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 Please check my X2 review page. There are the measurement values for the new cable.
Boy your impressions proves that you're a really music lover and you find your sound , I am with you no matter the model name ! I am serious, I don't care about the up or downgrades. We love listening to music after all!
CoiL you know what, since I know you from yhe very first day and witnessing your love in X1 , I wish the sound of X1 didn't change, because I love it!!! Boy you're a fan of X1 and I appreciate
I am with you on this matter CoiL
I have/had some of the K series open full size and closed cans. Nothing, even the K340 can compete this X2. I wish I could express myself and hype them more (But I am not that kind of person). My number one HP is X2 for the period. But they need at least 250+ h burn-in. I have revised some points in my X2 review because of this.
 Can't agree more!  Sure, but not all the head-fires have the opportunity to test these before purchase. It's a another fact... So that's one of the reasons why we linger around here...
I can't speak for X1 because never heard it but X2 vocals are definitely freaking awesome after 250+ hours.    Out of the box I thought it was loosing the game slightly on the mids. But now it sounds excellent.   2 days ago I was listening to Sting and gave the headphone for a small test to my wife. What a bad decision. She had it all night! She actually never listens to my headphones/iems more than a song!   Her behavior is a litmus paper for a headphone
 WOW!  Your feedback is very valuable for the thread @gyx11 !  Thanks a lot!  Since you don't have the GO1000 while doing the comparisons I conclude they are from the memory (for that part)? I'll be adding this on FP as well. Now I want to put the equipments in your comparisons in to numbers (as USD): O2/ODAC (DAC/AMP)= 250+ USDX3 + PicoSlim (DAP + AMP) =  600 USDGeekOut 1000 (DAC+AMP) = 299 USDiBasso R10 (DAP) = 800+ USDShure SE846  (IEM) = 1000+ USD So...:iBasso R10 + B3...
 Do you believe adding an amp to the GO1000 line-out can change something for B3 Pro1? Peter and I have been thinking of this for a while. He will be receiving his GO sooner than me. I am sure he's going to post something on this. But it will be good to know your pairing trials of an amp with the GO.(or is it better to use GO by itself, without an addition of an amp to the chain?)
Welcome @bala      I have been planing to post size comparison photos for a while... May be someone will need it...   Comparison with GR07.   GR07 on left, B3 Pro1 on right     B3 Pro1 on top GR07 on bottom     B3 Pro1 on top GR07 on bottom
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