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ALLNIC D-5000 DHT DAC for sale. Excellent condition. Black color. With original box, remote and manual.
My current CD sources are: Zanden 5000 Mk IV DAC driven by Accustic Arts Drive 1 transport. Previous: Musical Fidelity X-Ray w/A3-24 DAC Audio Note DAC3.1X DAC
Congrats on the Moth Si2A3 with the Princess tubes. I have the Opera Cyber 30 2A3 amp to drive my HD600 and I like the 2A3 tubes a lot ! I have to say though that the 3W output of the 2A3 is not barely enough for the K1000's. The Sophia Princess would be better. I have the TJ PX-25 (equivalent to the Sophia PX-25). This is almost identical to the Sophia Princess in structure (same manufacturer too). Only difference is in the ratings, my PX-25 is 5V/1.6A versus the Princess...
Another excellent place with lots of headphones is the Yamagiwa store in Akihabara. The widest selection of headphones I have ever set eyes on in one store, including the R10, K1000 and Stax Omega II. Full range of Senns, Beyers, AKGs, Sony, AT, Ultrasone and others including Shures. The Etys were the only ones missing in their line up. A must see store if you are in Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
Quote: Originally posted by becomethemould's not the 5751 type tube causing the hum as i have a GE 5751 in the amp before and it made no noise. the stock tube, a sovtek or EI 12ax7 made noise when adjusting the volume... Dear becomethemould, I'm afraid its boils down to your 5751 having GONE bad. Hum usually comes to the tube when some of its components get loose...perhaps during shipping. Only other thing I can suggest is (DON'T LAUGH)...
I've tried many brands of 5751 (Sylvania, RCA, Raytheon, GE) on the MG head with no issues. I do get some scratchy sound when turning volume know on some but not limited to 5751. Even some 12AX7 have them. So far, I have had 4 Sylvania gold brand 5751 and 2 black plate 3 mica Sylvania with no hum. Guess I am lucky ? I have also tried 12AY7 and 12AU7 whihc have even lower gain thatn 5751 with no issues. Only tube I had a hum problem was a CIFTE 12AY7 but its due to the...
Its a new kit from Opera/Consonance and DIYHIFI supply, the same gang that brought out the Billie 300B amps. Today I went to the DIYHIFI showroom in Hong Kong hoping to get a listen but the unit was already packed for the VSAC (Vacuum State of the Art Conference) show in Seattle Oct 3-5. Once I can get to check it out, I'll post impressions using both HD600 and K1000. I am very eager to get my hands on one since I was one of those who initiated a headamp kit with them
New SET tube headamp that can also be used for AKG K1000
I use my Opera Cyber 30 intergrated amp to drive my HD-600 and also my K1000. I find it to be better than my MG Head OTL and X-Cans V2 by significant margin. Although some may say its not a fair comparison given the price difference, I still find it good value as it is able to drive all my headphones including the K1000 (which I recommend highly and is my current fave)
Quote: Originally posted by MERTON ... i just wanted to see if such a thing could be done... if it can be i will gladly pay $750 next year... Merton, You might have to put that money aside. I know of a DIY kit headamp project that is being designed (in China) and should be ready later part of this year. And it would cost far less than US$750. Its to be a SET tube based amp. Interested ?? You opinions and inputs on the project welcomed.
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