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Hey HiFi uy, the male end on headphones that plugs into an amp is a "plug". The female end on the amp or device is a "jack". You nearly always get that wrong, and it's something a " HiFi Guy" ought to know!
Thank you!
I'll investigate, Tinyman. THANK YOU!   I know that IEMs are portable. There's an IEM in my phone case at all times, so I've always got something with me to listen to. But IEMs create a sense of perssure against my eardrums that is quite uncomfortable. And I know how to insert them properly!   I have very strong opinions about headphones. Because, having worked in radio for forty years, I've spent many hours daily wearing them. It takes me mere seconds to know if a set...
Read my original post! I am looking for POCKET-SIZED headphones. I am not looking for something m80 sized, which excludes the Mikros 90. I have lots of headphones. I am not expecting better than $500 sound. I appreciate your priorities, but I told you mine. A px200 is obviously more like what I described. I ordered a pair of Audio Technixca ATH-es33bk from NEwEgg. Thank you for your time!
No more than 150 for a portable. I have and love the m80, but don't consider it portable.I prefer mildly boosted bass below 100hz, and a smooth, slightly polite high-end. I listen to rock, pop, country, bluegrass, big band and standards, some classical, and orchestral pop. I host a syndicated 70s show, so mids must be smooth. My voice must sound like me. Thanks for your response!
Really? Nobody after two days?
I have used the Koss PortaPro, and it's variants, for more than 30 years. But, as small as it is, it doesn't fold flat for shirt-pocket carrying. And it's open-back, so there's no sound isolation.   I'm looking for a closed-back alternative, with bass response at least as good as the PortaPro, with smooth mids and highs, that will be even more compact in my pocket than the PortaPro. I am not a huge IEM fan, even though I own several of them. And I want better bass...
I use a JDS Labs cMoy bb v2.03, with 12 volt AC adapter, and love the sound.
I have ordered of biosciencegeek cMoy headphone amplifier, and am looking for an 18 to 24 volt ac adapter for it, preferably one I can find locally, such as at Radio Shack. Any recommendations?
I decided to buy a biosciencegeek cmoy headphone amp on eBay, and was saddened to find that his site is completely gone! What happened? And is there any way to buy his amplifiers now? I have a JDS Cmoybb v2.03 that sits on my nightstand, & I listen to it almost every day. I need another amp, for another room, and was intrigued by these amplifiers. Help, please!
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