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Snapdragon variants of Samsung phones usually always sound worse than international exynos versions..
Funny you say no bass, my x2's have almost as much sub bass as my beats solo 2. And my FLC 8S with the red sub bass filters... It's all about the fit. I've never found an IEM with no bass it's all about fit, most people are just too ignorant or impatient to figure that out. My etymotic research er4s can have no bass whah so ever or very realistic accurate bass (set aside its sub bass deficiency) with the right tips. I have tried every pair of Bluetooth in ear headphones...
Same thing happened to mine. The bass driver stopped working I contacted TDK they said it was out of warranty. I don't know where to get it fixed...
I do like the apple ecosystem but I do use android as well but for music I love my iPhone and external DAC / AMP. These FLC 8s sound amazing from my 6s+
I'm about to upload my YouTube Unboxing of the FLC 8S and will have a review up soon.. There are hardly any videos about these iems on YouTube and even google image search they are not getting the recognition they deserve.
These are the best iems / headphones I've ever owned. More detail than my sennheiser HD 598 and soundstage width and depth is on par with them.. I'm very impressed and also think they are extremely comfortable.. Putting up my etymotic ER4s for sale and HD 598 I don't care to use anything else... I use red grey grey heavy sub bass medium everything else and in audio heaven..
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