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 I thought I read somewhere in the old thread there was a 30 day return?
My friend just completed his video and giving this a listen at the moment :-
 I'm assuming you're talking about moderation. I agree (as such post not deleted). But then again, my reply then wasn't about moderation.
 Speculative. Conclusions based on assumptions.  Same here - speculative. Based on purely visual of a passed-on photo. I don't see how this is contributive to the proof or disproof of the HOT.
I've cleaned up some OT posts: Please go to to continue generic debates of blind tests.
I'll PM you then.
I could give this a shot over the weekend (it's 1 am now) but am wondering if this would actually even work?
 PM-ed as my lengthy reply ended up being quite OT.
 I don't know. I just had Currawong ship it to me 'cos after all the lengthy thread, it got my curiosity. I've not heard of Synergistic Research until that thread. Edit: So far on the Zana Deux at 3 ohm or 12ohm setting I find it harder to tell the difference with & without the HOT. Vocals are very subtly different but I can't pinpoint what. Will spend a little more time on it but will need to crash for bed soon.
Sorrry no science here. Just auditory test. I've got a HOT loaner from @Currawong with me at the moment. At least to my ears to say the HOT does nothing sonically isn't correct. It does seem to alter the sonics rather subtly. I've used this so far only in my A+ v2.07/iMac- > Aurender Flow -> HOT -> TH-900. I've actually let the thing burn for about 3-4 days straight (not knowing how long the former tester has burnt it in) - if you're not a believer of burning in, that's...
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