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        New Psycroptic.. \m/
This is going to be awesome  
Its my phone and computer background
  Listen to this and help me figure out the similar TBDM song from their last two albums.
New Revocation has songs, that sound like TBDM. I like it.
Hmmm!!! I hope my butt gets kicked !!! Eagerly waiting..
  Sorry, its just one song. I thought it was the whole album Streaming Link: I feel recording quality has come down. Not sure yet.
Hmmm! I don't like Exodus that much. But you are 'The Actual MetalDude' so I will give it a listen. However this seems really well recorded. Ecdysisby Horrendous Share / Embed  Wishlist    Nepenthe 00:00 / 04:21           1. The Stranger 07:12       2. Weeping Relic 03:57       3. Heaven's...
Yep, and they are releasing new material every year which is unbelievable 
Simply Brilliant    
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