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Thanks for visit :D  
Hello everyone,   I proudly present the launching party of Woo Headphones Amplifier and its related products in Thailand. The launching party was held of 28 April 2012 at DECO 2000 Co., Ltd.(Show Room) Amarin Plaza Department store   We also prepared a lot of flag-ship headphones in this party for testing with the products from Woo Audio and There are a lot of Thai audiophile and music lover joined this party. They impressed with the products and the party was...
  Hi, Khun purk   Yes! Lekheadfi & Kajohndet are the same individual, Lekheadfi is senior member, joined to Head-Fi in 2001, he is old member like you   and this is his pic in my forum :D    
Hello pcf,   Welcome to CanJoin! if possible you would see CanJoin #2 again in next year! I hope you will join with us
  Hi, Purk   More headphones in "CanJoin" was supported by our Big Brother (kiertijai), He send me with 13 Great Headphones, Of course! the special one is Orpheus! still not sure with CanJoin 2, will let you know again    
Thanks for kind words Orpheus is the favorite Headphone in this show!   cheerful!  
Hey Chim!   Welcome to this thread :D see you again in CanJoin 2
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