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I have to tell this tale, because I've basically given up. I bought a 602 slim and had an issue with the screen after a week of ownership. I was the second owner, so I had no receipt, and wouldn't get warranty service as a result. Fine. On March 18 I sent away my HiFiMan 602 slim along with $60. I also sent it away that day.   I was told I would receive confirmation of it's receipt. After never hearing back (with a confirmed delivery of March 21) on emailed on the 26th...
 A circle is not a line (by definition, they're two mutually exclusive geometric shapes). And if you break a circle, it can become a line that goes in either direction. If I split it at the "top" of the circle, I can pull my two halves in either direction. So you're not correct in that assumption.  although your assertion that you're moving the selector, and not the options, does make sense. But if you present a shape, and then replicate that shape with a controller, I...
 The wheel on the left goes the same way, but the items move the opposite. I get what you're saying, but it's not linear, it's a circle. It's certainly not the end of the world, but I would expect that if I'm controlling a wheel with a wheel, they'd spin the same way. Just a quick observation. 
I just did a quick search for "backwards" in this thread and didn't get anything. Is there a way to reverse the control wheel? If you have a circle on the screen, which is controlled by spinning a circle, UI 101 says that the on screen circle should rotate the same direction that you're rotating the wheel. But it doesn't, it spins in the opposite direction.    Quirkyness aside, it's a well built device. I've got the test unit at my desk right now. The hardware definitely...
 Thank you, I suspected that the Class-D design might be the cause of what I was seeing. I appreciate that feedback. I can also chime in that the ZX1 seems to have no trouble with my very low resistance Merlins.
Slightly higher impedance, but those are listed as pretty sensitive:   "Output sound pressure: 119 dB"   versus:    "Sensitivity: 92.5 DB"
  I prefer the Otterbox Pursuit 20. Fits my UM Merlins, Clip+, my credit card reader, and a couple bands from Fiio. I'm now down to just a pillow for moisture absorption, the CIEMs, and a cleaner for them. But can always add a couple little things along with.,default,pd.html?dwvar_otr-pursuits20_color=S7&start=1&cgid=pursuit-series-cases  
   But my ears tell me that it's very well implemented EQ. It sounds really good. I use it and it really improves the quality IMHO.
   Agreed. If he's posting from a TARDIS, why's he need to ask the release date? Hey everyone, I think this guy's a PHONY
 Have you done a factory reset as I suggested previously? This is not the same as resetting the device. 
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