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Just Ting. If love to try the Lyra someday though.--
It just has a microphone. For volume control (and great sub-bass), get the Vido earbud.--
New Budget Earbud Arrival: The MusicMaker/Toneking TP16: Sound - Like a baby Ting with a touch of the sub-bass from the Tomahawk.  Sound signature is playful while staying in the realm of neutral.  Soundstage seems to be fairly wide.  Build quality is really quite nice for the lowest priced price earbud in their range.  I need to spend a bit more time with them, then I will try to compare these with a few other earbuds.    Though, I will say, I love having a pair of...
I've had the Meze Nero 11 for a few days now, you can tell it shares a lot with the 99 Classics sound signature.    Smooth, yet detailed playback.  Good bass extension and control.      Quick photo I took this morning:     --
 Wow, you really do pay attention!  VERY well done! Yes, I am a fan of budget earbuds with quality sub-bass and pricier neutral earbuds.  Speaking of, I have an unnamed 150ohm earbud that focuses on clarity coming in about a month..  surprise, surprise... 
Just a heads up. The housings on my T-Music Earbuds had the L & R markings backwards. I noticed this when I was watching a movie with them. I confirmed the mistake with http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php So after a few beers, I grabbed my wife's nail polish and went to work. I also did not wait until they dried all the way and they got marked up a bit. But here is how they turned out. Low( quality cell phone picture:) --
 I think, over the span of 2 years, I had about 10 pairs of the ES10.  All of which have been given away.  I think I might have to purchase another pair, just so I can hear them again.  --
 Did you mean the Awei ES10? The ES10 was my FIRST earbud.  It it is when I fell in love with this form factor.  I could not believe how good they sounded.  Of course now, they would be one of the lower quality playback, but I gave all my pairs away to for friends and family. -- 
 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/T-Music-Professional-DIY-HiFi-Headphone-Cable/32686800517.html Good Cheap Thrills.  
 Great price for those, but remember you have to add on shipping as well (about $2.00).  Still at $5, it is a good deal.  
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