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I do..
 I remember them... Second album.. Nice!!!!
For some reason, I don't like Brain Drill... And trust me, I have tried real hard...
Hmm!!! I like weird vocals. As weird as possible. I do like the vocals of Defeated Sanity, Devourement, Aborted, Abominable Putridity, Wormed.. I just love the growls, pig squeals etc.Not, heard of any mortician album but as the saying goes, 'If a good death metal band member is wearing a band tshirt, that band better be good." 
Welcome!!!!.. I like all of the above, except Morbid Angel :)
Nice try.... Broooootal will be the name of my cat (that I will have one day)... Till then...  
@Redcar, please save the day with some broootal music
Ohhh man!! That was a joke. I found ur name and just copied it.. Hehehe.. Satan rules!!! Woohoo!!
II blame the new guy 'musicalchemist'
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