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Also, not sure if these have been posted on here.     Anyone know anything about the Audio Technica J100?   They come in tons of colors (Only Three Shown Here):           --
*Update* on the T-Music Version 2.   I knew I had seen it on Taobao before.   It can be had here for about $6 USD (before shipping).   It could be another one of T-Music's shops, I am not sure.   I also can not confirm 100% it is the same earbud, but it sure looks like it.   https://world.taobao.com/item/39068111311.htm     This all said, the T-Music Version 2 sounds decent for the price, I would put it close to the MusicMaker TP16, though I have to spend more...
Sennheiser HD700 Professional Headphones for $419: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0070U8KSM/   --  
I just took some pictures of the T-Music DIY Earbud - Version 2 (with Microphone):   It really does have a decent build quality and a fun sound to boot.  Better than the first T-Music DIY Earbud Version IMO.           --
 I thought the EM3 was quite awful as well.  As you know...  --
 I can confirm that the R/L are correct on Version 2.  I also got the model with the microphone, which is nice for controlling songs on my Fiio M3. ..
 I agree 100%.  Version 2 is a step up in overall sound quality.  I also like the build quality of the new earbud too. I'll have a mini photo shoot of it coming up this weekend as well. ..
Klipsch RB-81 II 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker, Single (Cherry) for $225 with free shipping:   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0040Q3124/   --
 Oh, that reminds me, I have not used my RX-1 in a little while.  I will have to give them some listening time tonight.   --
 Ha!  I used to feel this way, but to be honest, this can drive you nuts.  There are so many hard to get earbuds, that spending so much time trying to find them can be frustrating.   I see a lot of models that are either almost impossible to buy or others that are so expensive, I can't have them all.  So again, I just have learned to enjoy what I have and occasionally add a few more to my inventory.   Though, I will admit, there are a few earbuds that I REALLY want to try,...
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