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Hello,   I will look around in my hard drives to try to find the images, if I do I'll upload them! No promises though, lost a lot of stuff a couple of years ago.
My email (removed after contact) I'm not sure if you can receive my PM's Regards, Manuel
I sent you a messagewith my email can you see it?
Hello, I'm selling my M3 amplifier. It was built by myself last October and has less than 50 hours of use. Main features are the o11 power supply, encapsulated toroidal transformer, variable gain from 2 to 17 via a front rotary knob, aluminium case from hifi2000 with 10mm front panel. It was build by myself (I have built over 30 amps and DACs in the past)   Here are the specs: Filtered IEC inlet Encapsulated toroidal transformer 15VA Front power toggle switch 25V...
Hello,    I have 2 LOD-s made by oyaide brand new in the original package. These are the HPC-D3.5 and are made with UPOCC cable.   Same as this one    http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWIf911tCkHxRHgF_T8_3eVGm-_Hfo64kk1FUspFiwH_Coug1A7RdXKV1s   Thanks for looking,   Manuel
I'm doing a spring cleaning on my DIY stuff, here is some stuff I won't be using anymore and could make someone happy. All prices are USD. Shipping cost and paypal taxes are NOT included in the price. Will ship worldwide. Please PM me for pictures. I might add more stuff as I find it, please keep visiting.I am no interested in trades.   1 o22 power supply. Standard Kit bought from glassjaraudio for -+18v. It is fully assembled. 100USD    4x a20 kits. Includes all...
Still for sale, 300€ with shipping and paypal taxes!
You should really just read around, the extra knowledge you'll gain will prove very useful!
bump and price drop: 315€ shipped with taxes!!
This looks like a nice little regulator! It's small enough to be built inside a large wallwart with a trafo for small power applications, should be perfect for a Y2 or small desktop amp. Should be looking for a few of these boards when available. A kit from beezar or glassjaraudio would be a great thing!!
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