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I was just trying to start a poll, never did one before.  I was looking for Product URL to link.  Not sure where that is. ..
That is the same thing I said on another thread about the T2! ..
 I might be wrong here, but I thought Massdrop did end up selling the first edition AKG K7XX on their site: Though I do get where you are coming from with it being their first Hybrid.  If anything you would think they might want to sell them cheaper and in a controlled environment to make sure the public does like the sound before they go mainstream.  Who knows... All I know is I want them and...
I'm hoping Massdrop can get a decent discount on the first run of these.Fingers crossed.
Yeah, did a search.  Not finding a pair of them readily available in the US.  I am sure they are out there somewhere though to purchase.   ..
AKG K142HD for $52.36:     EDIT:  Also...   Sennheiser HD 439 for $40 (Coupon Code - EMCWHWD22):   ..
Keep quoting the TTPOD T2 pics!  Beautiful!   I am totally a Function over Form kind of guy, but man those T2s are epic looking.  I want a pair!     ..
KEF M200 for $80:   Open Box for $56:   ..
I sold my HD-650.    ..
Sennheiser HD 650 back to $314 on Amazon (sold by Amazon):   ..
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