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pic 1 & 2= later version       earlier version (headband & ear pads are different):   Someone told me the earlier version sound a lot better than the later version.I don't know.... hd540/560/250/222 are so mediocre when compared to 1970's flagship (grundig horer220/telefunken th60/sennheiser hd224x etc)
have you tried the new hd430 pads?and few ten hours of break in/warm uphd430 resolution,clarity,highs quality are even better than hd800/stax lambda signatureit lacks some bass, but it's much more musical than 800/540/lambdaand you will need a very good source & amp for it, on bad source, it can sound thin & harsh (hd430 is like a Sennheiser version of Sony SA5000) hd224x try seal it better, otherwise it will sound dry & lack of bass,(just like etymotic ER4)the later...
I don't know,TH60 bass quantity is similar to HD800/most stax lambdas,less than HD6xxquality is even better than the best eletrostatic headphoneI hate Beats
  left:Grundig Hörer220 top right:Telefunken TH60 bottom right:Sennheiser HD224X   Grundig is very good too,just not as good as telefunken   my rating: TH60  95-98 almost perfect Hörer220  85 very good, but still in a different league when compared to telefunken HD224X 80 used to be my favorite,one of the best in Sennheiser family. HD430 73 HD560 70 HD580 68 HD540 reference gold 65 ,clarity is better than 560,but vocal is recessed,540 has some issues in the...
AKG/Sennheiser/Stax are just headphones TH60 has the best timbre,best clarity,the dynamic is terrific  it's a serious hifi ("hi-end" by today's standard) equipment.   All AKG/Sennheiser I've heard, sound plastic when compared to TH60, Telefunken used to be the best hifi company in the golden analogue age,it was the best of the best AKG/Sennheiser were mainstream headphone company in 1970's.   (TH600 is not better than TH60, Telefunken went downhill after mid 1970's)
I'm sorry Telefunken is the best,to me it's like dream comes true the TH60 makes all vintage stax/sennheiser sound like plastic toy. TH60 resolution is 3x-4x higher than 540/800/lambda, and it's the most musical,most realistic sounding headphone I've ever heard I've sold all other cans      
 I don't recommend HD540s to people, because their mids are not very good
 Which model? Telefunken went downhill after 1980's TH600 is a little bass shy,clarity,resolution are the highest I've heard so far,it sounds like the singer is in front of you
TH600=hd224x>hd430(on good source)>k1000
Try Telefunken TH series, they blow HD540/HD800 away, only 1970's Sennheiser flagships(HD110,HD224) can compare with them                
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