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I'll try to friend him on facebook     
I just checked his "xacx xoox",  maybe he's just unavailable for a while.. I'll give him another 3 days
You serious? Lemme know if they'll do it for me  I'll give his address
Anyone here have connections with the canadian mafia? I'll pay a hitman 50bucks for a chat with him   haiz....
if were implying his "blank cheque" demand is ridiculous   I agree 
What?? I don't rly get what you are saying.   maybe it depends how much you value the iem; it's like in a hostage situation    
should I send him the money? I don't know the exact amount to send because he didn't tell me how much, all he said was send me the money (probably with a sickening grin on his face) and he's totally un-contactable now
I'm afraid he's just "hidden", and secretly following this thread
Maybe someone needs to pay him a visit... Let's see how long he wants to drag it. I really want to post his address here.. If he makes me want 3 more days Can I give his address to a mod?
this guy's sense of urgency pisses me off.. He doesn't come online at all, and demands me to send an unspecified sum for the return postage. Bet he wants to get additional cash off me. His attitude is completely different from the time when he missed the delivery~~ he ran to the nearest post office
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