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just wondering when bi amping/bi wiring does the cross over in the speakers get use?
hi I have a pair of ruark prologue one R speakers, i was thinking about weighting them with dry sand or lead shots to tighten the bass. But i am unsure of how much sand or lead shots to put in can any one help me? 3 liters is the most my speakers can be loaded
i have a pair of ruark prologue one R frount speakers is it better to bi wire/ bi amp or use a pair of very high quality single speaker cable like van denhul (the magnums)
I use VDH and QED interconnects. I am using QED silver anniversary for my rear and centre speaker I now want to upgrade me front speaker cables, I have RUARK Prologue one R and I want to change the speaker cable what do you recommend I should do ? at the end of the day I want the best sound comming out of my speaker for music and Movies.
I have an av amp and ruark speakers, but i don't know whick speaker cable would be best to use. someone recommene me 2 use either QED silver anniversary or the van denhul CS-122 for best performance, can someone tell me if that is true
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