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 You'll find pictures in the Recent Images In This Thread on the top right of this page to get your answer.
 No, if you have reserved, it's available from today :-http://www.e-earphone.jp/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=000000103019&search=Nw-WM1Z&sort=  As mentioned before, no English language with Japanese version, and Eu will get volume capped version. Didn't try transfer speeds but GUI performance and microSD Card reads/ejects, the AK380 is fast compared to NW-WM1Z. I wrote a little bit about in the AK380 thread. Yes so I'm revising my original thoughts of the NW-WM1Z...
OT posts have been deleted. Next time please just report and -NOT- respond.
 At one stage when I was considering consolidating moving on from my Invicta desktop DAC, I was seriously considering the AK380 Cradle to have that as my desktop DAC feeding into my Electra and/or Zana Deux. I scrapped that idea in the end sticking to my Invicta and never got the cradle. I'm considering the CD-Ripper though - my desktop and it's DVD/CD's busted.
I spent a little bit of time listening to Jude's unit and sonically speaking, I find both the AK380Cu+amp & 1Z to be great. Sonically speaking for most songs I find I tend towards the AK380Cu+amp as to me it seems to have a slightly more referency kind of sound but at the same time the 1Z sounds more analogue-smooth & less sterile. Power-wise the 1Z as expected doesn't have the same level of oomph as the AK380Cu+amp but AK380 alone with 1Z? I didn't try...although I'm...
I would suggest you look at the OmniCharge Pro with the D.C. Output option. That should be more efficient with a user tuneable option to set to whatever direct DC-direct voltage required to charge the WA8.I don't think ChargeTech has a direct DC out. Which means it has to convert from DC to AC (120V or 240V whichever you purchased), then only to convert back to DC with the WA8 adapter. That is very inefficient.
I'm actually heading back to Perth again next Friday 28th Oct to 7th Nov. I don't have anything new (well maybe the HD800S but wasn't planning on bringing that back). Will probably just travel with my AK380Cu stack & KSE1500. Happy to meet in Jaben again although I haven't pinged Audrey & Roger yet.
My portable setup has been very simple these days. FitEar MH335DW-SR via a special made order connector (I love this very much!) to the Sony Bluetooth MUC-M2BT1 with the iPhone 7 being the source.  
 Actually, I think that was the how this conversation initiated that Senn hadn't shipped good cables with the HD800 and HD800S. Mind you though, $4800 is overboard for cables.See post #1491
OrderCustom order made。The only sample photo cable I can find isn't terminated for the HD800S but it'll gave the basic idea :- 
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