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Can't they make a generic email response giving a time limit at least? Stating that they are very busy and will try to get respond within ___ days.
Update. Clinic is still active. $50 for both ears. Wednesday and Thursday. Can call to make an appointment or walk in if early enough on Thursday.
To avoid these complaints: open to all.....only US residents win   I live in Canada though so don't do that. Honesty appreciated. At least I know not to waste my time.   moving on............
Great impressions thank you.So about that customer service.... Thanks Piotr. Just answered a lengthy email from me with quite a few questions I had. Based on his email as well as these impressions, Music Two's it shall be.Would like to wait for "Harmony" but I fear this will be out of my budget. Would love to hear the impressions though.
Yeah I realize that he offers great customer service but it wouldn't hurt. Greater product offerings = greater # of customers = more questions. I'm definitely not complaining about customer service just a suggestion.
Piotr, a Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page should be added to your site.
Better than nothing. I would at least then be able to make some assumptions based on what others say the 3G is like compared to the 4G, Pico slim and RSA Shadow. Also, I haven't had time to read through all the previous posts as of yet but when I check the Custom Art website, I am only able to select the Music One. There is no option for a Music Two. Maybe I'm missing something?
That would be great thank you. So thus the wait for your impressions begin.
So, music one or music two go well with Pico slim portable amp or headstage arrow? Not sure if anyone has any knowledge regarding the smaller portable amps. RSA shadow included. Just for future reference. Thanks.
As title says, looking for Hifiman RE262 with the original box. PM me price.
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