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Congrats Vince
I dont have this problem with mine... Please check the sound imbalance link for the possible cause and solutions in the "Havi B3 Pro1 impressions thread" (check the first version of the thread) first page. Generally a fit issue may cause this... Please read that link.... There are detailed explanations...
Thanks for your kind words, really happy to read that!Cheers mate
Welcome to the X2 club   glad to hear that you're enjoying them!
 I did't want to share the link before testing the cable.  Now that I can approve the cable is very good in quality. Anyone who needs a shorter straight cable can safely go for this one: I prefer one side straight the other side L jack. This is not an original Beats cable but seems like a great choice... Thanks to @Hi 5 for mentioning this cables Beats version...
I also love the Penang island! I have visited the butterfly farm there several times and like watching the seascape on the shore. . . (your photos awaken my memories Wokei). A great place for photographers too I would like to share some photos when I get back to the office.
Partying without me :P huh, I fall in sleep at page 296 :/ Sorry guys but it was night time at this part of the world... But you guys put a very big smile on my face in the morning as I type while in my bed! I am sorry that I couldnt bring all the GIF's that I prepared days ago... They are in the office computer :/ I want to shout a big thank you to the thread starter @Hisoundfi and all the cool guys hanging aroud here that support and share their daily life, lovely lab...
 Huh, your postal service is fast   I am still waiting for that particular one...   I will be reviewing 3 bluetooth iems in the next weeks...  Just one of them arrived today...    You also got them @twister6  ?  PS: Excited
@Hisoundfi I have just ordered the ED9 after reading your recommendation. Thanks buddy for sharing your impressions. This is going to be my second KZ (I have the "ES The Acme" version in hand). Though I didn't like that one... Hopefully these KZ's are cheap as dirt
What a great memory Wokei... Many years passed and you still remember it like first day...(Wishing the doors of heaven are fully open for him... Rest in peace...)
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