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Added the JiuShao E300 and the upgraded E600 to the list.  (Thanks to golov17).
Thanks for the heads up!      Edit:  Going to add the Jiushao Earbuds to the master list:
Anyone ever try or know anything about the Vsonic UU2?         ..
+ 1,000,000,000
I'd refer you to this thread: ..
I am loving my KZ R3.  It might not have the clear, in your face mids of the SoundSOUL S-018, but the R3 sure is fun with some dubstep and other bassy goodness.   The R3 seems to never distort, no matter how low it goes.  It also keeps the bass where it needs to be, rarely creeping up into the mids.  And the mids are not bad, but just hard to compare them to the S-018.   I am really enjoying using them.     (Shown with Comply T-500 Tips).     ..
Yeah, luckily they were only $3.90.  I also got some Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Headphones.  I know they are no were as good as the JayBird BlueBuds X earbuds, but there is a huge price difference between the two.  I also had an Amazon gift card laying around as well, so finally picked up myself some Yuin PK3 Earbuds. ..
    Some random earbuds from the early 90's, I'm sure they are awful, but I got them anyways.
Not sure what is up with eBay, but I just got yet another $25 Gift Card. I wish you could use multiple at a time, but no. Oh well, free stuff anyway. I'll have to start looking again.
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