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For those of you who are reporting (getting or not getting) hiss, maybe it's worthy to state with which headphones. Also searching for the word "hiss" on this thread, @kdailan's case isn't unique (esp with the TG!334). Still sending it back to have it checked is not a bad idea.
Did it kill your dreams ??
 So, Just Ears is doing it through Tokyo Hearing Care Centre in Aoyama (which incidentally the place I had my impressions done a few years back for my Unique Melody CIEMs). What shocked me were the pricing. "XJE-MH1" is around ¥ 300,000, whilst ther"XJE-MH2" is expected to be around ¥ 200,000.
I haven't translated yet but it looks like there's an update about the Just Ears
 Got your SD card working then?
Take it to PM guys.
 Back to the very first post of this thread ;-). I didn't buy it. Komkrit was kind enough to make this for me. It isn't a 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRS. It's a 3.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRS adapter. This is a 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRS adapter. This was made by a DIYer in Hong Kong. I never met him as it was passed to me through another person.
Errr, 3 posts & 7 hrs ago??
 Errr, I actually meant mailing the Audeze support.
For the Kobiconn connector amp side, it should be as below :-     For your LCD-XC side you may wanna ask the Audeze chaps.
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