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nice work!   @novice Lol! you need some exclamation points on your comment above! 
Price drop!
I also much preferred an amp with the Hugo for Grados when I had it
I use an rsa intruder along with a chord mojo for my transportable set up and ive been very happy with it for some time now.The intruder also has a DAC in it and it matches very well with grados but since I have the mojo, I use the mojo as my DAC most of the time and the intruder as an amp.If you want to go cheap, I do have an old jds labs cmoy and it does the trick very very well for the price, but again, I never use it since I have the intruder and it does (as it should)...
The sad part is I can't even pronounce the damn name of the drivers! (Tries pronouncing name) neh-hurd? Lmbo! Jk
Greeeat. Now I need to find some money to buy these too. Thanks alot guys!
nice work. I like the fact that the back of the cups are very open. I wouldn't mind a pair of these in maple... 
I got the fxa6 pro that I ordered yesterday. Funny thing though, I was inspecting the iem's and noticed the serial numbers on the shells start with fxa7#####... Could they indeed be fxa7 that were mistakingly put into the fxa6 packaging???
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