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 Oh no....   Payment Dispute: The Sequel (by notdaniele)      
^^ okie, sorry daniele I can't pay you~ the merlins are pulverized when I got them, how now? Bwahahahaaa!  (I kid, i kid)
Daniele, you can complaint here if I don't pay u 
i will pay him... but i need to know in usd or cad... he's offline already... i will post my paypal pic as proof (after I pay him)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~ THE...
LOLOLOL  HE SENT IT BACK!!!!     Notdaniele Today at 2:39 pm i have sent it on friday via intl express post and price is 63.25 but you can just pay me 60. the tracking number is EE 147 486 883 CA on Canada post.  
Thurs, then Friday~~ Still no signs of it posted (it's Friday 8pm canada Richmond-- post offices are closed) He owes me 350 usd or merlins returned by 23.59 Canada Richmond local time He said he will send on Thursday, then Friday (I allowed it for his convenience, end of the week) If by 23.59 Friday he doesn't send it, head fiers, am I wrong to ask for instant payment of 350usd, or else take action by going down to the police station to file a report? Enough time has been...
notdaniele is going to ship my merlins on Friday.   so, please to lock this never ending thread.   thanks
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