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 Congrats. How big is your mSATA?
 Cedric, Missed you last week at our mutual friend's lunch. I hear you're not too far off from my home too. If you're interested we can meet up and you can have a listen to the 009 on the Electra to get an idea. I also purchased a bunch of KGSSHv boards & a bunch of "hard to find" transistors but still haven't gotten around to doing a build. We could also wait till our mutual friend receives his BHSE, and organise another Stax Tokyo meet with another friend with his KGST...
The issue I have with Dignis/Minerva cases is that they damage easily. The leather bruises somewhat too easily. Something like LV's taiga or epi leather would have been more durable.
 The previous pair went for a crazy Y751,000. I've been tracking this to see how much it'll go up in the last few extendable minutes.
 I find my case not so practical. It's really more a pouch than a case. Since I was taking it in & out so much, it was a little too fitting for such kinds of use that I felt I'd risk dropping my AK240 instead. As such I preferred just having a larger looser, drop pouch over the Van Nuys. I also used it together with my Minerva leather case but as mentioned since the Van Nuys it damages the Minerva leather case rather easily. Edit: The Van Nuys case for the AK120 was...
From Facebook of an iRiver contact. I wonder if this is similar to the flashy silver AK240 James Lee carried around. I took a pic of that one & boy was it a solidly heavy AK240!
Maybe I missed this but what's an AK240SS?? Just a regular AK240 in stainless steel??
Quite a few folks would disagree with me but at least for my tastes, that's how it goes. There are certain conditions where I would prefer the Hugo but as a more generic device, the Flow seems to be a more "all-rounder" component of the two.
  For that, I'd have to get my AK240 back and re-borrow the Paw. Personally for my ears (and if we're allowed to compare DAPs to DAC/Amp components) :- 1) Flow2) Hugo3) Paw Gold When I get my AK240, I'll see how it'll fit into that above picture. @Currawong already owns the Flow & Hugo & has an AK240. If he could borrow the Paw Gold he can give his perspective.....{hint hint, nudge nuge}if I can somehow re-borrow the Hugo & Paw Gold to do another comparison (or just coerce...
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