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    After the "I just bought a new toy, and it's so great!" excitement had gone, today I switched back to the Telefunken TH30/TH60, then I found that the Telefunkens sound more musical, emotional, engaging, have more soul & depth in the music. I felt I missed something in the music when I listen to SR for a period of time, now they are back.   I don't regret purchasing SR, it's more refined & transparent than Telefunken TH60, not a large margin, SR is about...
Here's the examples of good sources & bad sources plenty of bass, full bodied, beautiful sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obsbYMpRkxc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=filt7u3nRFc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqUyyyQuTZM   no bass, digital, washed out, thin sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJwi3cNpX3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY7qpncqDZQ
On good sources(tapes, vinyls, good 1541/1540cd/dacs) the bass quantity of SR is just about right, bass is real & convincing, SR is the best, the king of transducer IMO.   Bass boost is an easy way to have more bass on portables & most sources nowadays(I am sorry, but yes, 95%  of them are suck, including some pricey "high end" sources)   I am not saying every one should go SR, listening music is all about having fun, I just don't want more or less bass on my current...
​STAX aren't that good,vintage German alnico speakers & flagship headphones are better that Stax,but er4sr is superior to all of them
insert it deeply in to the ears,   it will sounds better than all electrostatic headphones ,include HE90
  I mean really, these 6 words killed ER4B,
 Oh you...lol.... you know why there aren't many people buying ER4B?......It's because your website is telling people, "The ER4B has a diffuse field curve, it's for binaural recording"  But we know that, most(>90%) headphones have a diffuse field curve,included studio monitor headphones: K240DF, HD540, HD800, R10, K1000 , all electrostatic headphones, and many.Please stop saying binaural this binaural that, fix the peaks, and many people will buy them.
​The mids are the best I've heard,vocals on my ER4SR are so real I've heard HE90 & most STAX, and there are no comparison.ER4SR are far better than those electrostatic headphones
   I did a listening test on ER4B, using some sine waves,to my ears, the 3khz & 14-16khz  regions are significantly louder than other frequency too.Because these peaks, cymbals sound too forward, timbre is too bright & thin.With some EQs fixes ,the ER4B sounds like a live performance! Mixing engineers will use both headphones & speakers to monitor their tracks.and most headphones on the market don't have the 6-10khz roll-off.so the 6khz-10khz is really not the issue.... ...
  Thanks very much for the reply, sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my mother language.the peaks were shown in the official FR graphs too. I play guitars, when I listening to ER4S, because the 6khz-10khz roll-off, the dynamic is compressed, timbre is losing power, music isn't involving,from an instrument player's perspective, this sound is unrealistic. from a music lover's perspecive, the music is not fun, not moving me. I think the ultimate goal of a...
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