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 Japan has no issue with KSE1500 stock. If one (local in Japan) orders from e-earphone or Fujiya, it'll be shipped off within 24 hrs and probably 2-3 days delivery max anywhere in the country.
Welcome to Head-Fi Peter. Some of us members are here in Japan too (most in Tokyo but some up in Sendai, and some down south in Fukuoka). Hope to meet you some time.
When WDCchee showed the graphs a few pages back, it clicked to me "yeah now I understand what I heard". Yes I'm aware it wasn't a graph of the same model but I'd have to agree it seems to be the house signature (yes I've heard the HAMT-1 too - an amusing sideline story but for snother time). I'd probably summarize it as a puzzling coherency that I wasn't (and still am not) able to understand nor get. So maybe the oBravo signature is an acquired taste - one which I've yet...
What did you use to polish??
The KSE1500 retain its crown of IEM king of transparency, details & technical excellence. The 1Plus2.2 takes the IEM crown for soundstage & exciting musicality.
A little time comparing the kings of IEMs :- (Shure KSE1500 & Tralucent Audio 1Plus2.2)
I take on the aboriginal concept of ownership with these 1Plus2.2's - It owns me .After its done with me, I do wish for other folks in my vicinity to listen to this too.
"Someone called me??"  
Weird...wonder if that's accurate....over 10ms+ decay in the lower midrange and below? Maybe I don't know how to read graphs.
So I wasn't having tinnitus afterall!!!!
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