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Mine sounded amazing from the first time I used them.  Burn in did little to change the sound.  I wish I could hear one of the versions that people do not like against my Tomahawk pair. 
Quick update on my newest beater earbuds, the HIFIKIWI H1.     What I like:  Simple smooth signature with decent bass extension and surprising amount of detail throughout.   What I don't like:  Cheapest Cable I have ever felt, it is like a hardened wire.     Some may not like the J cable, but I have turned into a big fan of them.   I think if HIFIKIWI would skip the packaging and spend a bit more on the cable they'd have a super product.  Otherwise I am a big fan...
I'm starting to wonder about the Tomahawk.  Some of us absolutely love them and other not so much.  I find mine have great controlled bass and wonderful detail (though maybe not the most natural sound).
$15 off Purchases $75+ at eBay Ends at 5PM PT. eBay is taking an extra $15 off purchases $75 or more using PayPal with code CSUMMERFUN2016 [Exp 6/24]   --
Not sure how these sound, but they are the lowest ever for new:   Sony XBA-H1 for $75:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FJISZFK   --
Listening to Rüfüs du Sol - Bloom (album) with the NoSounD Recessed and really enjoying the quite large soundstage.      --
Few photos I took of the Shozy Zero tonight:         --
Anyone interested:  Bang & Olufsen A8 for $75 (Free Shipping) at Amazon:       https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001U7W8O8   --
AKG K52 for $23 (Free Shipping) at Musicians Friend:   http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid   --
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