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Silent One, can I ask you what are some of your favorites?
I see. I think I'll call it Rooibush from now on, LOL. While I am still unfortunately using tea bags, I've been drinking Numi Tea Rooibos and it is so good. I'm ordering a teapot this weekend so I'll definitely utilize the website you have shared. On the other note, my most favorite type of teas will always be Green tea. I love both Black and (as of now) Red teas, but there is something ever so soothing and wonderful about green tea. :)
beautiful setup. have you looked into the mods you can do it? I'm coming to point in time where I will be upgrading my CD player and I thought about doing some mods to my old PSX.
Tanner, I actually own a PS1 and brought it with last meet. Great little CD player and a small gem Sony had overlooked. Not the end all of players but definitely one that shouldn't be ignored.
First listen, believe it or not. Will post impressions on it sometime soon.  
I'll have to try it sometime. I have yet taken any interest in White Tea.. perhaps one day?  LOL, I hadn't any idea there were a difference. I thought it was a fancy word for Rooibos, at least now I know. Ha ha
Parkbaked I have been on the lookout for those amps for awhile. As much as I love my Marantz, I've always loved the Pioneer sound.
I might use a ceramic pot for some Rooibush tea (which I heard is just as great). I really am in need of a teapot or two, these tea bags are no longer sufficing lol.
Anyone here have any thoughts on Rishi Tea or even Numi Tea? I came across this article ( recently and was fascinated and horrified to see all the horrible things some of these tea bags can have. Granted this caters more to the tea bag drinker (which I am wanting to step away from as much as possible). I explored Rishi Tea's website and realized they sell Tokoname pots. I'm especially interested into...
No problem! Can't wait to see everyone there!
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