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I told you so  hd222,hd430,hd540gold,hd560 I are even more musical
 get a HD540I or HD540 gold
 you can call it "warm-up"some 540's haven't been used for decades
  If the sound is too bright it may be due to the source distortion(jitter) or something. On an analog source or a good digital source,the distortion won't be an issue anymore,then you will be more concerned about how the music plays ,the "music soul"then steel cable will be the winner, because it has a more neutral,realistic,convincing timbre.
540s need a very ,I mean veeerrrry long time to break-in (2000-3500 hours) after broke-in, all Ref I will sound similar: transparent,crystal clear, a little thin sounding. The main difference between Ref I's (early production & later production) are image focusing ability,micro detail stability.better image focus & micro details = better clarity, wider soundstage,clearer, a little more musical etcthe earlier production the better. The timbre difference between I & II are...
 after break-in the 540's will sound thinner,treble extension will be better too
If you want just one, get the hd560 Ovation (non II)it's an all rounder headphone. You can sell the 701s/880s/600,MS1 to refund(560 has sweeter,smoother mids than 701s, clearer & better highs than 880, better in classical music than 600s) then you may consider one more, the 430's, it's very cheap, very underratedthe vocal emotion,texture are top-notch. very engaging sound, classic sound of 1980's, better then most Grados
  hd560 early production has better imaging.& get touched by music  is more important than imaging or some hifi sound effectswe both agreed that when we listen to hd560s,we feel more pleasure,satisfied,happier, than listen to hd800s  early production: mid & late production
 Vintage Sennheisers are much more musical than the HD800sthe original cable sounds even worse,He doesn't want to listen to the hd800s for more than 10s after heard the hd560s (early production) and hd560s sound quality is very close to the 800s
Get the first version(not II) of 540s/560s/430s/540 gold, the earlier production,the better . get them all lol (they aren't expensive,why not?) don't waste your breath on the 800s   one of my friend is going to sell his hd800s & the pricey OCC silver cord, after he got the 430s & the early production 560 Ovation (transducers are black)
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