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 Regarding Rockbox, I had set it all to Q values of 1, and changed some of the centers. A couple of the Q values are lower. I changed them on accident. I didn't even know what they did until today, haha. The AK300 allows you to change Q-Values, but doing so does nothing, I think it might be broken. 
 centers are 30Hz, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180, 250, 380, 500, 750, 1,000, 1.5k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 6k, 8k, 12k, 14k, 18k I have no idea the bandwidths. I'll consult the manual, though I guess if I can change that somehow, that would resolve the issue. EDIT: That's it, there is a q-factor adjustment when you open the PEQ. Thanks!
Alright, so I'm pretty new to messing with equalizers. I don't really trust myself to do it well. But I figure, correcting a bad FR in a DAP to flat is a good start. My assumption was if I set a value at, say 100Hz to +1db, and 150Hz to +.5 dB, it should be at about -.75dB at 125Hz. If it's at +1dB at both 100Hz and at 150Hz, it's reasonable to expect it to also be at +1dB at 125 Hz.    I flattened my HM-602 a bit with no load, and got this:     This was a pretty...
HiFiMan HM-602   I'd expect it to be not great loaded, but how bad can it be?     This was once marketed as the pinnacle of audiophile sound. 
 Haha, well an LOD cable and an iPod classic would give you a lineout with plenty of capacity. But not a USB out. Might be able to get an old iPod touch, so long as it runs iOS 7 (I don't know if the oldest ones do) according to this: http://blog.jdslabs.com/?p=838, but you need that little adapter that they show. I think that would be a 4th gen iPod touch minimum. Don't quote me on that. The 64GB version of that runs $179 refurb direct from Apple. 
 Not if you're using a decent line-out. When you say cheap, how cheap are you thinking?
I did some FR testing of the Fulla, performs very well with my low impedance IEM's (UM Merlins).     For comparison's sake, here are the Astell&Kern AK300, Sony ZX1, and Motorola Nexus 6:     The Fulla performs almost identically to its unloaded performance, even with the 12 Ω load, not so much for any of the others. Note that the 3.5mm HO from the AK300 is 2Ω, the 2.5mm is lower, but I don't have a cable to use for that. Also, the dynamic driver used for the low...
Schiit Fulla    Added a comparison to a loaded measurement with the Merlins, very impressive performance.     Details for 20Hz to 20kHz, loaded: +0.08, -0.51 dB
I'm going to probably do a fairly detailed review of the AK300, but for now, I thought I'd post a couple loaded RMAA tests (I'd previously posted unloaded results from the AK300 in here)   I used Merlins and PS1000's as loads. ZX1 also posted as reference   EDIT: Note that the colors are reversed between the AK300 and ZX1 as to which load was which...I'll make sure to avoid that with my final review ;)     Details: 40Hz - 15 kHz Merlin: +0.51, -1.01 20Hz - 20...
So, I have some UM Merlins. Their input impedance is silly low (12Ω) which seemed like as good a reason as any to get a DAP. So I got a Sony ZX1, class D amp should work really well with them. I got an AK300 for other reasons. But today I ran an RMAA test with the Merlins as a load.      haha, my cell phone is the best performer with the Merlin load.    40Hz - 15kHz ranges: Nexus 6: +0.51, -0.75 AK300:   +0.51, -1.01 ZX1:       +0.58, -1.41   Note that the...
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