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No longer available.
Just a heads up guys, if these dont sell by tomorrow evening I'm keeping them!
no luck. Good thing I have some aluminum sleeves and also some mahogany sleeves I got from around here somewhere...Those look great btw, nice!
Hehehe. I just bought another pair of speakers and I'm looking to buy something else, so I need to sell some things. At the prices I'm selling my stuff, whoever buys it can use the cans for a while and then sell them without taking a loss.
Back for sale. Act fast!
hey guys, just a heads up. I'm selling my ps500 and magnum V6 for a good price.   click below on my signature under "items for sale"...
I have an HD580 driver that I don't need and would like to sell. From my understanding it is the same sonically as the HD600.   $35 shipped!   *picture is for reference only
Price drop! Priced to $ELL!!!
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