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Does the Denon app allow for adjusting the balance between the left and right channels? Do any of the other apps have this functionality?
The jack on my Monster Turbines seems to have lost its connection for the left channel.  I'm going to attempt to replace the jack on it.  The stock jack is tiny injection molded and I can't get it open so I'm going to have to snip it off.  Any suggestions on a replacement?   Any comment on either of these? http://www.redco.com/Amphenol-KS3P-AU.html http://www.redco.com/Switchcraft-35HDRABAU.html   I'm okay with soldering...
I got the Monster Turbines from the outlet store and then just got a 2 yr. warranty from squaretrade for $14.  You should try these Sony Hybrid tips, they make all the difference and they seemed to enhance the bass for me.
I have the Turbines and love them.  I think you would really enjoy them and they are hard to beat for $50.  I have not heard the S4 but from everything I've read the Turbine is hands down better than the S4 if your a bass head like I am.  Also your comparing a $150 IEM to a $60 IEM.   If I were to replace my Turbine I would go for the Turbine Pro Gold or the Sony EX600. But both of those are much more expensive.
Just got them yesterday and I'm very impressed.  They rock, I love how they sound.  Mine did come with the straight plug from the Monster Outlet.
I just got my turbines from the Monster Outlet store yesterday so ask away.  They came in a Monster black suede pouch with red stitching.  No actual retail box, just the box they were shipped in and factory zip bag packaging that said Factory Refurbished on it.  They look brand new, possibly Monster selling off their old stock of the ones with straight plugs.  They came with 6 tips, looks like 3 sets of medium or large and then 1 set of small round tips, and then 1 set...
Sennheiser PX 200-II   Jude makes some good picks: http://lifehacker.com/5800772/how-to-choose-the-perfect-pair-of-headphones
Just if anyone were curious, I called SquareTrade and if the earbuds broke I would have to ship'm to them and they would send me a check for the purchase price and then the warranty would be considered fulfilled.  So it's not a true 1 year of warranty as it would only cover the item until it broke once within 1 yr...  Kind of tricky but probably worth it if these turbines break as much as everyone says they do.
Thanks for diving on the grenade for the rest of us.
  Here is the Copper thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/470614/monster-turbine-pro-copper   It's a good read.  From what I've read the isolation is good if you find the right tips which is why I ordered the Sony Hybrids.  I saw some talk about Monster Hybrid tips in a thread that was a few months old but have been unable to find them for purchase.  There are also the Monster super tips which seem to get mixed reviews.  The Shure EA306 silicon tips and the Comply...
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