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 Bummer, one down so just @djvkool & @fnkcow. No problems. I'll be PM-ing those guys with my contact number.
 Lets not get OT here. Back to the DX90 pls.
Just called. They are open but don't take bookings - first come first served. Maybe better make it at 8 am in case the crowd gets crazy??
Check out the Android Phones & USB DACspage & you'll find which DAC/Amps would work with the ZX1 :-'ll probably have to search ZX1 there as there's more than just the DAC/Amp than the Apex Glacier.
I also forgot to mention, if any of you chaps wanna test the AK240 with your music, please bring put them onto a microSD & bring that along.
Ok, so Wednesday is set. How about the Friday folks @djvkool, @Parall3l,@fnkcow? You guys cool with Zamia Cafe around 8:30 am?
 Yes that was it :D. OK so folks if I'm good to my wife she will let me come out twice. So the thing for Wednesday, can @AncientWsidom & @Existence somehow compromise on a time where I can meet both of you at the same time?  And as for Friday for @djvkool, @Parall3l & @fnkcow, how does early morning sound to you? Last time I think I met @djvkool in a cafe in King's Park, maybe we can meet there again. My wife & son could play in the park if they come along.
Cruzerlite. More info on the ZX1 page.
Sorry my bad...Not my b'day. Autocorrect & now I can't even remember what I was trying to say there :-P
B'Day!! I'm back! I actually wrote something in this thread but didn't post it in the end. Realistically I think I can afford only one day but can't decide Wed or Fri. It would have been good if I could meet all of you in one meet.
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