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I am not a basshead but sometimes I like to experiment.For a solid bass I prefer this app: Noozxoide Eizo-Rewire.It has tons of adjustements to explore and experiment...Also has its own player app: Noozy.
I have two different 4 pin extensions and they only trigger the phone to AUX mode. The cable which you mention (or try) should have resistors inside or extension cable (or assembly) itself is providing the 50+ ohm resistance value (somehow). I can only trigger high impedance mode if I add a 75ohm resistor on the 4 pin extensions (then remove the 75ohm resistor and attach my
Well thats true, and personally I re-visit the first page of this thread (time to time) in order to refresh my knowledge about v10 Then I realize (again) how it raised the bar and set up the contemporary mobile phone audio standards.
After the latest Marshmallow update my fingerptint sensor didnt scan well so I have deleted all 4 fingerptint scans and rescanned my 4 fingers. Interestingly now the scanner works more reliable than ever! Wanted to share as someone might benefit from this info...
 Thanks and you're welcome. Its ideally to get checked once a year. But I doubt any of us do it like that.... Personally I first went to doctor to get my ear checked (may be after 10 years) when I had tinnitus (in right ear) 3 years ago and the cause were a super small bug resting on my right eardrum! She carefully removed it and the buzz went away...
Very good news Will be adding the info on the front page.
Just checked and it is Marshmallow.
My V10 just received an official update through wifi, its faster and more fluid now. Also graphics and sound seems to be improved as well ! !
You're welcome and......thank to you and all the people enjoying the audio! When people turn back and look at the history -say 10 or 20 years later- everyone will clearly see that a phone -capable of playing hifi at a reosanble price- to beat many daps and enter in to the audiophile world and change the way how the future phones needed to be sound. Even only because of this historic value (not to mention its great sound quality) and even if the v10 becomes outdated -as a...
Havi didnt give it up... Unfortunately no updates yet........... Sure headfi community will hear it first.
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