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If you monitor the prices of computer-based items as I do from time to time, new memory size chips are always sky high whenever they are first introduced---this is completely independent of whatever Astell & Kern is doing with their mobile music technology. The prices will drop eventually to the point where it becomes a realistic deal. Just wait until the pricing gets to the point where it averages the same per GB as the lower-sized memory chips. All computer-savvy buyers...
It's brand new technology. You have to wait a while before the pricing gets realistic.
Seems like a nice player, but they need to seriously address the battery issue with the next model.
Auditioning would be mandatory for me in any event for a purchase of that magnitude. However, I don't need to be a studio engineer to appreciate studio monitors. My two most used headphones are both monitors---the discontinued Sennheiser HD250 Linear II and my modified Sennheiser HD25-1, which is used by some engineers for location work. The whole point of getting such phones/IEMs is that they present ALL of the music signal, whereas colored phones/IEM's tend to hide some...
It's really a disappointment that the Layla's are oddly tuned. My hope was to be able to use these as part of an ultra compact portable system, besides home/office usage. The poor tuning will necessitate the usage of a good equalizer---which is virtually un-doable for portable applications unless someone I know nothing about produces a good compact equalizer. I may be forced to reconsider the Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Monitors (UERM's) now. What's the point of making a...
 Charge JHA big time for your adjustments! So you feel you have them both reference quality and much more enjoyable now?
I will keep my eyes and virtual ears tuned in.
 Many belated thanks for your detailed review. I was having some nasty computer systems issues I had to resolve and have not gotten around to catching up to this forum until now. I am so glad you were able to equalize the IEM to your satisfaction. Perhaps you can offer to send JHA your equalization notes for a hefty consulting fee. As a lover of phones that serve as monitors, it is very disappointing to see your report that the IEM was not up to snuff from a professional...
Channeling my inner Rodney King:   "Can't we all just, like, get along? Pretty please . . . with sugar on it?"
I certainly will be looking forward to your impressions, especially after the IEM's are well burnt in. 
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