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and not by any stretch of my imagination can a fx700 compare with the sm3, even with the best tips..
yup.. i'll be more corncerned about the wooden fx700- the polish gold metal rim and wooden surface may scratch or chip more easily.not to mention the lack of detacheble cables.
could be the reason.. i used only stock tips.but i always insert them deep in my ears when a/b-ing by pressing them in hard, like i did with my sm3.maybe i couldn't get them angled perfectly to get the sweet spot.
i owned all three at the same time; i loved my sm3 and ie8, but disliked the fx700... tried hard to like it but couldn't find any redeeming quality about.. definetly overhyped i swear. happy to be rid of it... especially bad seal that leaks so bad it affects the sound... and the bas is excessive, boomy... i had my brother listen to it... blind test and he preferred tf10, sm3 over it. i also had a friend test it, and he wasn't impressed (preferred sm3) fx700 top tier with...
In terms  on sound sig: tf10- rock and techno (clarity, speed, impactful bass- strikes hard, extended treble, leaner) ie8- R n B, 80s pop in general, jazz (smoothness, slight veil may give it an enhanced flavour/ muffled to some, great headstage and high fi bass rumble, bass full sounding, laidback) If you really want and think the tf10 case can fit (my ears are small ) buy them from the link.... You can also consider the pocket ready hard case in the link Check out Earsonics case (small one at the bottom) I had it before and my um merlins fit well in them. Very hardy and pocketable Cyberspyder uses the tf10 tin case, u could him... The case isn't too small from my experience- I could fit both my tf10 and ie8 comfortably in it... If you want to buy, maybe post on forum or ask UE.... Not sure Or you can look at these.... It's a small pocket carrying hard...
^ not yet, could be months before I get them, but Grezgorz said the 5 way will fit my ears. I will post my impression when I get them.
^ same here. I think Grezgorz is swamped with orders at the moment; he is also waiting for components (custom iem parts) to arrive... Yet to hear him since my impressions arrive on 14 September. Grezgorz said to wait patiently for his reply.
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