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WTF IS GOING ON WITH ALL THIS THEFT!!?? I just read Todd @TTVJ also got ripped off AGAIN, this time for a pair of He-1000. What a ******* disgrace!
Congrats Bruce! I've been wanting to hear the V4 Magnum for some time. I was thinking the same thing when I first heard about the turbulent drivers, I hope there's an updated version in the works!...
If you're looking for sub bass, Grados are probably not what you're looking for...
^^I believe what @fleasbaby is trying to say is, what cups are those and where can we get them!?! .
You can throw the HD800 in that pile of reckage also! Ps1k forever!!!♡
thanks.The reason I brought this up is I had the Gs1ki and Gs1ke for some time. I ended up selling my Gs1ki, since the Gs1ke preform better imo. Looking back though, I remember having more fun listening sessions with the i than the e. The bad thing though is that the Gs1ke made the flaws in the Gs1ki painfully obvious so it was hard to go back to them. So I've had my reservations about trying out the ps1000e for fear of messing with a good thing I have going with the...
do you ever miss the ps1000?
I had been staying away from the ps1000e mainly because I feel it will disrupt my happiness with the ps1000... "Comparison is the death of joy" - Mark Twain
good deal Joseph. I am also looking into the ps1000e. I want to trade my LNIB HD800 for a ps1000e, if anybody is interested!
@musicbuff, off the top of my head, the fostex th900 comes to mind. I personally never heard it, but always read good things about it and of it's bass response. Maybe do a little research on it, see what you think. Also, Livesoundwave has a new auditioning program to check out headphones: (sorry, I was unable to post the link from my phone)... they have a great sale going on too!
New Posts  All Forums: