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PortaPro Headband Mod with Rockboxed xDuoo X3.  Fun combo:     --
[Lo-Buy Hi-Fi] Lite DIY / Lite Hack: Headband Mod Koss PortaPro & Rockboxed xDuoo X3.     --
With my 24/96 FLAC I too have a large delay. However, I found if I pause, then un-pause that it will begin to play right away. --
All this RX-1 talk!  Mine are supposed to be here in about 12 hours, can't wait!    --
Thanks man!  Appreciate it as I had no idea about this meet.  I hope I can make it.  --
 I must have got the last one of the AUGLAMOUR RX-1 (for the time being).  I wonder if they will raise the price now.  Hope I get my order. --
 Well Happy Birthday to her as well! My wife gets a LOT of my earbuds as well.  The difference is, she get the ones I still like.  We will always be relaxing in bed, I will be jamming to my usual Britney Spears a she will lean over and say "Don't you have an extra pair for me to use"?  I always respond with:  "What happened to the last pair I gave you'?  This goes on for a while until I find out where she has hid my stash of buds. --
It is already sitting in my Amazon cart.  Debating on pulling the trigger.
The AUGLAMOUR RX-1 is up to $17.99 now.  I should have got them earlier to save $2.00!  You all are forcing the price to go up quick! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IJME3QM/       BTW, no thanks to @golov17, I was forced into buying the T-Music Earbud.  Oh well, it is my birthday today, self gifts are the best.    --
 First off, you are the worst.  You are only making our addiction that much harder.   Two, what the heck is "Noise Cancelling Bass"?  Sounds awful.   That all said, I still want a pair.  MUST Resist..... must!  
New Posts  All Forums: