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I own the 2014 moto x. Sound from the headphone jack is pretty good. I find it to be very clear and pretty flat. I plugged my fiio e07k DAC amp in via USB otg and it instantly recognized it and plays music like a champ. Best portable rig i own. Sounds amazing with my re400's, tdk ba200's and Yamaha eph100's
Thanks for the response. So to get a worth while upgrade I'm going to need to spend a good amount more? I just want more accuracy, sound stage and imaging. What about etymotic hf5 would that be an upgrade?
Picked up a pair of 600's earlier. Now I need to find some good iems, I currently use eph100's , TDK ba200 & re400's with a fiio e07k amp but I want more detail , any suggestions for under 200$? What about gr07 classic?
Match made in heaven this phone and DAC 2014 moto x, FiiO e7k, Yamaha EPH100, tdk ba-200 iems, bluebuds X for on the go bluetooth iems. I Use USB otg flash drive.
I picked up the 2014 moto x and its one of the best devices I've ever owned. I'm coming from an m8 nexus 5 and note 3. I use USB otg for any media I want. Sound from the headphone jack is pretty good as well. Does anyone know where I can get a good micro USB flash drive that doesn't need a USB otg cable
Really? That's good news and bad news for me. I want more detail in my music. I crave more clarity. Like an addiction. I upgrade my phone every few months and can tell you my HTC One m8 sounds better than any phone I've ever had including my iPhones. So an amp wouldn't be night and day difference with my iems?
I have an HTC One m8 and use only iems like eph 100, etymotic hf5, re-400, tdk ba-200. Should I get that fiio e18 or would the difference not be worth 119$?
What amp should I get for my HTC One m8 I mostly drive iems like hf5 hifiman re400 tdk ba200 etc. Budget is under 150 what would be the best amp / dac?
Hello I am looking into getting some new iems. I love everything about my hf5 and re400 iems except when listening to bass heavy music they suffer. I have tried bass heavy iems and they lack the clarity and accuracy. I go my jokers iem list and saw my re400's score a 9.0 and the etymotic hf5's score an 8.8 so I want this accuracy but with more of a kick but only when the music requires it. I use an HTC One m8 as my DAP and occasionally use my pc for music but not as...
I would highly recommend an HTC one m8 over an iPod touch. I find the m8 to have a better sound than my 4g iPod touch. Also the BoomSound speakers on this phone are amazing for videos and other multimedia and casual listening.
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