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That's it, I'm getting my pitchfork and torch! what the heck is going on around here!? Jk guys, looking forward to more impressions, let's keep this train rollin'
That's gonna look killer!
I'm not sure. Go to Slickdeals and search for fxa6. It should come up on the search results.
"now about those nakamichi sp-7 drivers are they similar to the blackstar driver?" Send me a pair and I'll let you know! I can't wait for your impressions on these three different drivers @Arty McGhee! Btw, I just bought @alphaphoenix v7 drivers. I'm excited to get them and try em out! 👍
Also, if anybody is selling their 1plus at a reasonable price , pm me!😀
Forgot to update. I also ended up pulling the trigger on the Adorama sale and bought a pair of fxa6. I sold my 2.5 a couple of months ago but I miss the vocals on them. I had never looked at the rest of the aurisonics and fender line up till a day ago. I was looking for a more reasonably priced iem since I don't use them much at all. I came across a 1plus for sale so I started doing some reading. After a whole bunch of reading the last day and a half I decided these...
Hey guys, does the fxa6 have the same sound as the asg 1plus or are they different? Thanks in advance.
this sounds like something I'm interested in. One question, what are these iems. I've never heard of a T3 and T5. Are these Dunus? 
nice work, very clever! btw, the plastic sleeves you sent me arrived on Monday, many thanks!
UERR Universal Demo version. Always wanted to try the UERR but don't want the hassle of customs? Here's your chance and at a reasonable price! Don't lose money like you would with CIEMs! ;)   $ plus shipping and paypal fees.     Serious buyers only please, no tire kicking. Any inquiries pm me.
New Posts  All Forums: