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no harm trying  
In case in doesn't have criminal intentions. I can explain the situation to his school principal so that I'll b able to contact his parents  maybe the delay is due to his inexperience with international mailing   see below:    
so I should just hurry up? call the police? you saying daniele is not being serious?
ok, i removed the sensitive parts
  I want to report already...
  Notdaniele Oct 4, 2011 at 10:22 am wow, i tried using dhl to send the package to you and it cost $120+... ill find another one tmrw sorry for inconvinience ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^ I know i should hurry~ should I just report the matter to the police? I don't know what he'll do then.   right now, i don't know if he's simply toying with me with his response   ***check the time stamps, present time...
It's damn scary, the way he doesn't come online at all, Although he says he will send it back. His. Last pm says dhl cost 120usd, too ex, and he will find another courier, But I'm still worried that he'll not send it back at all
Also not to mention the reduce wait time and hassle with a new buyer. But he's pissed and have my merlins. Only he can decide
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