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   Another Vote for the xDuoo X3.  I love mine.  Easy to Rockbox, easy to drive most earbuds. ..
 I'm with you on this, I have spent wait too much on budget earbuds, I could have owned a pair of the Shozy Black by now.I have a few remaining pairs still in transit, but I won't be buying anymore for a while.    I also just gave away 5 pairs of crap earbuds to my co-workers for their kids to use. --
 Full review of the T-Shirt? --
I normally do not post this much in a row, but a lot going on right now. In the past, I have posted links and positive reviews of MisterTao, unfortunately in my last order, I had two defective earbuds. While the price total of these two items only came to about $10USD and I am a very good, repeat customer, I was not treated as well this time and they offered to refund me $1USD.   Now, I get that MisterTao is just an agent and not the actual supplier, but it worries me...
 Again, I can not confirm 100% that is what I got.  It is bass light and a little piercing in the highs, not really my favorite signature, but it is decently clear.  --
Also, my MusicMaker/Toneking TY2 was attempted to be delivered to me today, but I was not home.  :( Hopefully I will have it tomorrow.    --
Update on a Bunch of Budget Buds (all under $5USD each)  I got through MisterTao:   *Crap Buds* - Teclast - https://world.taobao.com/item/18183994241.htm - There is a reason it is only $0.75USD.  It sounds like it, built like it. - Aigo - https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=44234475734 - While not as bad as the Teclast, it is not good in anyway either, avoid buying. - Newsmy - https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=521828322533 - It is the EXACT same as the Aigo, not...
 Not sure, it is this one:  https://world.taobao.com/item/39504951885.htm --
Quick cellphone picture of seven budget earbuds I just got, all costing under $5 USD. Not sure if any will be any good, but I have a funny feeling the Aigo and Newsmy are the exact same, ha!
I've had the new Earbud Thailand - White Hawk Earbud (WHE) for a few days now.  With some decent burn in, I thought I would give my quick thoughts on it, verse the Black Onyx Earbud (BOE)   http://www.earbudthailand.com/   WHE more playful than the BOE as it displays more bass response while the BOE has a bit more serous sound and touch more soundstage.   The WHE also has a slightly beefed up cable and plug compared with the BOE.  I like both earbuds, I think they...
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