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I just messaged FrancisK that very slowly I'm warming up to the Spiral Dots the more I listen. It's hard to decide which is better at the moment. The Sprial Dots does sound more spacious and I think it's due to the opening channel (the Ortofons seem narrower. And I'd dare say there's a tiny weeny little bit more separation/distinction with the Spiral Dots. But the highs seem to have toned down a little with them - which was what Ortofon did to the 334 (a little more treble...
So I finally bought some JVC Spiral Dots. Funnily I've not warmed up to them as much as I have to the Ortofons. I do agree isolation is a little better on the JVCs but I find the Ortofons still seem to sound airier than the JVCs. Granted the JVCs do sound a little more spacious and plays on the natural warmth of the 334's.   I'm sure if I listen to the JVCs I'll grow more accustom to them.
 Yes 'cos they make the HDP-R10. When you order tell them you want batteries for the HDP-R10 specifically.
The announcement of this seemed to have fizzled. I see pictures of it from blogs of the local shops in Japan but I've not actually heard or seen any real announcements about these headphones.
I'm free for dinner on Friday if anyone wants to meet. Saturday I'm tied up but will be there all day Sunday.
 Maybe replace Bose with Alpine headphones in their stores??
Oh! Good news. Thank you. Crossing fingers that the redesign doesn't render the amp board collection useless.Domo domo.
Blocked from office. What is it?
 Assuming you've enabled balance on the software/OS-level options, which plug? I found this issue to be quite plug dependent. The 2.5mm TRRS plugs used by Wagnus in Japan seem to work quite well, similarly the ones used by Tralucent. I didn't have any issues with the JHA/AK's AKR03 Roxanne but it seems some others have. At least between May -> July, I had issues with the connectors used by Whiplash Audio but I don't know if that issue has been resolved by now.
Unfortunately even if you had the time to go to their office, the official stance in Fitear's policy is Japan locally made FitEar CIEMs are for Japan residents only - not for travellers or tourists.Some folks have "circumvented" the system but that's unofficial & probably inappropriate to be discussed here.
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