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Amazon lendmeurears selller
My 6s+ sounds identical to my 6+ which I gave to my wife. I've tried about 10 high end iems some of them with multiple BA drivers and none have any background noise it's as quiet as my 6+ was.
My 64GB Space gray 6s+ has been silent and sounds clean no hiss or anything with the following headphones: TDK BA200, etymotic research hf5 and ER4S, Yamaha eph-100, Vsonic gr07 Classic, Harmon kardon NA and my sennheiset HD598. This is the best phone I've ever owned in every way.. Battery is also better for me over my 6+
Anyone know anything about those onkyo iems on woot? They sound good??
I live alone I use them then when done put them in their case. This is so strange. I love the sound quality but I just bought them a month or two ago and don't like using them if they are in this condition knowing they are damaged will ruin the experience for me. Has anyone dealt with vsonic customer service before?
Anyone had this happen? I've maybe worn these 40 times and while sitting on a couch.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Ahh that's much more comfortable it's loose but still keeps them on my ears right
Thank you very much i got all signed up and it's great. I have been doing a ton of Testing between tidal and apple music and I can't tell any difference and I consider myself an audiophile. I use my fiio e09k / fiio e07k with sennheiser hd598's and etymotic research er4s and can't tell slightest difference in sound from the usb camera kit on my iPhone and iPad to the usb on the dac and from my android USB OTG..,The bass started to sound deeper on tidal and more clear but I...
Do you have to use the chin slider ? I do and it's uncomfortable.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Were the mk1 and mk2 ear guides detachable or were they on permanently, I gave up on my classics ear guides due to them never staying on right Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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