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Errr...guys & gals (if any), drifting off topic here?
 Somehow I'm not certain if it's as easy as the way you've put it nor do I know your background & expertise in electronics so will leave it up to you to experiment. However should you choose to play with the batteries all I can say is to do it with caution. In my other hobbies, I can see how easy it is for Lipos to explode, and I do mean explode, not just catch on fire. This doesn't have to be from short circuits but by not having proper charging balancers, etc. As for...
 I don't have an R10 but I had the DX100. But to me the R10 & the DX100 are pretty much the same thing except for few slight differences. I didn't open up the other side of the DX100 :- can change the R10 battery but upgrade, I don't know if iBasso has a higher capacity for it. Why do you think you can upgrade the memory? I've seen you...
 This is the DAC/Amp side. There's a connector to the actual "smart device" side (lower picture, other PCB), that's where you'll find your memory.
One's "mine" (since it's courtesy of an anonymous donor, for reviews) the other is @shigzeo's :-        
I received some DIY adapters today I bought from Yahoo Auction. In terms of aesthetics, not necessarily the best however it's compact and works really well. These convert from the AKxx0 2.5mm TRRS balanced to the Kobiconn-styled :-      
FAD Heaven? Good Q. Here if it's "oudated" it's off the shelves quick (unless 2nd hand). Usual shops :- e-earphone Akihabara Dynamic Audio (but more speakers/amps) Akihabara Yodobashi Camera Akihabara Tereon 110 (mostly speakers/amps) Akihabara  Fujiya Nakano   There's some interesting tube stores too if you're into vacuum tubes.
 Shozy is not an unknown company :p. They've had a few amps out already, some discussed here too.Poor Shozy :D.
 Have a look at the post made by Saraguie
Woodcans, USB2.x or USB3? Any other Android-supporting apps installed like Samsung Kies?
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