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I also have the px100 (original version) somewhere stuffed in a drawer. Indeed, they do not sound like Grados. I would suggest a pair of Sr60 or Sr80 like you said and if you need more portability, you can re-do the cable to a shorter length and you can also try a different (collapsible) headband like this:
Not a bad problem to have my friend!
i was an early adopter of the Hifi-m8 and I also recall that most people couldn't hear a difference between the single ended and balanced output on the Hifi-M8 as @musiclvr said.   @joseph69, since I know you really like the GH-1 w/G cush, I would HIGHLY recommend the Gs2000e as a step up from it. The Gs2ke is an excellent headphone in my opinion and I feel like I personally would choose it over the PS1ke.
I'm really interested to read your impressions on these! 
I... I... ah, he'll I can't beat you guys there Sooooo, has anyone ordered the R1 yet?
Lol! I fubar'd an sr325 and magnum v4 driver. Man it blows!
for $166+ USD the R1 better be one hell of a driver!
I think I'm gonna have to jump on one of those too. Haven't seen anything that I want for black Friday sales
good morning folks, I had to bring out my Rs1 + RA1 combo to listen to the new Metallica record... I'm glad I did!!! \m/       All the songs are up on their website and youtube channel 
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