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This band is amazing.  
AMG review of new Deafheaven : New Bermuda can only be truly loved by those who have felt the sweet caress of a Pabst can on their meticulously waxed mustache, but it’s not a total loss for the rest of us. Bosse de Nage is still ****ty though.  
And I find this :)
Agreed. New Bermuda > All Fours ...
Not really, I checked them out. Need to give more time :)
Oooohh!! I havent heard it yet :)
  Someone on this thread said, Bosse De Nage does Deafheaven, better than Deafheaven and I agree. This is their latest release and I love it.
I will instigate, I will free your mind !!!!
Have been eagerly waiting for Gorod or some good Tech Death. Let me check them out :)
Well, my favorite Australian bands are:1. Psycroptic2. Ne Obliviscaris3. King Parrot
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