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it's definitely an Sr225 and not an Sr225i. Looks like pink drivers.      
I've seen one here: I'll give you a better price too!
haha. You know I'll end up just buying one again right  I'll keep my eyes open, and let you know if I see a good deal out there!
Nope! sold it a couple weeks ago  ...just call me jaywillin Jr.  Ha! For me I think the Ps1000 wins in both studio and live situations, but I really understand and like how @mancpgput it in words to describe differences in these two headphones. basically the Ps500 sounding more raw and ps1000 being more precise, especially in rock music like the G'n'R example he stated. You're not gonna hear all the details in the rock concert but you will get the raw energy and impactful...
very nice! I agree on your take, very well put!  The Ps500e did show a clearer picture and better precision in the placement of instruments, and bass is not as bloated as the original Ps500.
no telling on this stuff, really. it just depends on: A- how much the seller is wanting to get out of them (reserve price)B- how much is it worth to the buyer, how high the person is willing to go at a given time this stuff is getting harder to come by and haven't been popping up much at all this year so far. with all that said, IIRC the ones I've seen sold over the last couple years have gone from the mid $400's to around $650ish. 
looks like parts express have the real deal, so need to get them from Grado.
I've done this with other Grados, and while I enjoy it, in the end I always seem to go back to the stock pads Grado uses for that particular model.
If you're in the U.S., you might wanna give the Earzonk L-cush on Amazon a shot. They are not like the grado L-cush, but they are more comfortable (softer, not as scratchy IMO), they're $10 so very affordable. As far as velour pads, check out the "Grado Modders go magnum thread", recent posts by member/Grado modder extraordinaire @stratocaster shows his pads are a combination of grado L-cush and beyer DT-250 pads together. 
same here. did it again, it worked again for awhile, rattling came back, so repeated steps again mine sounded like some debris inside the driver but can't see anything
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