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RE-0 seem like a good choice..... but being a little impatient, while I was thinking of going with the Re-0's, there seems to be a quality problem with the glue in Oz at the moment, so went for the M3's, could be a little more bass than RE-0 from all reports, but need for a trip in the next couple of weeks.   Thanks for the input.
From what I have read on reviews of both the suggestions, they would be too bass heavy maybe ?   Any opinions on the RE-0 or Brainwavz M2 or M3 ?
Help please ?
I have only recently started using headphones, purchased some ATH-AD900's and love the new detail I am discovering in music.   They are connected to my computer through a USB Musiland MD10 DAC I had lying around, mainly FLAC and APE,   Now looking to get some IEM's for use with iPod, iPad, or iPhone, but may have to look to something to directly use FLAC as converting is a PITA.   The question is are there any IEM's will give a sound anything like the...
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