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Seems there's a new firmware v1.12 to address some bluetooth issues :-
 Cheers for asking. Maybe I need to demo them again 'cos when I did, I thought I felt the JH13/16s to sound similar except for the bass portion being different. As such was "hoping" the variable pot would be able to tune the new JH16 to sound close to or "like" the JH13. @kantana, I was referring to resulting sound rather than construction.  Any chance you can access a pair of AKR03s to conclusively compare the UniRox balanced with the AKR03?
 I don't think so. Talking to Jerry, the settings on the resistores for the Rox are merely to simulate the JH13/JH16 bass portion only, not the whole JH13/16 signature. However for this "new" JH16 with the variable resistor cable though, I wonder if it would be able to simulate the JH13 more holisticly.
So now a newer dilemma, Mixwave Japan announced the JH16 but with the Roxanne 4-pin cable :-     Meanwhile the AKR03 I've been eyeing on is still available. Guess I'll be jumping to the Rox vs JH16 threads instead. Rather curious though if JH16s have the variable pots like the Rox. So maybe one could get JH13->JH16s in a single IEM?
 Is this the older MS-AK100 mod bypassing some resistor components to reduce the ZOut or is this the newer MS-AK100 mod with the complete DAC, volume replacement & a digital filter change?
I saw on Mixwave Japan (JHA distributor) announce the JH16 with the 4 pin connector similar to the Roxannes. I'm not certain if this is the norm now for the rest of the world & Japan's getting it late, or Japan got the announcement first before anyone else. Does anyone have more info about this (in English)?
 Sadly I can't respond to this 'cos I had them separately and never listened to them side-by-side. I sold my Rx Mk3 to another member, and months later got the Duet. The only thing I can say for certain is that the Duet has a lower noise floor. Aside from that, I honestly can't remember the SQ differences (aside from the Rx Mk3's bass knob).
 +1. Same here. My Duet had one channel getting cut out in balanced (but fine in SE) and he replaced it immediately.
 Enjoy them mate. Very lucky to have popped into Fujiya on the day they received their batch.
 I forgot to follow up on this. So I'm comparing between the HM-901/Balanced amp module (fw 1.085 April '14 version) & Calyx M (fw 0.96) :- 1) JHA Roxannes    - mids on the Calyx M seems fuller (which is closer to what I'd expect) compared to the HM-901. Stage width on the Calyx M is narrower than the HM-901. Still overall decent presentation by the Calyx M2) FitEar TG!334   - same with Rox. The mids are more prominent on the Calyx M than the HM-901.3) FitEar MH335DW-SR ...
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