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You mean as in post #482?
 You can't call it a mistake. Cable burn in is a practice some audio enthusiasts believe in whilst others don't and that topic is best to be stopped here and carried on in the Sound Science section of the forum instead.
 Bear in mind that this Pro EQ (I'm going to call it a "feature" rather than a "bug") is something that's existed to at least the AK120 days back in Nov '13 and some claim to be even older to the AK100 days :- http://www.head-fi.org/t/663188/the-astell-kern-ak120/4575#post_10020202 And a curious thread back in Nov '14  that was a real pity that no one replied to :-http://www.head-fi.org/t/740515/ak120-riddle-me-this Why I call the Pro EQ thing a feature rather than a bug?...
 It is claimed to improve after 200 hours. But out of curiosity, what are your other earphones with signatures that you do like? It could merely be that the signature isn't to your personal preference.
 I've been using the TH-900 with the WA8 and that kinda tones down the highs compared to the ZD OTL, and other SS amps I have.
I think folks need to detail down what IEMs they're using when comparing with or without the amp. For me with the Tralucent 1Plus2.2, FitEar MH335DW-SR, and Ocharaku Akazakura, the amp improves somewhat only slightly and I'd be content without the amp (but I have the amp for other purposes like my HD800S, etc).   On the other hand if someone had the Tzar350, maybe the amp could make a bigger difference the aforementioned ones.
 @Mimouille is looking for users who have -not- heard a difference between the AK380 vs AK380Cu. If memory serves, I think the only person who reported here in this thread was @bmichels back in post #5121. However since then he's provided various (quality component upgrade) theories why the Cu may sound better so I can't tell if he does or doesn't hear a difference. There's probably others who may have felt the same but I don't recall them reporting it here.
There's a 2nd hand Trio in e-earphone.jp right now in their Nagoya branch (http://www.e-earphone.jp/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=000000101067&search=Trio&sort=recommend) but it looks like this Trio has been to war and back!  
I've been doing a little bit more listening of the WA8 especially against my Invicta/Zana Deux desktop setup. The Invicta/ZD has a somewhat brighter signature compared to the WA8 which feels warmer by comparison. It really depends on what one is listening to but for say modern R&B and HipHop, my wife & I prefer the WA8 as it feels less "shouty" and less aggressive than the Invicta/ZD. The WA8 however does noticeably have a smaller soundstage than the Invicta/ZD which isn't...
Guys, if you don't believe, block the member and move on. I really don't wanna stop deleting and locking members out of the thread. Consider any more mockery posts going forward to be at risk of deletion and warning or getting locked out. Edit: posts from members that have tried and heard nothing and worded objectively and politely are acceptable. Similarly posts from members that have tried and agree, and worded objectively and politely are also acceptable. Beyond that,...
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