else encountered this? If there is a quick fix I could try before i send it back?   i already tried cleaning the jack, and the old stock bud controls still work fine so i know its not an issue with the iphone jack. A quick search doesn't show a...
Wow I am so tempted by these headphones. I've been looking to upgrade from the HD600 headphones that i have right now but I will give it a few more months though for more reviews to come out. One of the things that i'm curious about is how the T1's compare to the HD600's with respect to soundstage, detail and speed. Its really nice seeing more high end headphones coming out.
fkclo, Thanks for the great review. As a fellow ear hp4 owner and intrigued by the HD800 (currently using HD600 with blue dragon cable) this was a great read. Hopefully other owners of the HP4/HD800 combo will post their impressions as well.
Looking to sell my pair of .5m outlaw pca pure copper rca interconnects. They are in great condition and are a fantastic interconnect for the price. I've replaced them with a pair of cardas golden reference cables so i don't use them anymore. I will only ship to the continental us and will only take paypal (its just easier to deal with!). i'm asking for $30 shipped. Thanks! tone
Quote: Originally Posted by braillediver Zanth and tone currently have the HP4 and they might be able to further discuss the tube options. I sold mine and regret it daily. Mitch absolutely the best hifi purchase i've ever made. the rca 229 tubes are highly recommended. my fave so far. the tubes do make a difference in the ear hp4.
Omedon was extremely easy to deal with and i would not hesitate to deal with him again. Communication was excellent and the transaction went very smoothly. I sold omedon a singlepower mxp3 which is the most exspensive audio item i have ever sold on headfi and i was very nervous about it. Luckily i got to deal with omedon. -Tony
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