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 I didn't have input set to stereo, but here they are: Nexus 6 No Load:  Nexus 6 Merlin Load:  The Merlin is a tough load. My AK300 and ZX1 both perform nearly identically to this, but with more dropoff in the treble range. Merlins are 12‎Ω. by the way, I don't see them in post 3, but I did post results on the Sony ZX1 and AK300 as well. I think they're just unloaded, I'll add Merlin load graphs to them. Here is the Nexus 6 compared:  They all have a round +.5dB in the low...
 Nexus 6 it was great. Outperforms both my ZX1 and my former AK300 with low impedance IEMs
Well, it plays high resolution files, if that's your thing, but output impedance is clearly a little bit high: Google Pixel XL with Unique Melody Merlin load:   Boomy bass is likely due to the output impedance, you can see above a low impedance load, it's pretty flat unloaded:  By the way, a bit better with a 32‎Ω load: Similar loads on a ZX1 and an AK300  
Google Pixel XL no load     I'd heard some weirdness with my Merlins, and was hoping that it was in my head, but alas:  
Pioneer and Onkyo's Android devices support MQA i think
 Unless you're passing to a class D amp, which doesn't need a traditional DAC
 Alright, I just have to stop you right there. If a cable meets the minimum spec for USB 2, then it is massive overkill for digital audio. 24/96 audio in stereo uses 4608 Kbps. USB can handle 280Mbps. That's 280,000Kbps, or a little less than 61x the required bandwidth. So if it meets spec, it will be able to carry the signal just fine. You can use more expensive components, but it's absolutely impossible for them to matter. Now, it might be that the connections on the...
 That was some bad bed time reading. Have to say I take issue some of that post by @johnjen, at least with those parts that aren't just gobbledygook. It's meandering, and that's fine, but it doesn't make your argument very well. A couple choice points:  Basically what reproducability is all about. Just because you can't reproduce something is meaningless. Someone should be able to reproduce a study, and when lots of peer reviewed articles can, then we know that it can be...
So, I've held off on posting this too bluntly, but I feel that I've been in contact with their support team long enough (and through an update) that I should bring this to the attention of the community. Astell&Kern prominently advertises that the AK300 has a parametric equalizer, but it doesn't, and what is almost a PEQ is broken.    Here is their site:       Aside from the clear copy and paste (wherein they didn't update the text from the AK380 page) They are...
 Sorry, I misunderstood your point. I am in agreement
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