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Sadly Denon has gone silent sine the announcement in early June. Not certain where this is going but I do agree, these are quite nice looking headphones. Hopefully they don't change the final looks too much and hopefully they sound better than their former series (in my preference).
 Of the above, I'd personally give imaging to the AK240. But if the MS-AK120 is paired with the Intruder, then I'd put the MS-AK120+Intruder as having better imaging than the AK240. Note though now we're talking about stacked components. Most enthusiasts would consider that as an unfair comparison and if I stack the MS-AK120, I should stack the AK240 too After playing around with the MS-AK's I'm of the opinion that Mezzo Soprano has done a suberb job in doing the...
 Morning. Pretty much what Shigzeo said. Richer is probably the right word for the MS-AK's. Liquidity (or what I would have termed, analogue/smooth).
 I have a pair of Wagnus Luna that's balanced for the AK240. It's a 24AWG SPC PTFE ET cable.
Where do I start with the reviews!?   Dita Truth (not mine) FitEar MH335DW Studio Reference FitEar TO GO! 334 Noble Kaiser 10 (K10's) JHA Roxanne Universals (not mine) Tralucent Ref 1 (not mine)   Hifiman HM-901 Redwine Audio RWAK240 Fiio X5 (not mine) Calyx M (not mine)
 Mim/Lunatic, cheers very much for helping out in procuring this for me. Very much appreciated, and very much looking forward to it.
 With the MS-AK120 alone, I feel the AK240 sounds more spacious but the AK240 feels somewhat "colder". The  MS-AK120 with Intruder balanced backend IC, the MS-AK120/Intruder has a more wholesome sound with a larger soundstage.
 Good question. Sadly my 3.5mm TRRS had gone back to be reterminated to 2.5mm TRRS/AK240 so can't test. the 3.5mm TRRS lineout though seems to be variable lineout (i.e. turn volume to "max"??) then control the volume on the external amp instead.
Maybe it's just me but with the MS-AK120 alone I felt the staging wasn't as wide (you lost me with your comment of "too wide" == "compressed on earphones"...what earphones are you using!?).But when I hooked up the Intruder balanced, I'm very impressed.An overall bigger sound than the AK240 by itself.
[All this on latest firmware - MS-AK100 - 2.40, MS-AK120 1.40, HM-901 balanced module 1.085, Calyx M 0.96] [Earphone Dita Truth SE]   Just when I'm on the eve of returning the MS-AK100, MS-AK120, & Intruder back to Phanom, I'm giving these DAPs another listen. What I mentioned way back page one still mostly stands and although I still have a preference of my HM-901, I'd say these MS-AK100/120 aren't far off in giving out a full meaty sound. In fact the only main thing I...
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