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Heading to Kyoto on the Nozomi Shinkansen with the AK380 + Prima Donna + MH335DW-SR (& two noisy kids)
I don't know about "the best" but my personal preference is the Aurender Flow. I picked it over the Hugo even for my tastes. I wrote a review of it sometime last year.
And I just shipped back the demo AK380 back to iRiver Japan. Wonder if this would have addressed my DSD volume issue.Edit: Looks like it's :-- aptX codec support- GUI change to the EQ- Improved stabilityEdit #2: looks like my 1st demo AK380 has a fault with the XMOS. iRiver shipping a replacement tomorrow.
I'm told the CDM is a hybrid vs the WA8. I was also to the there will be tube rolling capabilities. The tubes sit on a daughterboard which I believe can be made available to WA8 tube rollers.
So that there's a reference, what other DAPs have you heard?
The Zn are earphones, so quite different from headphones.
 [OT]No no, not what I meant BTW :D!! It's fine.Not my rig, I borrowed the A2P for review. I do own the TUR-06 though.[/OT]But back on track, the intention of A2P with their transportable amps are different from Jack's of the WA8 - at least in my understanding of the brief conversation I had with him about this topic. The WA8 unit I heard didn't suffer from any noticeable tube ping from vibrations so I guess if one really wanted to, could walk around with it. Personally...
 You know that is my picture that you quoted right ;-)? That was pretty much what I had in mind when I was talking to Jack about a pocket for the transport/source. He's well aware of the Analog2Paper transportable amps. And actually it's hard to use the A2P on-the-go too as the tubes "ping" when there's any movement/vibration.
I talked to Jack about that (strangely started off about leather cases & with pouch to hold the transport/source). If I didn't misinterpret him, he actually intended the WA8 to be used stationary rather than walkabout (pardon my Aussie-ness) - sitting in a coffee shop, traveling, etc. It generates quite a bit of heat so not practical to put it in a case & use whilst in transit.
Val can't make a visit to Tokyo without me holding him down and stealing a little of his time :D and glad I did.   Guess what I have in my ears at the moment? The Zn's lean more towards a neutralish signature in direct comparison to the M-100. The bass transition to mids feel more uniform and that trend continues to the trebles. The bass still hits hard, and the midrange and trebles are transparent and clear. I'm actually picking up some detail from the Zn that I don't...
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