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And that's fine as that is much more accurate.
Darko is a reviewer and doesn't work for AK. And he said "apparently". There is no "promise" from AK. Please bear in mind every time you write "AK promised XX months/years ago", a lot of readers would accept your statement as fact, of which it's not. You're misleading the audience here.
 Bertrand, I wish you would stop saying "A&K promised 1 year ago" cos your point of argument of "a promise" hinges on an AK240 advertising photo without any written words from A&K promising Tidal at all. It would help the audience here of spreading known facts rather than speculation here. P.S. I have no concerns about your conversations with Alex on FB about Tidal but that was way less than a year ago.
 I have to say I have to spend more time with them myself. On my initial impressions I felt it was a little too treble accentuated but that was only on a 10 min listen almost 2 months ago by now. So I need to listen to them again to get a fairer opinion on them.
I've moved all posts after the above to the Sony Premium Sound MicroSD thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/755709/sony-releases-160-64-gb-sd-cards-marketed-for-premium-sound
There's a separate mail thread about Sony's Premium Sound MicroSD. I recommend the follow up about it (which is not AK380 specific) be followed up there. The explanation I was provided by Sony is also in that thread :- http://www.head-fi.org/t/755709/sony-releases-160-64-gb-sd-cards-marketed-for-premium-sound/45#post_11621512
Yesterday, I popped by the e-earphone store in Tokyo and did some listening. I had the S-EM9 loaner, whilst on the shelves and next to the Andromeda were the new Noble range, and Oriolus. I heard the Andromeda before at the Fujiya Spring show but didn't get an opportunity to listen side-by-side with other competing earphones. Granted my listening time yesterday was short (probably 30 mins circling across the aforementioned range of IEMs) but to my ears the Andromeda...
HemiSam, I have the Carbon boards since but just haven't done anything with them. Same with KGSSHv boards. Just been too lazy.
At least in my opinion this is almost certainly for those Mojo fans with the option to go standalone if required. The form factor is almost matching (AK70 a little longer) & with USB out support is kinda telling.
Just saw this on iRiver Japan's tweet. Seems like an AK Jr-like player called AK70? This is coupled with the Mojo, & looks nice too. Apparently retails for $599 according to :- http://av.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1006337.html Photos shamelessly taken from iRiver's tweets :- And this one taken from Fujiya's tweet (size comparison to the Jr)
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