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The new theme of Godzilla from the upcoming film.. composed by Alexander Desplat:
Sarabande is my favorite suite from Handel. I've always complained about it myself, but it goes to show how great the piece is.
Docetism - Misanthropy Cuthead - Resteesen Exist Strategy - Ephemera   Memphis May Fire - Unconditional [CD]
Things have been hard on me these past few months, both emotionally and psychologically.. However it is these types of situations that I feel I must be eternally grateful for beautiful music (no matter the genre) for existing and allowing me to pass through each day knowing that there is always a better side. One where optimism can flow and creativity (at least in my case) can blossom.  To drift back onto our original topic, I'm currently enjoying the blissful and...
They are really warm sounding in comparison to the Pioneer and Kenwood vintage amps/receivers I've heard.
Today has so far been dedicated to Muse..          
Memphis May Fire - Unconditional   Their new album is so great in my opinion. I have been on an MMF craze as of recent, if you will. Though I must speak out on this and I hope they do find a better approach to their sound reproduction in their next record. The album is essentially phenomenal musically, but the album's mastering is horrible and definitely contributes to the loudness war. I really wish they could fix this in their next record or perhaps one day remaster...
I keep finding these Coltrane gems via YouTube.. looks like I need to make a list and start purchasing these records.
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