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Picked up some jeans. Had to order them online, hope they fit nice.
Is that a PSOne as a source? Nice!
Not quite yet. I haven't been able to do much because of school work (final semester, preparing to shoot a film). I'll see if I can swing by there sometime either this week or the next.
Hmm.. do let us know if you find anything out. That would be great!
A different venue would definitely be the best.
Go for the Magni 2 Uber. I tried it with the Vali before and to my ears it was ok.
So after so long being a DT990 fan, I was loaned from a good friend his HD 598. We ended up doing a trade because I fell in love with their mid-range and sound stage. They don't go as far to have that low bass, but for most of the music I listen to, these took the cake. I am looking at upgrading my amplifier to the Bottlehead Crack which I think would pair great with the HD 598.    Any who, I am now supporter of this brilliant headphone.
I think the DT990s I own are gonna go bye-bye. I'm loving the HD 598 way too much. I will definitely look forward to hearing your T5p, Andre. I've heard the T1 and I loved it very very much. Definitely would love to own it along with the HD 800. 
My local dealer only carries the Montille 6V6, the Cortese, and the Aurieges-L line stage preamp available for demo. They just recently became an authorized B&W dealer, so I don't imagine them growing their Shindo in-house stock anytime soon. How are Shindo's speakers? Those things look fantastic. I'd love to hear them in person.
Quick question: what is the general consensus on the Infinity Qa speakers? I recently got handed down a pair from a friend who found them at a Goodwill. I haven't tried them out yet since my Marantz 2220b is being cleaned and repaired right now. They have Infinity's famous tweeters from the looks of it, but are they worth keeping or refurbishing? Silly question I know, so please forgive me.
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