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The box looks legit, call Sennheiser and check the number
The bass knobs working and a QR code are good signs you have the real ones. Check out my previous post.
Sorry it took a few days to get back. I received real IE80s from Best Buy 2 days ago. I'm going to post some pics to show you the differences. First thing I noticed was that the cable shorted out at the jack in under 2 minutes. It's usable, but I have to keep my phone still to be able to listen to it. The next thing I noticed is that the bass knobs don't work at all. I played Techmaster PEBs Bassgasim and there was no noticeable effect on bass when adjusting the...
Can you post a few pics of the screens and the jack? Also how does the cable feel. I just got a pair of fakes yesterday and I'll see if I can see any differences between the two. also if you can, take the pics with a bit more lighting.
Also could someone post a link to the IEM buyers guide if it's still around
I haven't been on here in a few years. Today I realized all my decent IEMs are broken and I'm listening to music on my brainwavz R1 and mono price 8320. I'm looking to get 2 new pairs of IEMs. I'm pretty sure the first one is going to be the Sennheiser IE80. I absolutely loved the IE8 and I can use the control talk cord I have with it. I also want to get a BA iem. I'm not sure what to get. I have the Sony XBA-3. When I bought it I though the music would be richly...
What kind of sound signature do these have?
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