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Nice. Didn' know Pyrrhon was releasing an album 
New King Parrot is awesome :  
Sorry, don't know how to give feedback but sounds pretty nice. All the best!!!
Yeahhhh !!! I am a celebrity now :)
This is awesomeeeee!!!!!
  Somethings changed in Veil of Maya :)
I have these :) KZ-ED -KZ-GR -KZ-ANV-KZ-ED8-KZ-ED3
Agreed. I got like six KZ earphones and all of them are worth the money. If you are looking for cheap, well built, value for money KZ cannot be beaten. Better than Piston any day.
OMG I remember that Resident Evil soundtrack and Directors Cut. Killswitch engage song was on the Resident Evil soundtrack. So long ago :)
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