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I think the MD would sound best with a bright amp.  I had really great luck with a vintage receiver, a Pioneer SX-3700, I got yesterday.  With my JDS O2 or my preamp/amp combo, I could drive the Mad  Dogs loud & clear, but the sound was boring.  I missed some slam & excitement.  The vintage receiver opened it up and gave sparkle especially with pre-2000 (AAD) recordings.  Frank and Ella had no sibilance or distortion, but Diana Krall was not as clear.  The Dead was...
pm sent.
Out of the box, I found the A2 to have a bad midbass hump. I upgraded the speaker wire & they sound much better. The binding posts are a little weird. I think they are too short for bananas. The posts are close and threaded to the bottom. I took the speakers to my local stereo store who installed & trimmed spades on a 12ga Esoteric cable. To me, the sound really improved.
Hi-- I am looking to get a better pair of small speakers. My top three choices are the Audioengine A2, Swans D1080mkII or M-Audio AV40. Last weekend I purchased a set of AV30 M-Audio speakers. Those are getting returned to the store. I listen to many kinds of music including Jerry Garcia/Dead, indie singer-singwriters, and while working, classical, blues, country, and singers like Frank & Ella. My sources are Alien DAC w/ Blackgates and Entech 205.2 from a...
I've been using a Dakine 101 for five years, and it still looks great. Its a wonderful bag. For a daypack, I like Gregory packs. Check out Campmor, they have a large selection and always have something good on sale. Better yet, if you are near Paramus, NJ, go there in person. Its the best outdoors store in northern NJ. Don't forget that is Bergen County where blue laws are in effect so it is closed on Sunday. Also, the hippies that work there force it to close at 7...
Hi, I'd like to come with my budget components: MS-1 & KSC-75 headphones Porta Corda II & Millett Starving Student Amps Nano 4gb 2nd gen & MacBook with Alien DAC I'm looking forward to hearing the great equipment, see you all next month
Hi I am looking to purchase a y1 gamma dac. I prefer the full version. Please send me a PM. Thanks
I had a great time meeting everyone last year. I want to participate again.
I'll be coming & looking forward to it. I'm a local (West Orange) & can give rides from the train or bus. Since I am a homeowner w/ a toddler, I only have value (inexpensive) equipment: Allessandro MS-1 & KSC-75 headphones, Entech 205.2, 2nd gen ipod, iaudio m3, 2x pcd players, old school Pioneer PM-7100 cd player (if I want to carry it) & Meier Porta Corda II amp. I also have a turbodock & various cables. I am looking forward to trying some better equipment for...
Hi, I would be up for a West Orange meet. I live there. There is plenty of bus service to Turtle Back Zoo which is a short drive to the Wilshire Grand. The buses may even stop closer to the hotel. That looks like a VERY nice hotel and its new. I don't have exotic gear, but I would love to participate. I have never been to a listening fest. Hey, Supernothing, I am a Tufts grad.
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