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What's the Eagles album called again?? When "Hell Freezes Over"?
in my dreams too.
Agreed, the FA 4E-XB was a pleasant surprise. I'll need to read up more about it on HF. Great meeting you guys & hope you enjoy the 1Plus2 djvkool!
 In my case, the LOD is not because the ZX1 amp is poorly implemented, it just doesn't have enough oomph for some of the orthos I have so I need a gruntier external amp.
 When I head back to Tokyo I can send you the WM-Port LOD I made and you can try. The only thing is that I think the resistor value i used inside may be a little too high therefore output voltage is probably is quite low into the external amp.
 Bummer, one down so just @djvkool & @fnkcow. No problems. I'll be PM-ing those guys with my contact number.
 Lets not get OT here. Back to the DX90 pls.
Just called. They are open but don't take bookings - first come first served. Maybe better make it at 8 am in case the crowd gets crazy??
Check out the Android Phones & USB DACspage & you'll find which DAC/Amps would work with the ZX1 :-'ll probably have to search ZX1 there as there's more than just the DAC/Amp than the Apex Glacier.
I also forgot to mention, if any of you chaps wanna test the AK240 with your music, please bring put them onto a microSD & bring that along.
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