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Hahahahaaa You made my night buddy
Glad to learn that you solved the problem. Thanks for sharing!
The cause of that sound is generally the headband suspension. I remember that someone used WD40 to eliminate that noise (I will never advise you to use WD40 though). Other than that I didnt remember any fix.
A late reply may be but I wanted to add my impressions as well. I have the Massdrop K7XX and Sextett (MP). I find Sextett to be a better sounding one with more detail and better imaging. Sextett sounds more high end compared to K7XX. The only single bonus is the soundstge width of K7XX which IMO is not necessarily important because Sextett sounds more holographic and has better imaging which makes you immerse in the soundfield "totally".
Warmness? For me they have very slight tilt only... These headphones are designed for audio professionals in mind so they have to be very accurate.I am using a Philips 6SN7 front tube (military grade, I believe from the 60's, its actually a rebranded Sylvania) and RCA 6AS7G back tube (again military grade, from the 1950's, Stratecig Air Command stamp on it). I generally tend to use this config. I prefer Psvane CV181 T2 gold tube on the front with Sextett (to mellow the...
I am not aware of a 400ohm version DT150. You might be confusing that version with DT100?? On the outside DT100 and 150 look exactly the same (apart from color and mic on some versions of 100, and larger head cushion on some versions of 100). On the ohm part DT150 is 250ohm while DT100 has 16ohm and 400ohm versions (as far as I know). Both of these headphones considered to sound similar while many giving the edge on the DT150. I haven't got a chance to audition the DT100...
Peter is correct There are 2 full sized headphones that I have sticked with for the past 6 months: DT150 and Sextett.However I do prefer Sextett over anythingelse, haha )
This news made me "LOL" ) There is no limit for an audiophile ) Audiophiles in Japan are installing their own electricity poles: https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/15/japan-audiophiles-install-own-electricity-poles/
Thanks for your reply Joel!I will be using it with my 200 and + ohm full size headphones so I assume hissing wouldnt be a problem. Looking forward to your impressions if you try the dac/amp with a full sized headphone in the future. Comparisons with some other dac/amps will be a welcome. Cheers!
 Well I am thinking of trying the new version. But there are not enough information and review online so I have some doubs...Can you please update the information if you try the dac/amp with a good headphone? How is the hiss level? Resolutio, distortion, soundstage, etc?Which tubes are you using? From one of the product pages in Aliexpress I can understand there are 2 different tube brands to choose from (one is Chinese the other is a Russian brand).Thanks!
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