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Transparent reference phones or IEMs usually don't provoke long threads. There isn't much color to discuss or overbearing bass or treble to laud|complain about. Everything is more less very balanced frequency-wise, and the music is simply delivered cleanly as it should.   These will be my IEMs when I get some other things situated.
Thanks Zeddan and Malcuso. I already re-evaluated my earlier response based on what Currawong said and agreed the trade-off of short battery life to great power is worth it. I own a couple of dated but great high-powered portable headphone amps, the Phil Larocco Portable Reference II (Mk 2) and the Triad Audio L3, and both have relative short battery lives but deliver enough power to drive many headphones that would normally require home amps. Given my musical tastes, the...
This is one member who will be awaiting your full review, John. The UERR sounds like it might suit my tastes very well. If I need an external amp, I have two great, if dated, headphone amplifiers in the Phil LaRocco Portable Reference II (Mk 2) and the Triad Audio L3. The DAP I am considering heavily for purchase and constant usage, the Calyx M, probably has enough on-board amplification to eschew the necessity for external amps.
That is true. Therefore, I may have to consider one of the external battery options when I seek to purchase mine. I am also considering the relatively new Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered IEM for an ultra portable solution---just awaiting more reviews.
It would be sweet if they employed a more powerful battery in an upgraded version. The low battery life still takes away too much from it as a viable unit.
 Thank you very much for your thoughts, Eke2k6. I have every intention of auditioning the IEMs under consideration before I spend any green.
 The point of me even considering an IEM is for ultra portability with minimal compromise. I would not be in favor of altering the UERM, especially since there is a customizable alternative in the UEPRM. What I want is a slightly tweaked pro monitor CIEM, which is what the UEPRM can be. One correction: the UERM has 3 drvers while the UEPRM has 5 drivers. This is more than doubled by the Layla's 12  drivers. I have put off auditioning the Layla because other more pressing...
Thanks, Brisley, for your equalizer suggestions. I will check them out to see how portable and flexible they really are. Yes, it was Tumburu's review that made me start rethinking a Layla acquisition.
Thank you very much, Reeltime, for your straightforward reply!   I was wondering whether the UERM's possessed what many call a clinical sound, which is the way that accurate phones/iems designed for professional sound recording are often described. If so, then they are well designed for their purpose.   The UEPRM's appear to be another matter since they can be designed to suit the user' tastes. I have been reviewing a thread last night started by Headfi' Jude, where...
I really wish Calyx had used a longer lasting battery with the M. I would prefer not to have to buy an external battery pack and make a fatter package.
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