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Agreed, no hostility needed. However there's also a search button for the thread. No need to flick through 15 pages.Back on topic I should be able to write a little more about the Zn's next week.
Heading to Kyoto on the Nozomi Shinkansen with the AK380 + Prima Donna + MH335DW-SR (& two noisy kids)
I don't know about "the best" but my personal preference is the Aurender Flow. I picked it over the Hugo even for my tastes. I wrote a review of it sometime last year.
And I just shipped back the demo AK380 back to iRiver Japan. Wonder if this would have addressed my DSD volume issue.Edit: Looks like it's :-- aptX codec support- GUI change to the EQ- Improved stabilityEdit #2: looks like my 1st demo AK380 has a fault with the XMOS. iRiver shipping a replacement tomorrow.
I'm told the CDM is a hybrid vs the WA8. I was also to the there will be tube rolling capabilities. The tubes sit on a daughterboard which I believe can be made available to WA8 tube rollers.
So that there's a reference, what other DAPs have you heard?
The Zn are earphones, so quite different from headphones.
 [OT]No no, not what I meant BTW :D!! It's fine.Not my rig, I borrowed the A2P for review. I do own the TUR-06 though.[/OT]But back on track, the intention of A2P with their transportable amps are different from Jack's of the WA8 - at least in my understanding of the brief conversation I had with him about this topic. The WA8 unit I heard didn't suffer from any noticeable tube ping from vibrations so I guess if one really wanted to, could walk around with it. Personally...
 You know that is my picture that you quoted right ;-)? That was pretty much what I had in mind when I was talking to Jack about a pocket for the transport/source. He's well aware of the Analog2Paper transportable amps. And actually it's hard to use the A2P on-the-go too as the tubes "ping" when there's any movement/vibration.
I talked to Jack about that (strangely started off about leather cases & with pouch to hold the transport/source). If I didn't misinterpret him, he actually intended the WA8 to be used stationary rather than walkabout (pardon my Aussie-ness) - sitting in a coffee shop, traveling, etc. It generates quite a bit of heat so not practical to put it in a case & use whilst in transit.
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