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wow ur creepy- who puts that on their mp3 player?
idiot really wasnt the right word. it sounded very wrong. sory about that. and thanks taphil for being so calm, and reasonable about my opinion. its not idiotic, i just guess i am just a bit jealous. BTW what happened to ur zen micro?
Quote: Originally Posted by Taphil Picked up a black 4GB nano. Expensive, I know. But now I can have 40 albums on the white one, 30 albums and playlists of singles on the black one, and pick a random one when I head out. thats over four hundred dollars for 8 gigs when u can get 20 gigs for less than 250. i donno, that just seems inconvenient
those are wild!
Yes, i know, i was all hyped up at first with the zen micro when i got it last winter. But now, after returning it four times for deffects, and having it for like 5 months, it's lost its spark. it works perfectly, its in fine condition (not to many scratches, but some cracks on the back) I guess i get sick of things to fast. now that all these new, sleek players are out, i feel kinda left behind. its still beautiful, i mean, its just, nothing exciting is happening with...
does anyone think the nano is kinda, well, ugly? i dont like the stretched out look too much.
Pictures Picture Pictures. Artistic, photoshop, cool angles, black and white, anything! be creative
i know they are fake, i just thought they had some cool ideas so i posted them.
IPOD WATCH IPOD PHONE LOVE THIS ONE! THIS one is cool, but doesnt make sense... the screen wouldn't fit. enjoy!
well, that thing is looking FINE!
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