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 Yes, off piggyback amp.  The Trio doesn't seem to be sold anymore (at least in Japan?) and when they appear in the 2nd hand shelves, they disappear quick.  Rather interesting of how we have different ways of describing the same thing. So yes, the Andromeda had a greater focus on upper mids and highs, but in my words, the Andromeda is fuller whilst to my description the Layla has a more toned down upper mids/highs. Between the two, to my description the Andromeda is the...
I did on the same listening session on Wednesday - was comparing the S-EM9 against the Andromeda before returning the S-EM9 loaner. I have to say I do like the Andromeda quite a bit - nice full sound that's quite well balanced. The S-EM9 had a somewhat more tamed treble comparatively (but not rolled off).  Not heard the Pristine.
At least for me, BA IEMs mostly benefit very little (i.e. there is a difference but slight) with the exception of Noble K10's...I don't know why that specifically. Hybrid IEMs seem to benefit a little more, ok at least the 1Plus2 (and 1Plus2.2) but didn't have balanced cables for the Kumitate Trio to confirm about hybrids. Probably 'cos my ears aren't sensitive enough but for me, it's the large cans that is most apparent for balanced vs unbalanced.   I'd probably just...
Wouldn't the phones used matter? i.e. to me with IEMs differences between SE & balanced is slight, but for headphones, more apparent. So maybe we should account the phones of choice into the context when comparing?
 You message @spkrs01 
I don't hear sibilance yet but I was imagining I would if I had moved from foam to silicone tips.
 I should really try this myself as I have the SpinFits too, but just been a little too lazy. How's the treble moving from foams to silicone? I'm wondering if the treble is accentuated to the point of sibilance? One of the reasons I've been sticking to the foams is 'cos I (unfoundedly) feel the sibilance is absorbed to acceptable levels - that's why I've not tried any silicone tips on the KSE1500's.
 Make a request to Jaben too! I was having this conversation with them. Would be cool if they had some sample Campfire Audio earphones there.
I just managed to customise my MH335DW-SR for exercising. The Bluetooth/LDAC is a Sony MUC-M2BT1 (but sadly I don't have a Sony player to test LDAC) however it comes with MMCX connector.   A chap called Kamikodai-san of E4UA makes some wonderful adapters and this one is a short MMCX->FitEar connector.     I have a feeling I'd be happy enough to use this rig for my daily to/fro home and work too. On the bus & train where it's noisy, I don't think using Bluetooth will...
A little play-around exercise rig. The Bluetooth/LDAC is a Sony MUC-M2BT1, and the MMCX->Fitear adapter is by Kamikodai-san of E4UA for my FitEar MH335DW-SR :-  
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