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Very nice collection @Podster !
 Cable is remowable, earpads are replacable, the beast can be converted to balanced...   
Glad to learn that you like them Tamal!Its a keeper for me Will probably be with me until the end. And I really like its old school appeareance (which I didn't like before buying it). If you have a chance, put a pair of Brainwavz HM5 angled pleather earpads and you're done!
Nice setup, but with an image we could satisfy our eyes too Can you post a photo Arsis?
Wow sexy combinations Carbon works are really well on all Is that the Hifiman white double flange eartips Podster?
For anyone who' s interested a member shared this post in the LG V10 thread: V10 vs V20 vs AxoN http://www.head-fi.org/t/782706/lg-v10-new-ess-chipped-flagship-android-phone-from-lg/2820#post_12846814
+1I am very curious about V20.
Lately I have been pairing B3P1 with Cozoy Astrapi with spectacular results. My main source is my LG G3 and I have the joy to listen Spotify with this combo.
Hahahahaaa You made my night buddy
Glad to learn that you solved the problem. Thanks for sharing!
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