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I didn't say BIC. Although you can get tax free, it's likely the domestic Japanese language-only model.That's why I specifically said LAOX.
International models of Sony products can be found in stores like Laox in Akihabara. The Sony store in Ginza (still there, new building) should have an international section too. However despite getting duty free (bring your passport), the intl model prices aren't the same as domestic.
ALO Super Cotton. I don't know if they still make them anymore. Ping Ken and see if has any left. That's what I do usually....AK380 LineOut with input padding @ -10dB. Some albums, I have to go to -20dB and manually control the volume.
BTW, just read on Twitter that Fujiya has some stock of the Pentaconn plugs.
Now I have to say this Dignis case alone makes getting the NW-WM1A/Z worthy. Photo taken from Dignis' Twitter
 Are you buying them from a proper reseller? i.e. factory sealed, etc. etc.?
 I've never experienced that issue.
 Some folks could be putting up their cases up on the classified section so you could look there. But Note that only the early AK380+amp cases were limited but the current black, blue, & brown ones are not limited editions and readily available.
I've been looking for a much shorter cable than the stock Shures Lightning to use with my iPhone but seems not all Lightining to MicroUSB are useable. If you know someone who makes one that works, do let me know.
In Tokyo the cables are easily accessible from e-earphone. However internationally I don't know where you could find them. I believe Shure Asia shows it as an optional accessory but don't know about Shure elsewhere. Out with my KSE's today
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