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Thanks ^^ everyone! I've also learned that for every (fill in the blank), there are hundreds more kind, helpful people on head fi!!!   <3 <3 <3
Lol, I am stupid. I assumed Canadians were reliable.
I can still claim 200usd from this guy, since the problem is only with 1/2 of the merlin. and the other 205usd I'll claim after Unique Melody successfully repaired and reshell the entire merlin. However, since he wants it shipped back at my expense, I have no choice but to pay, but I will only do so if he give me the accurate shipping fee. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is what I told him around 9.18 am (head fi time): Please tell me the shipping...
Ok, his username is "notdaniele"
problems typing on my Ipad, so switched over to my laptop.
Update: this guy has responded, but is obviously taking his time: ~Sep 30, 2011 at 2.055pm Buyer: I'm sorry but I'm almost final on send them back- why don't you just offer this deal to someone else. earphones getting broken were not part of the deal so I can send it back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a long wait later... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~yesterday at 8.25am Buyer: OK send me some money please, thanks *** gives email, which...
I will report it him the police. This guy lives in Richmond.
Yup, but this guy(jerk) is not online since 30th sep 2.55pm... How can I get him to return?
I'll definitely release his information if he continues to not reply to my pms. Maybe on another place not here; He had it coming for not responding or returning the Merlin when he had the chance.
Something to keep you entertained (before I confront the "buyer" on Sunday)  scammer get's OWNED!!   
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