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@fleasbaby Damn, those are looking good!
"wrap it all up in a big ******* metal mushroom"
Doh!.. pm sent
not using them much.I have another rs1 with buttons and the RA1 gets no love with other amps around.
just a head's up for you guys, I'm selling my Rs1 w/ buttons and also my RA1 amp on the classifieds...
Selling my Rs1 w/buttons. I bought them used last year. Previous seller had just sent them in to Grado and the cable was replaced with the newer, shorter 8 conductor cable and one of the buttons (right side) was missing, so Grado put one on. The button has a slight scrape? on it. Btw, the seller later found the original button and mailed it to me, so I have it (extra button) and it's in perfect condition if you wanna swap it out. Cups are in excellent condition, pads are...
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