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Quote: Originally Posted by So_Sweet To be honest, mines a bit laggy too.. I have to turn like a CM before it starts moving lol... it is really quite laggy and sometimes not responsive.... is it a defect?
hi everyone, is it normal that the wheel is a bit lag-gy?
Quote: Originally Posted by VicAjax what are grey bullet tips? is that the soft flex silicone? should be this one, sorry i dunno the exact name of this
coz i have previously owned UM1 and UM2, so i go for um3x .....
Quote: Originally Posted by jc9394 I have the same experience on the Shure Olive, but the UM56 kills it by the mile... i remember the maxim of head-fi.... btw, the UM3x + Olive plays SRV very well...
Today i bought two different pairs of Shure Olive (medium) and Shure Grey Bullet tips for my UM3x. The Shure Olive just give me the best sound out of the rest of the tips i own. The Bullet Tips are great too and they are more durable !
i am going to buy the Etymotic Black and soft foam tips for UM3x , do they fit ? i think the Ety black foam tips can increase the size of soundstage of UM3x , i hope they can fit ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pangaea fatko, I think the biggest and most valid take away from this thread is that we all hear things differently. In the time that I have spent on Head-fi the general opinion (again, not all) is that iPod's stock SQ is not good. I have had a bunch going back to the 4gen iPhoto that you speak of, and it was in my opinion among the better sounding. I had a few 5gen and 5.5 which I felt were abysmal, along with the Nano that...
is my iPod Photo 30G the worst SQ in all iPod family???
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