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You should ship them with a casing like the sm3's or tf 10.. They will definitely withstand pressure, throwing etc and yet cost effective at the same time... Then, for peace of mind, pay about 1.5 - 2 usd max for the standard cardboard box provided by the post office. If the box is delievered dented or in bad shape--- go and hunt the the ass**** delivery guy responsible for the mishandling Source: experience
Have 2 potential buyers; one local, another from Michigan- pending payment Hurry if you are interested... You still have a chance if they drop out.
It broke when I send it to not daniele. I think the post office must have dropped a really heavy object from it. The acrylic is in 3 pieces
^ okie
Bump- price listed wrongly: not 470, but 380 usd
Um merlin with broken right acrylic, and 1 loose strand (yellow wire) all it needs is a simple soldering for the wire and reshelling at um.if um charges you for soldering, let me know. all drivers are fine.warranty 2 years... starting august 2011selling asap at $SOLD no price cuts!! Paypal and shipping at buyers expense (let me know your preferred method of shipping~ 40usd for ems- 4-5days/ 10 usd for registered mail- max 10 working days. I'll show you the receipt after...
Just a suggestion; you can trade them for someone else's jh13/16 etc etc   ~Good Luck!
It's to protect future sellers... A considerate thing to do, if not trolls and annoying lowballs would pester the seller. I do that myself~ remove my listed price, once sold. I strongly believe sellers have the right to list any price they want to and let buyers decide for themselves through pms.
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