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Ok, I trust u. I'll just take 350usd then
Accept 350usd or have it shipped back at my expense?
He asked if he can buy it at 350usd since it's broken.. Should I sell? My original asking price is 405 usd I've a feeling he is asking for lower cos he knows the drivers are not damaged and wants to avoid paying me 405usd When um reports back that it only needs to be reshelled
but if I can reach his mum or dad it would be better, just need contact them somehow
Let me know if anyone is willing to contact richmond police for me I'm no joking about this... the police will be knocking on his door. his wanted pics will be all over head fi (in pms only~ no posting on forum) and everyone of his fb friends will know he holds stolen goods
It's Monday, 3 October 2011, 08:50:53 PDT in his area   now I'll give him till Wednesday 23.59 Canada time to reply.   If he doesn't, he's screwed. (I would consider him a scammer- an amateur scam-cheater)     He have no excuses at all to be holding on to my merlin's when he knows he didn't pay for them,   and he is just a student~ definitely no reasons such as overseas business to hold him up
I would also like to try the richmond police first... anyone from richmond willing to report this to the police on my behalf... if it is successful (guy forced by the police to return my merlin)   you'll have mine 50usd, paypal on me   another 15usd if he is forced to pay shipping... just want to screw him 
Unless someone can help me contact the local police, and they agree to investigate this case, I doubt anything can be done at all.   Let's see what he can do: (if he decide to do the wrong thing)   1) reshell it with another customs manufacturer, so that the merlin can no longer be recognized by the id no. 2.) claim I attempt to fraud him with an empty box 3) defend himself by saying he delivered it back unregistered and it got...
come on, his only a high school kid.. how smart can he be? what should use as my fake id?
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