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So since I've switched to the HD 598, I have no need for the Modi or another amp beside my all-in-one FiiO E10. I have the USB Schiit Modi and will also include the RW Audio Amp1S amp. It is a solid state amp capable of powering up to 600 Ω headphones. I get static problems every once in a while, and the the volume knob came off. I was given it by a fellow head-fi'er as a gift. I will include it with the Modi and pay for a bit of the shipping cost to compensate for it, but...
Thanks, Matt! :) I also incorporated the idea for US shipping. My only gripe is shipping would be expensive.
Hello everyone!   So I am interesting in selling my vintage Marantz 2220B receiver. I'm going to be upgrading my entire audio setup and decided that while I like the 2220B a lot, I will probably not be using it as much as I use to. I will post more updated pics soon, but it has been a bit cleaned and the interconnects have been replaced by fellow Head-fi'er and good friend funch. The only thing is that some of the LEDs need replacing, but that's it.    I would prefer...
What he said^ :D
Took your advice and did so. Got a rather prompt response, which was very nice. Apparently it was a custom made phono tube amp. I can only hope they branch out with it and maybe release it for the public to go with the turntable. Would definitely be nice! :)
Perhaps not the greatest picture in the world to ask of this, but anyone possibly know what amp is represented here?   
Picked up some jeans. Had to order them online, hope they fit nice.
Is that a PSOne as a source? Nice!
Not quite yet. I haven't been able to do much because of school work (final semester, preparing to shoot a film). I'll see if I can swing by there sometime either this week or the next.
Hmm.. do let us know if you find anything out. That would be great!
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