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Someone may think the other way but I want to share mine: Those shiny leds around the volume knob are not a good idea "IMO". Too much eye catching... IMO   For the name, I have no suggestions because of the sparkling character which I don't like. Just my opinion. Just my 2 cents.
Is this new firmware applicable/compatible with the GO720 as well?
 Any changes on the sound (with 110mm)?
 Thanks for the input
 Certainly ;)  ear-refreshing :P Many color choices, mine is the same color as the pictured one. Sound is very very detailed on these...
 +1Agree ;)
You're welcome ;)
Someone has to measure it and post the info like I did for X2...
When we'll be seeing the N6 to purchase?
 In my situation DT150 certainly sounds better on tubes rather than ss amps. But I didn't have HD600 to compare, so couldn't comment on that part...
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