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 No worries.  Ha.  I'll hopefully receive them in the next week or so, then I will post up some photos and my thoughts.  
Those looking for some quality budget monitor headphones:   CAD MH300 Closed-Back Studio Headphones for $25:     http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/cad-mh300-closed-back-studio-headphones     --
Well thank you for the shout out.  I never heard from the owner, but I will post up my thoughts on the tips when I get them.   --
I just ordered two pairs.  Had my eyes on these for a while.    I've been fighting with getting a good fit on a few IEMs, I hope these will solve my problems.   --
 Good info.  Thank you for posting that up. ..
**Forgive me if this has been posted already**     These do not get as great reviews, but look exactly like the XTZ.   Weird because Samson shares OEM with a few other brands.     http://www.samash.com/Samson-rte-2---bluetooth-stereo-headphones-srte2xxxx-p     BTW, these are currently on sale for $30:  http://www.samash.com/Samson-rte-2---bluetooth-stereo-headphones-srte2xxxx-p   --
Awesome!  I want a pair!     --
 I've been so busy with other reviews, I have not had much time to talk much about the DN-C60II. They have better clarity than the Koss KSC75, but lack a bit with the lows.  Soundstage is on par with the Koss as well. They are discontinued, so I would suggest if you are interested in them picking up a pair before they are harder to find.
I've been having fun with some budget buds lately and I thought I would do a special shout out for these.   https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=8661323542   They pair up very well with my Samsung S4 and FiiO M3.  Big controlled bass / Decent Soundstage / Good Detail / Fun Signature.   These are one of the best earbuds for the go.  The version I purchased has the microphone and volume control.  I do not have to take my phone out of my pocket to stop, or adjust the...
 Ha, awesome you took the "plunge".  Glad to hear you are enjoying them!     BTW, if you do @BloodyPenguin, I'll get a notification that you are doing a shout out.  It will work for any user. --
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