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Sorry it took a few days to get back. I received real IE80s from Best Buy 2 days ago. I'm going to post some pics to show you the differences. First thing I noticed was that the cable shorted out at the jack in under 2 minutes. It's usable, but I have to keep my phone still to be able to listen to it. The next thing I noticed is that the bass knobs don't work at all. I played Techmaster PEBs Bassgasim and there was no noticeable effect on bass when adjusting the...
Can you post a few pics of the screens and the jack? Also how does the cable feel. I just got a pair of fakes yesterday and I'll see if I can see any differences between the two. also if you can, take the pics with a bit more lighting.
Also could someone post a link to the IEM buyers guide if it's still around
I haven't been on here in a few years. Today I realized all my decent IEMs are broken and I'm listening to music on my brainwavz R1 and mono price 8320. I'm looking to get 2 new pairs of IEMs. I'm pretty sure the first one is going to be the Sennheiser IE80. I absolutely loved the IE8 and I can use the control talk cord I have with it. I also want to get a BA iem. I'm not sure what to get. I have the Sony XBA-3. When I bought it I though the music would be richly...
What kind of sound signature do these have?
I started listening to mine again after I broke the stem off my ie8s and blew a driver on my MT Pro Golds. I'm using these on my jailbroken iPhone 6 plus using the Cydia tweet Equalizer Everywhere, which puts a 10 band EQ plus pre amp in the control center. Love these with the extra bass from the EQ.
Subscribed, these look cool
Has anyone compared these to the yamaha EPH-c500?
I've checked sennheisers website and they don't seem to sell them. I took the screens out of my IE8s due to one of them being clogged and not being able to clean it. I've tried other things as screens such as different types of fabrics but can't seem to find anything that sounds right. Does any one know if the iE80 screens will fit? Thanks for your help!
New Posts  All Forums: