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Lol . I should really read the specs of products I review. Cheers!
The Paw can extract ISO? Didn't know!
Guys, please stay on topic. If you want to debate about cables please move to the Sound Science section.
My MH335DW-SR Review. I'll probably put this up in the review section one of these days with photos, etc. The MH335DW-SR originally came in the form of MH335DW back in March '13. Last year around April I had my MH335DW upgraded to the Studio Reference - an offering that was open to a selected few in Japan which later opened up to the rest of Japan in August. Let's call this the MH335DW-SR for now. The idea with the SR version is a titanium tube added and some swapping of...
 These don't generate much heat. The glow is actually an LED underneath. However the grill protection is really to prevent anyone knocking and breaking the tube glass.
 To me, the Mad Dogs had more of a mid-bass warmer tendency whilst the Alpha Dogs were more mid/treble in focus. The latter weren't bass light per se but more bass neutral. That's to my ears anyway. But I saw someone mentioning the Ethers were more LCD-like than HD800-like.  I sure hope so!!
That's interesting. So the Ether has gone more of the way of the Mad Dogs than the Alpha Dogs in terms of tonal signature??
 If he's taking your K10's I'm taking your Layla's!!
Currawong has put up a video preview of Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon prototype :-  
 Welcome to HF. What's the question?
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