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Can anyone please comment on whether the Z2 can handle 128GB memory cards?   Thanks.
Hello,   Broke my Shure earphones today. The plastic tube on the right driver that holds foam plug snapped off the driver. Is there any way I could buy a spare driver? I can not find anything on the net?   (not my picture.)
Hi I am about to purchase a pair of Dali lektor 2 speakers but cannot decide which colour to combine with my black amplifier and oak veneer coloured  bookcases. Is it ok to combine white speakers with a black amp?   Thanks.        
Got my Pro 900s a day ago. The cans are paired with a Matrix mini-i.   I noticed that the cables included were a bit too short for my taste so I am wondering where I could find a good cable for the cans.    Reqs: Non-coiled 3m long.   Thanks.
  The Matrix is connected via USB. The volume is on the highest setting on Winamp.       I see what you mean. But the if I recollect correctly, the Matrix is advertized to be able to drive cans with 300ohm imp. The Beyers are only 80ohm.    
I use a computer and play mp3-files(224-320kbps).
Yes I am referring to loudness/level. The soundstage sounds a bit muffled but that is propably temporary (burn in etc.).
Hey folks! Got the Matrix Mini-i today. Using it as I am typing this. I realize that the amp requires some hours of burn-in to fully reach it's potential. However as I am listening I notice that the Matrix does not drive my current headphones, Beyerdynamic 770 pro, as well as my integrated amp( Yamaha AX-492) I can easily turn upp the volume to -10db without it being too loud. Does it have to do with the fact that the Matrix is not really "burned in" yet?   Plus,...
      Kopped. Now I wait. Thanks.    
Where is the cheapest place to get these cans if One is located in the UK?   Thanks
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