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I like the same stuff you do and I own a W4r and I can tell you that you can't go wrong with the W4r. It's the best IEM (check my list on my profile if you want) I ever owned and I'm 100% happy with it.
I use a DT990 250 ohms with my double opamp cmoy and my prodigy cube DAC. It's been a great experience so far.
Do you have pictures of the Triplefi and the custom Null Audio cable?
Holy ****, what a masterpiece! It's like listening to Grace for Drowning for the first time... I hope I listen to new shocking albums like this every year! Some might say it is not modern. The thing is, it's modern based on the 70's psychedelic prog rock aka Pink Floyd and stuff but it is modern.  Astra - The Black Chord
Make sure you check out Steven Wilson's latest work, Grace for Drowning.
I'm back to recommend two albums, both released this year.   The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet: Weird ass "heavy prog" saturated with sound effects and distortions, but I like it       Gazpacho - March of Ghosts: Gazpacho released a few weeks ago this new album. I really enjoy this one.    
The dt990 sounds amazing with the solid state Schiit amp - Asgard
q -Jays+J3 Upgraded from my old EX500 (posted in this thread last week). I'm loving this micro audio monster :) Also bought a Monster Miles Davis Tribute which should arrive in a month.  
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