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 Sorry to hear about your SR-009 heading back for repairs. Hopefully that'll get sorted out soon. But the disappointment with the BHSE is a rather surprising one. I'm curious how the owner of the BHSE feels about his own unit? However that's a discussion for a different thread.
I have 1.52 & 2.06 (is it 06?) running...mutually exclusive naturally. Never went to 1.59 so I don't know if it disables.
Didn't mean to jinx you man .Actually I think mine is resource related. I did have Macscan running at a few Java apps running at that time.I killed MacScan, play an album & let it run through over dinner & it actually completed the whole album with no hang ups.Funny as I have 16GB RAM, 200GB free space, loads of swap, & I'm not running anything intensive at that time - Chrome, some Java stuff, e-mail, MacScan, A+
Not exactly. I asked Jerry if the AKR03 is just rebranded Uni Rox but he replied that the AKR03 is slightly tuned for the AK240. I'm guessing that it's not going to be that massive of a difference from the Uni Rox but I've never heard them side-by-side.Similarly I'm guessing the specific tuning is a minor crossover change inside the IEM, rather than the external crossover pots on the cable. Otherwise it'll be easy to make the Uni Rox sound like the AKR03.
 When Arnaud receives his BHSE, I hope to compare my Electra (XF2 tubes with EH & Tung Sol 6SN7s). with his. And we both have slightly different 007Mk1's too (his are brown pads, mine are black).
No I don't unfortunately. But if you add an adapter the connector will end up too long anyway.If you feel confident in DIY, Lunashop sells the Fitear styled connectors. You'll just need to snip & solder yourself.
 If it's portable stuff, I recommend going to places like e-earphone in Akihabara and Fujiya in Nakano first. But have your internet handy to google up some of the obscure names. To be honest some of the unheard-of names I come across I don't even know if they're Japanese. The more prominent names would be the likes of MH Audio, Analog Squared Paper, NewOpto, etc. Desktop amps OTOH I think Fujiya and some of the other non-headphone specialised audio stores (i.e. speaker...
 I've not been successful editing any DFF tags but with DSF tags I remediate them quite easily with mp3tag on Windows (in a VMware session under Mac).
 I'll play around with it a little more. See if I can dig into the crash reporter. Cheers.
Does anyone have A+ 2.0.6 kinda just hang on you? It plays for awhile (admittedly not seen how many minutes or how many tracks) then it stops with an application not responding - i.e. app hung.
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