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Ultimate ears tf10 case.
I guess the older one that comes in a silver & bluish green box has tf10 with straight jack, and the newer box have tf10 with the revised angled jack. The "new" one isn't new at all... Saw it in shops since June 2011 (could be longer, but I wasn't "audiophile" yet) I owned the straight jack version. Anyways, how old is the tf10 already?! Come on logitech, please announce a replacement and start phasing out the tf10 on black friday.. Thanks!
The most fun part about owning the ie8 is the burn in... I read some where that they burn in according to the music you listen to (nice if true, making each burnt in ie8 unique to the owner's listening preferences) I ended up selling my tf10 first just to see how the ie8 will sound when fully burn in, although the tf10 were awesome too. 
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I will..
Hurray!  __________ Quoted from my email:   Hi Jason, I have already received your impressions and they seem fine at the first glance.  We'll need to process them in the lab, but it's quite certain there is enough room for 5-way Reference to be made for you, maybe with a bit of protruding. Please be patient, though as manufacturing process will definitely take time, because there is still a queue and we also need to wait for delivery of some...
come on ppl!  It is a great offer, if you always wanted to try the ES5 and have the JH13/Miracle 
SM3; not too bright, nice bass kick, superberb vocals & midrange; however, soundstage/head stage feels like you are next/ in the center of the performance. Very very very very very highly and easy to recommend.. I had the sm3 twice Edit: Sorry for going off topic earlier, I didn't properly read the OP's thread title; I think the W4 are pretty decent sounding iems~ I didn't find anything to dislike when I demo-ed it against my ie8 However it did not blow me away like the...
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