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I have not heard them all but...   M3 for ability to drive most headphones easily and smooth tube like sound.   DV 336SE but SKYLAB has never been wrong...ever. Just teasing SKY.
I believe the Opera attempts to emulate a warm, round tube sound. It does so at the expense of smoothing detail. Sharp definition and detail is a strong point of the Red. The synergy between the Red and Senn 650's is very good, as is the synergy between the ASL MG HEAD OTL MKIII and Senn's. I agree the Red is clear and sharp which does help add light to the otherwise dark Senn's. This makes me think the Red may have been voiced with the Senn's, as many amps are, along...
Can you describe how the Opera sounds with the HD800 compared to the Travagans Red?
REVIEW TRAVAGANS RED WITH BLACK UPGRADE POWER SUPPLY Here is a link to the company website : Travagans Black ªøª«§Óºô¯¸ Travagans Red Travagan’s Red-Travagan's shop For another review done by HeadphoneAddict: (Thank-you for your superb reviews on this site)with internal pictures: My original review of the Travagans Red in 2008 with standard power...
Yes if you have stereo output from your soundcard. I was looking at this cable for my Presonus Central Station and have the same cable brand that is TS to RCA terminated.
Thanks for for taking the time to post this review as soon as possible as I am sure many have been waiting. Well written with good comparisons so we get a relative ranking of sound quality which is hard to do with the written word. When did you find out the chipset on the E7 amplifier was similar to E5? I am a bit disappointed the E7 amp is not a bit more robust and improved over the E5.
I have written many reviews here and appreciate your honesty. It is obvious to me you care about our community enough to take the time to post reviews and updates and I appreciate it. The new Fiio is one of the most anticipated portable amps to come around here. There may be a communications and/or culture barrier sometimes when dealing with a manufacturer and any clear information we can get is helpful. "All I ask of you is one thing: please don't be cynical. I...
I don't get this on mine either. However some others have commented that this is an "undocumented" feature. They claim there is a boost in both treble and bass when the bass switch is moved halfway between off and bass boost.
This is a great sounding, and now, very special amp. The stock Bada PH-12 was at the top of a home amp comparison test I did among 23 amplifiers. I have had countless amps come and go but the stock Bada PH-12 remains my favorite. This unit for sale has had many expensive parts and hours put into it to improve it further. Bump for a great amp and great Head-fi member over the years.
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