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For those who haven't listened. This is seriously good:  
i like this...
Album art for a band named Dali's Dilemma has to be freaky. 
Beyond Creation and Ne Obliviscaris ... I am waiting....
I had ZX700 and it has plastic cups. Only ZX1000 has magnesium cups and ZX700 is similar to MDR V6, but with velour pads, MDR V6 is an excellent option.
When did this happen? Ohhh!!!!! Facebook has worked!!!
Congratulations! Here are your results. You're a Music Buff You're so close to your favourite act you can almost touch them! Whether it's Lady Gaga or Radio Gaga you love losing yourself in the fun, chaos and beauty of some live music and culture. You're always first to know when a new act has music out or a hot up and coming actor is about to open a new show. You love to get things done. You're practical, reliable, and don't let things get in your way. You like...
In case, you guys didn't know Ne Obliviscaris are doing crowdfunding for a world tour (India is part of it) Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Ohhhh!!!!! I heard about Godsmack after watching the movie, The Scorpion King.. Such a long time ago(I checked wiki, 12 years)
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