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I'm looking to trade my UM Miracle. This is a custom iem that will need to be reshelled by it's new owner. I bought it used, and since the previous owner had very narrow ear canals, I filed it down a bit to make it into a universal (well, sort off) iem (YMMV). The cable on the left side fits loose into the socket, so you need to wiggle the cable a bit when inserting them. This issue will need to be addressed when you reshell it. Also worth mentioning, is that I removed the...
hehehehe oooops, I did it again. I've been on the "this is the last song of the night " routine  for the last hour. Damn you music!! Damn you sweet sweet gear!! damn you Head-fi!!    [[SPOILER]]
 Wow! Nice work, really nice!Damn, I'm screwed!!  I get in six hours of sleep max and I'm 37!   That's it's, I'm taking these damn headphones off and I'm going to bed!    *...takes headphones off, turns off computer, gets up and walks off to the bedroom....zzzzzz
I think the 1964 logo would have been nice, but if they gave you some cash back for their mistake, I would just keep them.  The red looks really nice and making the personalized name on the case a standard "1964 Ears V8 Universal" was also a smart move as I am sure somebody will gladly take 'em off your hands when the time comes for you to let them go. btw, thanks for the pics! 
FINALLY! ...I did it, I caved in and made a Facebook and Twitter account! (btw, what the hell is twitter? Ha! :0)   All I'm saying is I better win something!         forgot to mention, yes, first thing I did was liked and followed Hifiman! 
Hi. My name is wormsdriver, Chuck Norris and I approve this message!
AFAIK, grado charges a flat fee for the rs1(I think $100). With that said, I don't know if this kind of damage is covered by their service fee...only way to find out is to send them an email.
shipping to UK only   ....
Hi MickeyVee, I mentioned the Howard Feed-N-Wax earlier in the thread, it's great for protecting and preserving the wooden cups on the Rs1's, but it will not make the finish darker in my experience.
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