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I have spent a lot of time with both, the blue buds x go maybe 25% louder and have more power but in terms of clarity they both sound about the same to me. Soundstage maybe a little wider on the x. You can't go wrong with either.
Please tell me what tips those are? Can you PM Me please
Klipsch x5 89.99 at I owned a pair of x10's and they fit better than any iem I've ever used but were a bit too bass heavy, should I get these or the re400's or etymotic hf5's I want a balanced accurate sound with good treble and mids.
IPad air 2 / 2014 moto x + fiio e07k & sennheiser hd598, TDK BA200, YAMAHA EPH-100. I keep it portable.
Got mine in the mail today. Loving them to death. Sounds a lot like my old hd558's. What's the difference between the 558 and 598
I can't begin to thank you enough for posting that. I bought a pair and am so excited!!!
I own the 2014 moto x. Sound from the headphone jack is pretty good. I find it to be very clear and pretty flat. I plugged my fiio e07k DAC amp in via USB otg and it instantly recognized it and plays music like a champ. Best portable rig i own. Sounds amazing with my re400's, tdk ba200's and Yamaha eph100's
Thanks for the response. So to get a worth while upgrade I'm going to need to spend a good amount more? I just want more accuracy, sound stage and imaging. What about etymotic hf5 would that be an upgrade?
Picked up a pair of 600's earlier. Now I need to find some good iems, I currently use eph100's , TDK ba200 & re400's with a fiio e07k amp but I want more detail , any suggestions for under 200$? What about gr07 classic?
Match made in heaven this phone and DAC 2014 moto x, FiiO e7k, Yamaha EPH100, tdk ba-200 iems, bluebuds X for on the go bluetooth iems. I Use USB otg flash drive.
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