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I love this album :)
Bangalore. I am in.
A recent bollywood movie has this song towards the end. Unexpected. I am happy.  
hahahaha.. Yeah I felt the same way.. Its good but I didnt like it much
  Who is excited and who is going ?? :)
Tonight Cannibal corpse and Suicide Silence ... Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh for Cannibal Corpse....
The best IEM I have heard was the RE-262, and I have always wanted to buy RE-400, but they look so fragile. At the same time, CIEM is an unbeatable experience. I had reshelled by Sony XBA-3 and the CIEM fit makes a lot of difference. Now I tend to stick with cheap and effective type of IEMs. Signature Acoustics, Knowledge Zenith, Vsonic etc. Why not try a CIEM?
Guess, who is Megadeth's new drummer. Chris Adler - Lamb of God :)  
Welcome, everyone on this thread likes DT :)
Hellllooooooooo.... Everybody on this thread likes YOB, Earth, Sleep etc      
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