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That's not me. That's @jude. I won't speak on his behalf but he does appear to be smiling :D.
That's weird, I have to ask Fostex again. We're talking about the TE100 right? I was told Fostex provided the dynamic driver whilst FitEar provided the BA. That's a universal.
Go HP-V8...yes yes I know about the cost.
 I never had the original MH334....@Donnyhifi does. I actually compared the MH334-SR to the TG!334 instead today and they are more similar sounding. In the past I compared the TG!334 to MH334, and felt the TG!334 had a little more treble extension over the original MH334 but the MH334 was more holographic. As such through inference, the MH334-SR should have more treble extension over the original MH334. What kind of sound do you like?
My personal opinion, take a look at the MH334-SR route instead if available (i.e. if you're in Japan). After today's 2nd demo, I have to say I would prefer the MH334-SR over my MH335DW-SR. As for MH334-SR vs K10U Al, hmmm...need more time to demo between the two.
 I felt it was somewhat "warmer" than the TH-900. For those who find the TH-900 sibilant, may want to take a look at the TH-610 as an alternative option. I did take a pic but it was all blur. Actually Fostex had these other TR-70, TR-80, & TR-90 which were pretty decent sounding for their RRP of $200. Comfort on the pleather was average but sound wise I thought they were pretty full sounding. Sadly pix of these were also blur but there are pictures in their dedicated...
Thread locked: Fujiya Spring Festival 2016 Impressions here.
No but I think no one has taken the time to start up a new thread yet. We just finished the show mate ;-). I think most still haven't put the beer jugs down from their paws!!
 Good call. In fact  that's what they were demonstrating on their table today (after yesterday's presentation). Talking to AK, so it "rip" vinyl into DSD 5.6MHz. Something like this would be more interesting than microphone sound recording to me.
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