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^ Agree, sm3 can sound in your face. 5 way really stands out in the separation/ resolution in comparison.
First impressions-- Not bad at all! The first thing I note is the vocals are further back... Great layering... everything is in place and superbly controlled--- instruments are very very distinctly separated - there's an added dimension of depth to the sound compared, sm3 seems too focused/or stripped down to the upfront mids to be natural- in a live setting- I guess... (although still quite enjoyeable).     My ears are still adjusting to se 5 way sig, but I'm...
Just want to post a pic of the new ie80 I demo-ed today      As you can see, the ie8 is on the top left and the ie80 is on the right; under the bright store lighting, the ie80's shell has a tint which makes it  easily distinguishable even without looking at the brushed aluminium faceplate. (imo- the hue looks shiny purplish black under the light)   With regards to the sound, I felt that the ie80 sounded "cleaner" compared to the ie8 on the track...
tf10s are really worth the money; and they are the most stylish iems i owned, if compared to ie8 and even the sm3 v1. owned them briefly (2 months approx.) and had no issues at all, so i feel there too much paranoia regarding the wires and fit. (ppl are even willing to reshell them blind, just following the comments of others as if its really necessary- totally dumb move imo that will affect the resale value and not to mention all the hassle and spoiling great looking...
interested in tf10 if still available.
^ saw the hd 25 going for 134 shipped refurbished on amazon... http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000TDZOXG/sr=8-1/qid=1322365549/ref=olp_tab_refurbished?ie=UTF8&coliid=&me=&qid=1322365549&sr=8-1&seller=&colid=&condition=refurbished
any mail forwarding services from Canada?
^ in short ( in case u missed what i said) ie8 plus sm3 = awesomeness
^ Its best to have realistic expectations of custom in ear moniters... judging from jokers review, its only 6 point difference to the best universals. Having high expectations of it will make you disappointed in the end (with price considered).btw i heard the demo miracles and is was so- so next to my universals. (it may improve when full customed)back to topic;ie8: because i love its out of head soundstage, and it's my very first top tier, plus it suuper comfy! (big...
and not by any stretch of my imagination can a fx700 compare with the sm3, even with the best tips..
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