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You're welcome McClelland ! Thanks for the added information :) I will be adding a link to your thread on the first page for easy reach!
 I remember good old days when I see your face Wokei
I have tried all the Brainwavz HM5 airpads line for the DT150 and I had the best sound and comfort with the angled pleather HM5 earpads... I highly recommend them. Also the angled shape increased the SS.  
I have modded and recabled my AKG K240 Sextett (mid-production).   I have been listening to it for about 2 months but didnt want to write before because I wanted to adapt to the sound and I was afraid of the "new toy syndrome".   Now its time to write something...    I have compared K240 Sextett (mid-production) to my Beyer DT150, Fidelio X2, AKG K7XX and Modded Fostex T50RP.   I can confidently say that I can sell them all, except the DT150 because I need a closed...
I havent tried L2. May be you can check some AKG models like Tiesto? If the comfort factor were better, Philips A5Pro is the only portable that sounds very close to the X2. Again, I have to add... its not the same sound, but close.
 I am using the Ety noise cancelling earplugs for musicians ;)   You're welcome!
 So hard to answer... Philips A5Pro is the most close portable I have ever listened to date... But comfort is not so good with the A5Pro. I really cant find an equivalent of the X2 on the portable closed type :/   May be JVC HAS500.. may be...
Look through the full part of the glass, its still better than saying 80x  (The comparative post reminded me once again how relative and individual the comparisons are in headfi! 8 times? what is it?... No need to argue... until we hear a modded HP100)
I have both K7XX and X2. X2 has slightly more bass. Especially on the sub dept.
 I advise you to skip angled ones fot the X2 because the X2 drivers are already angled and extreme angle may ruin the soundstage and sound. Also the non angled HM5 velour earpads are more comfy than the stock X2 pads but soundwise, original X2 earpads are still slightly better. You may try to wash the X2 earpads. Reported in this and other thread that washing the earpads helps remove the excessive paint (or ink) and softens the earpads. Please check this post:...
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