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 Interesting. 'cos last time I bought a DX100 battery they wanted to confirm if I truly wanted a DX100 battery or HDP-R10. I guess maybe cos I'm -in- Japan that they asked for a confirmation. I didn't think about it and assumed that the HDP-R10 battery was for all.
Yes we all will be.
I wonder if the premium is split between Blue Note & AK though - not that it's a justification but just curious.
Oh I forgot to mention that at least for me, when I was trying the Onkyo Player with the Flow, there were some performance issues that as I was multitasking & typing my notes on the iPad about the Flow whilst listening, the music was cutting out with each key tap. I didn't try with Music Player but I didn't hear any other HF members there mentioning about it. So with that, I probably don't want the iDevice having read/write accessibility to the external storage anyway...
 Nope. I stopped watching Disney for many years now.
1) Storage acts as external storage to the PC player (iTunes, A+, etc).2) iOS8 iPad Onkyo player - Lightning/USB adapter - USB2.0-to-USB3.0 - Flow3) Physical buttons would control tracks of Onkyo (and I believe Music player too but I wasn't using music player). Not programmable (by us at least).4) It's DoP and USB only, no plans for Optical5) No Wifi support6) Volume resets when player is stopped (i.e. at least on the iPad, killed from memory) for safety reasons.7) This...
And they sparkle like jewels :D. New meaning to precious gems.
 I liked what I heard but I can't really say much more than that as it was a quick listen in an uncontrolled environment. But I do have more pix as promised.  The left is the SS cable which is supposedly going to be launched in Dec. Whilst the right cable is Diamond Dust which will be launched tomorrow. Both are terminated with VentureCraft 2.5mm TRRS. Above are Noble IEMs. 
Too late (for me). Seems someone has got the last one :-(.
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