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So a few things here. I get the feeling Price Japan borderlines between an online retailer and broker. I don't believe they don't generally hold stock in the generic products they have on their website but may bulk buy, and sell most. And for something like for the Stax, they may receive pre-order and bulk order from a local retailer (online or bricks 'n mortar). At most they may hold stock briefly when the bulk order arrives and if someone cancels a pre-order.   Few...
I'm not going to comment too much about this but I would further add that I've yet to see evidence of a direct business relationship between PJ & Stax. There's a little more going on behind the scenes here. Therefore I'd like to discourage the speculation of Stax distributing bad units to PJ or Stax giving poor post sales service to PJ. I'm not saying Stax has done no wrong in their product QA nor in their tests for repairs but there no preferential disservice from Stax...
Does your SR-009 have a channel imbalance or are you planning "just in case"?
Does Jaben ship your impressions the very soon after they make or receive them from the customers?
Expat's right that digital cable validity discussions should go to the Sound Science section rather than trolled here. It is quite simple...if one chooses not to believe, they don't have to read it here. I beleive there are already existing active threads in the Sound Science area.
That's kinda scary! You've been keeping track of cables!
Back from the dead! Good on ya' mate!That's an awesome cable! I have the Luna...we should meet to compare one day!
I'm saying if you load up the 1TB (which would be the purpose getting a large capacity in the first place), media scanning will be intolerably slow. So will scrolling through all the media. As for the iPod, now that has a nicely designed OS. I've not used a 1TB iPod so how is the performance?
 But you don't have to get a new balanced cable. Just snip your existing and re-terminate to balance. That's not going to cost you that much.
 Balanced output?
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