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Schitt Fulla here, working perfectly.
So, I have been looking for good information about this, and haven't found any.    Background, there is a company that has a patented amplification technology that allegedly eliminates this terrible problem with solid state amplifiers, IMD. Their tech is dubbed "Current amplification," and its elimination of IMD allegedly vastly improves the sound of treble compared to standard solid state amplifiers, alleged to have very harsh "metallic" treble.    Of course, the...
Also, correct me if I'm wrong here, but couldn't you still use 16/44.1 after bringing that stuff down in to the audible spectrum? Once again, for final distribution you wouldn't need high res.
 Until you can produce white papers, or something more than random rantings from some guy on the internet, I'm going to stick with people that actually work in engineering in the industry. By the way, the "Crystal web data storage" as you describe has only been demonstrated as a possible storage method in a lab. It takes years to take something like that from a lab to a production line. Development on that tech started in 1996, and there was nothing demonstrated in a lab...
 They might have found some bugs they have to iron out, that does happen. 
 Might be that it isn't available for the UK devices at this time. 
 There are very many places where you are paid - by free content that couldn't be available without something to pay for it. And targeted advertising ensures that advertisers are willing to pay more, so that you can have a few targeted ads instead of a deluge of random ads in shotgun format.
 Go grab your tinfoil hat. But while you're hiding, make sure to apply occam's razor, and tell me the likelihood that there is someone paid at Google, to look through what each of their customers plays. Again, I work with tracking every day, and there is VERY LITTLE tracking that actually tracks personal information to tie any user back to a name. BECAUSE IT'S USELESS DATA. There is nothing that you can do with it. I know one organization that implemented one of those...
 I mean, you might have worked in corporate IT. Google Play Music, dealing with a whole butt load of users, is a lot different than a corporation and its internal tracking. That might be your exposure, and that is often pretty darn heavy handed. But there is just too much data (and it's not useful anyway) to track what any one individual is doing on a high traffic site. It would be the same for music. 
I work with it every day. There are only a handful of tracking scripts that aren't anonymous, because what every individual does is of little importance. It's too much data for any human being to look at,so of course it's anonymous. Google doesn't care what you listen to, beyond the ability to tailor the product to you, thus making it better and increasing its value. But computers do that, algorithms are developed, and computers crunch numbers to deliver relevant content,...
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