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Reminds me I have to share my impressions of them. I've had them for a month (and borrowed a friend's older T50RP side by side to it).
It was very enjoyable and more importantly an enlightening experience. Will have to do it again when I get to try other tubes. You're on for another shootout!!
Saw this on Haru (Wagnus') Twitter. Wonder if this is AK's solution to 2.5mm TRRS issues. The AK 2.5mm plug??  
Hi all, giving this a little bump. This past weekend the folks in Tokyo had a Stax amp shootout - we had the BHSE, KGST, my(Radiohead's) Electra. I won't dwell too much about the comparisons and will leave  that to @arnaud to divulge more about the general comparison but will focus more on my Electra and to get tips from other Electra owners on how I could further tweak it.   There is the peculiarity to the midrange "hump" with a hairline more treble edginess giving an...
Maybe meant a current DAP of $3000 that would provide the SQ of dedicated source components of 3years ago?
OMG I just noticed this in Wiki Deaths. I had many of his album soundtracks. Tragic loss.
 I take it none of you have taken a look at his page recently ;-).
That's because your model is different from mine. Fujitsu Ten is just the brand. Mine is 1T4-SF, whilst yours is 3S4-SF. You'll need to look up/Google what's the difference between the two. I can find 3S4-SF a little easier (but not by much) than the 1T4-SF.
 SCORE!!!!Almost 2 years, I've finally managed to get a partner for my Fujitsu Ten 1T4SF. Won a bid in Yahoo Auction just a few minutes ago. It's 2nd hand used and fingers crossed that it'll work fine when it gets shipped to me later this week. It'll be a miracle if they're matched however at least I finally get a 2nd Fujitsu Ten 1T4SF.(photo from Yahoo Auction) :- The other two (1R5-SF & 1U5-SF) will probably be of little to no use to me, but will just a store it somewhere.
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