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Maybe you should ask Jaben when they sent it to FitEar first.
 I do use my TH-900s a reasonable amount and I've had mine since May/June 2012 I believe (can't remember exactly, will need to search through this thread). It would be my main headphone since it's closed back. I don't listen to my Stax much unless the kids are out of the home (which is never) or sleeping (which is hardly ever).
 That's AUD$100/pair!? That's cheaper than the pricing I  got in Tokyo :-(.
 Are yours peeling too? The pads aren't cheap, something like Y7000/channel DIY, or Y9000/channel installed by Fostex. I've been holding back doing mine but I'm getting black bits all over my ear & the headphone table now so I may not have a choice.
 Beat Audio? I've called the Sony Store in Ginza. Confirmed that :-1) No international version available in store2) Japanese version available at full price incl GST only (i.e. no Duty Free) Intrestingly he said "You can change the langauge to English but you'll have no warranty". That's rather intersesting which leads me to speculate that the S/W loaded on the Japanese version is different from the S/W loaded on the international version.
 Next time I pop by Sony Ginza I can confirm for you, but in my past experience, I don't believe so. Sony has distinctively different models for export (and therefore duty free) vs those that are for domestic use. I'm sure they can't stop a visitor paying for a domestic model but with tax but if a visitor wants tax free, I believe they'll take them to the duty free section with the international...
Well that's the problem with 10 min impressions - the only way to be sure is to buy, buy, buy ;-). Hehe....   The MM400 to me feels shallower than the MH40. For my head and ears, both feel comfortable. I find the MM400 to be a more confident on-ear whereas the MH40 is somewhat more of a fence sitter. I couldn't tell if it was leaking though as I was in a shop and no one around me seemed to have complained about my Toto album.
I was in e-earphone briefly today and did a quick 10 min comparison between the MH40 and the Denon AH-MM400. Both are comfortable on the head with the MM400 having a slightly less clamping force on the head.   As for SQ, take this with a massive grain of salt as listening in a shop is subject to all sorts of external influences. At least for that moment with that particular pair of demo MM400's I felt the MH40 had more of a lower mids focus whilst the MM400 on the upper...
 There's a little bit more than that. To answer the OPs question, yes the Sony Ginza store does have a duty free section, however the NW-ZX2 isn't (or at least wasn't) one of the items there. Sony usually has export-only models and local domestic models.
 Does anyone  prefer AK240/1.16 over RWAK/1.15 - with full bodied earphones like MH335DW-SR or K10's?
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