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  This OST is good. Kind of Agalloch, Kveldsangger Post Rock Mix..
This is going to be my AOTY. Whoaaa!!! I didnt expect this..
New and Improved Job For a Cowboy!!!    
I have to listen to this...
Yeah!!! Its outrageous. Muppetface has been reading our recommendations and publishing her own list ....
But, they are so bloody fast. I have always liked bands who can play at a very quick tempo. Maybe, thats why, I like a lot of Brutal and Tech Death metal. Rings of Saturn are not my number one favorite band, but are lodged in my brain. for all their guitar wankery and the drummer is fast. I don't think I can compare that with Whitechapel or Conducting from Grave or Her Name In Blood.  nowerdays metal/deathcore has too much breakdowns. I mean there are songs where there is...
Nah!!!!... I used to listen to death/metalcore 3 years ago. Now it seems all the same. I prefer these now.   
I prefer early Job for a Cowboy, As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance, Cryptopsy - Cryptopsy, Infant Annhilator and Rings Of Saturn more than this.
I will chain my profile name to Beyond Creation soon :)
Hurt?Suffer from sudden retardation?
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