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This is really gooooooooddddd!  
Vsonic VSD1 or 1S
I have not heard any Dark Funeral at all 
I like them. I like Periphery 1 more than 2. But, I just checked out and they are releasing new album in 2015. Nice
 What are the odds? I like Crosses too and they released an album in 2014 as well 
This is  a nice combination Isis and Chino  
i dont like this.  But this is something else.. 
I posted it in November. No one showed much interest. The Inherited Repression, is the album I listened to most this year   
I have always like Tech Death. And yes, I forgot to add the Cannibal Corpse to my list. Even though I have never been able to get into them completely.I did listen to it many times. Needed a Katatonia type release this year as well. Didn't find anything
Revocation reminds me of TBDM
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