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 200 hrs seems to be the magical number eh? Actually with the 1Plus2.2, I have the stock cable as it's 2.5mm. I'm guessing you're thinking I have the Brise but that's a 4.4mm for the WM1Z.
 I haven't actually. Although I've read about it as it pops up quite often.
iBasso back in my collection. Happy to see this after being a DX100 owner back in the day  
I've joined the family thank you to Paul (mind you I've not paid for it yet - so much trust, iBasso! But I'll promise soon! Thank you iBasso).    
 It didn't work too well with me. Just double amping with the 1Z with external amps, I had distortion (this is using the 1Z as a pre-amp, and attempting to fix the 1Z volume and using the external amp vol). You can play around with both volume controls however at least in my attempts, I couldn't get a loud enough -clean- volume.
 I think this is the 2nd time I've heard about this. I bought a 4.4mm female socket for myself (although I haven't built not decided if I wanna build a 4.4mm -> 2.5mm TRRS or 4.4mm -> 3.5mm TRS yet) but each time I go to e-earphone, they have 4.4mm female sockets on the shelf. Not cheap though, 5,000 yen and big.
It's written on the IEM at least for the newer ones? I can't remember the very original ones from 2012/2013
You guys still going off topic about Bob Katz? I'm very ready to start locking ppl out of this thread.   Move along!!
Mine is the UPG001 (the lower picture) - the regular UPG001. The upper picture is the UPG001Rh+ (The Rhodium one). Here's my pix of the Rhodium one :- The picture I quoted in post #9364 is the UPG001Ref. There's no public page for that yet (actually I have it but can't share it out yet). So just to clarify there is the :-UPG001 - no sale since last yearUPG001Rh+ - taking pre-orders with delivery of 31-Mar as you saw aboveUPG001Ref - debut last week's show but so far no...
Really? The Ref?? During the Fujiya show this past weekend I thought they said 24th March then on Monday they mailed me and said 14th March and now it's 31st March? Wonder what's going on. Anyway I'm heading to their office/factory on 25th March anyway - gonna be a loooong ride out there and back.
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