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   Sorry if my post wasn't clear. The AK380 doesn't do 0.5 steps anymore. The AK380 does full integer increases. However I have a feeling it's still not "like for like", (i.e. I don't think AK240's 40 is AK380's 80, nor is Ak240's 50 equates to AK380's 100).
Remember (as mentioned earlier in the thread) the AK380 has done away with 0.5 increments.
The Cypherlabs amp collection - Duet, Trio (new), Picollo    
 Wow apples to oranges. I think the Savant is worthy to get to have an alternative sound. I know my ears and I generally prefer a slightly treble tendencied signature and the Savant would do well for me in that. But for those who appreciate the K10's for a slightly more midbass warmer and treble neutral then they may find the Savant a little "aggressive" (but not Ditas aggressive - just to give a sense of scale of "aggression"). 
I'll piggyback off @Currawong's thread to give my impressions of the show. He did a good job in covering all the exhibitors whilst I was somewhat more (selfishly) focused on a few.   The day started with Currawong, Arnaud & I being invited to the AK380 launch. iRiver spared no expense in having a very lavish presentation in the chapel. The AK380 is quite a beast larger from its older brother. I won't dwell too much about my thoughts about it in this thread as I've...
FitEar isn't demanding. JH (at least Layla's), I was listening around the 90-102 vol setting on the AK380 whilst my MH335DW-SR was around the 80.
Funny you asked that. I was comparing my Flow to the Invicta (v1.0) & honestly the RoV of the Flow is high. I'm not saying I'm ready to sell my Invicta yet but I'm kinda like questioning myself, the output is just not so convenient (it's using the 1/4" jack).
 Fresh out of the box only after 20 mins dude :D.OK, (almost) non-sonic thoughts. Nice shiny glossy case. A move way from the traditional CLAS texture. Attracts fingerprints. Gain (even on low) is like wow, is that really low gain? Not gonna try high on my IEMs, maybe when I get home to some higher impedance cans. A little warm but not as warm as the ALO Continental Dual Mono (granted that it's a DAC Amp with dual tubes, I don't know about the Trio yet). Dimensions...
Sadly, no Audeze's in the home of AnakChan. I'll try my V-Modex on this when I get home this evening instead - It's a T50RP in a V-Moda headphone :D.Edit #1: I wonder if I'll get into trouble for abbreviating this [Deleted...I just looked up in urbandictionary] ;-).Edit #2:    Trio dimensions, 105mm x 69mm x 24mm            Ak240 dimensions, 107mm x 66mm x 17.5mm            The 3.5mm Lineout is on the same "side" as the Trio too. Hmmm, ever wondered if it was purposefully...
  Listening right now, out of the case just 10 mins ago. Anyone who's got one, ever found the need for the gain switch!? it's beastly enough in low gain!
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