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Anyone else I want to keep this going. Super underrated topic
the Benchmade ones are nice but expensive
My current EDC, 256gb iPhone 7 with air pods, lg v20 with flc 8s. (Match made in heaven) apple watch series 0, 40MM Smith & Wesson with 14 round clip.
Sick knife I love knives
I collect knives as well and always have one on me. I am now looking to invest in a fully automatic front exiting switchblade.. know of any decent ones ?
My LG v20 is the best DAP I've listened to
Awesome keep them coming. I added two new things to my arsenal
Anyone else want to show their EDC?
The shures have lasted 5 years? That's a long time.Music is amazing and beneficial for your mentality.
I loved the m8 I had that phone it had an awesome dac/amp and can power headphones really well.How do the Trinity Audio Vyrus sound?
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