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You can't go wrong with either version ps500 imo. Both are great!
I've had both the PS500 and PS500e in the past, but it's been quite a long while since I had either one. I remember thinking the PS500e was very close to the GH-1 although i don't think I had them at the same time to compare them side by side.
yes!  Holy crap! I had to Google the princess Di Beanie baby reference, sheesh, I need to find one of those things at a garage sale or something! crazy prices lol  BTW, yes, since I think they only made like 250 I believe and they don't come up very often that's been the going price for some years now ($2000+!) 
they look like chrome cups to me
Hey guys, I received the packaged today. The iems got here safe and sound. The iems, cables, box all look in good condition. Bag of tips looks dingy, I'll put them in a new zip lock bag. I suggest tour participants do their best to clean up the tips they use before sending them off to the next person in line out of common courtesy. No sound impressions yet, im still tip rolling and im struggling a bit with the fit on my left side.
hahaha. 1, 2 Grado's coming for you!...
bahahahaha. I like it were she's dancing to the music and she says something about Dat bass. John Grado has this wtf look for a second before he smiles. Priceless! Btw, I assumed the PS2ke were chrome and not black since they are kinda hard to capture on film? Ha, maybe I'm color blind! Anyhow if they are indeed black, smokey like they appear in the video they look like bad muthaf-- $hut'yo mouth!
completely agree with Joseph here, I am also expecting this.anything more will not sit very well with me
Joseph check it out at 25 seconds into the video
Greetings all, just stopping by to see if you guys had seen this. I just saw it on another thread. I spy something new and shiny
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