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My X5 3rd Gen will be to my door in two days.  I am so pumped.  I already have the FiiO M3 and X1 Gen 2.  For me, if the X5 3rd gen is half as good as people say, it will be end game DAP for me for quite some time.  Fingers crossed I like it, as I bought it with my own monies.  Not a review or tour unit.    --
I agree with Vapman.  From your description, the TY Hi-Z HP650 would fit what you are looking for in an earbud.--
I JUST finished my review of three Puresounds Earbuds.  I am exhausted, but very happy how it turned out.         --  
One of the issues I noticed when I started to dive deep into audio gear was my search for perfection. I ended up analyzing all my new purchases instead of just enjoying them. I would find an imperfection and let it drive me mad until I had to sell them or give them away. This went on for quite a while and all the time I was drifting farther and farther from the music itself.   Then I found about earbuds. I had always seen them, but never thought much of their form...
So, I was excited to share the Rose Masya and TY Hi-Z 400se with you all soon, as they were supposed to be here shortly.   However, they seemed to have gone rogue.  I live about 25 minutes north of Chicago and I was JUST there yesterday.  I really wish I could have just picked them up.   Now they are way out in Kansas and I am not sure why...   --
BeatZen Earbuds?  I've never heard of them.       --
"Waits Patiently"....   --
I don't mean to be secretive, but I can't say as the seller has asked that I keep it private. I will post up my thoughts on it when it arrives (with some fancy photos as well). --
My X5 3rd gen will be in transit soon!  Now I wait!     --
In honor of Nokia bringing back a new 3310, the first phone I ever sent a text with:   Edit, mine is actually the Nokia 3360:     --
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