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VSD1-S has to be the VSonic IEM of choice at the moment.
Pretty nifty dude
 The only E6 I ever bought was a fake, and I've yet to replace it. It was a suggestion, not a statement from my own experience :p As I also said, I never found the 06 to be muddy... 
I'd try passing it through an eq (try boosting thr 14KHz region), or a portable amp, like the  FiiO E6 to see if that helps tighten it up. I could never describe them as muddy though, infact I found them to be more on the analytical side.
I saw very little difference at all after several months. Might have been down to music that I played, but I cant recall any improvement. seems to have a pair altough they are charging almost double what mine cost 14 months ago.   In all honesty, warranties are void unless bought from a VSonic Authorized Dealer, so you're better off looking for one of those - although if they are discontinued (as I suspect and as is hinted at by VSonics website) then it may not matter haha.
E10 is far from neutral, its more bass-orientated and has a fun-easy-to-listen-to soundstage.   As you mentioned, M1 would be a better choice, as would the MEElec CW31s
Hey,   After my VSonic GR06s died on me, I've decided to replace them with the Eternas, but £50 discouts from RRP on Amazon and has made me wonder if there are any fakes floating around. If indeed there are fakes, how would I identify them?   Cheers!
No longer for sale in the UK and its not on VSonics website, so Im presuming so
Left IEM packed up after 14 months, and Im now left without a replacement as 1) they are out of warranty 2) they're discontinued by VSonic. Anyone have any news on why theyve been axed?
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