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Cool, hope mine come soon!  Mine were only shipped 3 days ago from Aliexpress.  I bought them just because of the wire for my KZ R3 so I can have a microphone.  I paid only $11.49 USD, and that is how much normally just the replacement cable costs.  The MoxPad X3 is a bonus. ..
 Oh, I knew I had seen it somewhere!  Thanks.  ..
 Thanks for the reply.  I was wary to order from that seller.  Hope you end up getting them! ..
Anyone know anything about these?  Not sure if this is the correct name, but I found it under "YinShu YS-202".   Looks to have some strange filter system for better flow...        
The KZ R1 is getting great reviews and is about $5, the only issue is that the Official KZ Store it down for some odd reason over at AliExpress.   ..
Yes, it is most likely the same OEM shell that Yuin uses.  Though that does not mean it has Yuin drivers though. I just thought it is interesting because of the 150 ohms and nice looking build quality.  
Found these on Aliexpress, they seem to get good feedback from a good seller.   Details.  Yuin Housing, OFC wire and 150 ohms.   Interesting...       ..
Awesome, can't wait to read the reviews.    Not putting myself on the list though, I ain't too good with doing words good. ..
Really interested in the whole VE Brand.     Any info on this other Model you sell?  The  VE和尚.           ..
Those look interesting as well!  Direct Link:  Another picture with specs: 
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