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 Not for my head. In fact I was doing just that for the past hour, lying down on the couch with a cushion under my head.
+1 to what Chris has said. I think the DX200 presents it as it is....if there's not much bass, have a chat to the mastering engineer of the track. So far of the 3 players I've spent time with to me the :- DX200 - neutral dry presentation AK380Cu - neutral but with a smoother presentation than the DX200 NW-WM1Z - A little warmer/thicker with a fluid analogue-like presentation. Smaller soundstage compared to the above 2. I've not tried the other Fiio X5G3, Opus 3, new...
I didn't really spend too much time overlapping the DX200 with the AK380Cu but between the two, there is still something that I've not put to words that I prefer the AK380Cu to the DX200 - but not by much.Meanwhile I've moved on from the AK380Cu to the NW-WM1Z and I have to say I'm not so confident if the NW-WM1Z is a clear successor to the AK380Cu. All 3 are slightly different from each other and it's hard to point to say which is "better" from an absolute perspective. I...
I don't think the posters made asked any questions about "better" but more about quantity of bass. I've passed my M-100 to my brother-in-law so any opinions I have on the M-100 would be based on memory or the review I wrote few years back. I do have the CFW1 (pre-prod?) and for a while I did have the CFW1 & M-100 overlap and from my memory the CFW1 was more tonally balanced giving the perception there was less bass. I can't remember if there really was less bass in terms...
Got my V-Moda Crossfade Wireless II yesterday but am using the iBasso DX200 to exercise in the CFW2 wired.
The Analog Squared Paper (A2P) TUR-08 was briefly covered in my Fujiya Winter Festival report. One of the selling points of the WA8 is that it's an all-tube design whilst the TUR-08 is a hybrid just like the TUR-06. So that puts the TU-05 still as being more of a competitor to the WA8 than the TUR-08.
I think the KSE bass is very tight. I'm going to speculate here but maybe when folks feel the bass is lean, the expectation is for a little more bass bloom or bass warmth which I probably would agree that that is the area the KSE is a little shy on. But actual impact or slam, to my definition at least, the KSE has it.
Woohoo!! What do we have here!!
 I've not seen the Soundaware M1 Pro. If @Currawong comes to next weekend's Fujiya Spring show, then maybe I'll see if I can give it a shot.
3.5mm TRRS -> TRRS 4.4mm wouldn't short anything unless the wiring is wrong. It's balanced to balanced but prob just the Hifiman std of 3.5mm TRRS to the Sony 4.4mm balanced. (Likely) shorting would be output 4.4mm balanced from the NW-WM1A/Z to a pair of headphones that's 3.5mm SE terminated.
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