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pjoliver182, how did you get your upgraded cable to sit so flush in the headphone cavity?
thank you very much. it wasnt as hard as imagined once i had the physical materials infront of me. i did spend days racking my brain as to how to approach the project though. in the end the sonic results were very much worth it!   im glad people are showing interest in upgrading these cans!
good luck! if you have any other questions feel free to ask.   i look forward to seeing your outcome =]
id be glad to lend a hand, i was hoping others would be interested in doing this.   i started with 26 awg occ copper cable. i got my cable from double helix cable. ( ) the only have 24 awg, but he had a small batch of 26 that he used for a different project. the 24 awg isn’t significantly bigger than the 26, but as you know the cavity is very narrow in the headphones.   the cable braid is a standard litz pattern, but what i did...
so far i dont believe so. i use it with an ibasso d2 boa, so it is somewhat hindered by the added bulk. but i think it looks great, sounds great and is easy enough to carry around.   it was a complete pain to get a working idea for the inside of the earphone since it uses a 2.5mm adapter, but it works for me!
Almost completed my cable upgrade for my B&W p5's and i figured i would just share my progress. DIY cable from double helix cables, as well as jacks.   a few touch up solder points and redoing some heat shrink to look pretty and im in business.   from what i listened there was a nice increase in clarity.  
i was just wondering if anyone has done this successfully, there are a lot of mixed feelings on these cans, but i enjoy them... and believe they could be a lot better.   i know the canal to filter the cable through is tight, but ive been trying to come up with an intelligent idea as to how to DIY a nicer than stock cable.   ideally i would like some sort of braided cable, but im not sure if that is possible because of the ear canal.   so any tips or ideas are...
Im very interested in recabling these as well, any luck yet?
hey, ive reached my message limit for the day, if you can let me know when you get my payment that would be awesome.    thanks! 
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