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  Shooting for one in Fall. Stay tuned!
Thanks for all the kind wishes and to everyone who attended. My apologies for not being able to make it, but based on these impressions I can assume this was a successful meet. I definitely look forward to the next one.   Until then, Chris
Out of these headphones, which one did you feel paired best with the Jotunheim?
Double check! We got a reservation, thread should be updated soon.
  Listening to an old classic.
I first thought those speakers were something else.  
We'll make sure the big room is reserved and not pushed aside. I feel if we are paying for the main room, we should get the main room. We will know what happens next week.
Ok so update here: Harmon Library (our old location down the street from Bruton Barr) might be up for grabs. Unfortunately for the dates we chose we have to wait till after the July 17th to make any reservations. So expect a confirmation sometime that week!
Unfortunately this is accurate. The library's larger rooms are on the upper floors (3rd floor I believe), which could complicate setup.This will most likely be the last time we use the library, as for our Spring meet we hope to move to a bigger venue, preferably a hotel.
Very true! On that note, I hope all our members are alive and well, this heat has been brutal.
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