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Out of curiosity why do you carry the Hugo? Is it because the cans you have are more demanding the AK240SS doesn't suffice or is it for an alternate sound to the AK240SS? @arnaudwas gracious enough to ask questions for me about the AK380's amp module at the AK380 launch and it seems the purpose of the AK380 amp module is really more for the more demanding cans.
 For the most part of Speed's viewpoint on the LCD-2,TH-900, Roxanne, Layla and K10 are on par to my thoughts. Although I personally wouldn't termed the K10's having a rolled off treble, I'd consider the K10's to be more treble neutral. 2 weeks back I managed to listen to @Currawong's loaner Laylas for an extended period and side-by-side to my K10s (and my FitEar MH335DW-SR) for that matter the Laylas are more referency than the other two and sound more airy and spacious....
So far I find the Trio to have a warmer more intimate sound and treble just a hair line slightly less forward than the Duet. The Duet also seems to have a lightly more mid bass presence. The tubes of he Trio do maintain the smooth texturing of the bass though. The Picollo seems have a smaller stage but more neutral than the Trio. Overall, the 3x Cyperlabs Algorhythm amps seem to maintain their house signature. They're (as to be expected) more similar than different.
I've been kinda lost with the MH335DW & SR. Bear with me for a moment as I'm about to go through the history of my MH335DW-SR experience.   I heard the MH335DW demo units twice in two separate Fujiya events 4 months apart and loved  the sound so went on to make the CIEM version. Upon receiving, I felt that it sounded different and in my mind preferred the demo unit versions (did I hype my own brain?). FitEar was gracious enough to "custom tune" my MH335DW and improved a...
 I'd second MH's viewpoint of SR-009 (early version) to the SR-007Mk1's (black pad version). Similarly echo his opinion that the TH-900's could be a little fatiguing with the wrong recording, especially after prolonged Stax use of either model. This is not to fault the TH-900 but it is what it is to my ears.However some genre the TH-900 has more impact (and therefore more "fun") than the SR-007s Mk1/SR-009s, which is why I've still kept my TH-900's.
 Personally speaking, I wouldn't call it a disappointment but would say that it did fall a little short of hype. Don't get me wrong it's damn good but I've read that this will just put the nail in the Stax SR-009's coffin however at least to me, it's not really there yet.
 Firstly, if you're outside of Japan you're automatically ineligible (officially at least), as far as I know. Secondly, if you have a single bore, you're also ineligible. Thirdly (but not last?) if you have a 3-bore, then only Fitear can judge if your pair are eligible or not.
Not just that. I heard from another owner that he has 3 bores but still not eligible as the bores ae too small (or too close).
 The next "small" (Potaken) Fujiya event is most likely July 11th. It won't be as big as this past event. Otherwise the next large Fujiya event is probably Oct 31st though that hasn't been announced yet so don't settle on that date yet.
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