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Thanks to Ulcerate, Pyrrhon and Gorguts, we have:   The Dismal Ascension by Defilementory      
Yes.. There is a cat on top of the parachute... Hehehehe Yep, agreed previous releases were def better.
Exactly... Otherwise, its the best I have heard after Re-262, looking at the price/performance
Oh yes, I like the earlier ones more. They are more dreamy, atmospheric and melodic. This is a little more metal. I like it though. I hate dream theater.
They are really good, but one side stopped working for me after three months. Which was sad!!!
Did everyone listen to this?   Plini - Atlas  
Oh yes!!!. Lol!!!!
  Hell Yeah!!!       Marras (album)   by October Falls  
I am just stuck with this right now:
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