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Up for sale is my Concero HP. It is in good condition, 100% fully working. I will include a $100 wireworld usb cable with it. $499 shipped. PayPal fees are on the buyer and are an additional 3%. This unit is an excellent value, go check out the reviews! It easily competes against $1000 amp + dac combos out there imo. Also, this thing drives a large variety of headphones and iems remarkably well, especially for it's very small size! Why am I selling it if it's so darn...
1 = 6.3mm 2 = SMC 3 = 3.5mm 4 = XLR
@donlin, excellent, thanks for posting those pictures!!!
yes Sir! definitely true what they say how TOLT headphones scale up quite well with better gear.   I can't wait to hook this up to my amps over the weekend, I was really impressed again with the Mad Ear+ last week (last time I heard it), should be an Epic session!
 hell yeah! I agree!
omg, I almost schiit my pants when I first saw this picture on my phone! haha, I thought it was the Gh1, my blood literally rush to my head and I couldn't read fast enough to confirm it was so I could rush and place an order!
You said it brother, it took me awhile too!!!
On another note, I just got the Chord Hugo earlier today and first impressions are VERY, VERY GOOD!    I'm using it with the Gs1Ke, and boy! Now they sound like $1000 headphones, VERY impressive!   Very good match these two. 
I emailed grado a couple of weeks ago, and got the same response. I asked about me wanting to buy an Rs1e but since the Gh-1 is almost the same price, I asked "Will the new headphone sound very close to the Rs1e?" Grado's response: Hi Nelsonthe RS1e is the better headphonethe GH1 will perform between  the RS2e and RS1ethanks  so in conclusion, this gives me the impression it won't be the same as the Rs1e, which, btw, I WOULD like to hear it for myself one day....
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