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Very true! On that note, I hope all our members are alive and well, this heat has been brutal.
It definitely was, I could ask when we go to make reservations if opening that entrance could be a possibility.  Anyways, looking forward to seeing everyone again. I'm hoping temps cool down by September. It's supposed to be 120F this Sunday and Monday, so I'm already not much looking forward to the summer weather.
I totally understand. With the plethora of good products becoming more available within a reasonable price bracket, the "right choice" is becoming an even more difficult task. If you don't wish to hold out too long for a table, grab the U-Turn Basic with at least the cue lever and the OM-5e. It should bring you at $254 with an opportunity to do stylus upgrades (such as the OM-40) and an acrylic platter. The table also includes a dust cover. You can start off with their...
Hi, Pete; I'm not aware of the Bush turntables. I will say however, I would recommend saving your money for a Debut Carbon table or even a U-Turn Orbit Plus. More bang for the buck, and great sound.
Here is my setup currently. It's still a bit cluttered, but that'll change over time. I will eventually get a new monitor (or two) as well as a new headphone rig. For now though, I'm happy.
Selling a used Schiit Modi 1, USB version, for $70+s/h. We can discuss payment method via PM, so please contact me if interested. The unit does not include any cables. It does have one small scratch from the previous owner, but it does not affect it's performance at all. I received this item from a member here on Head-Fi. It's served me well, but I'm looking to upgrade my setup and have no need for this anymore.    Thank you, Destroysall
No pictures on my part this time around, hope someone else can fill in for those. The meet was fantastic with such a great turn out. Had a good time hanging out with everyone and talking about all things audio related. I will have to say the HD 800 and the Vioelectric amp and the PS1 was the surprise of this meet for me. Such a magnificent combo! I can't wait for the next meet, which will happen Fall!
You should be fine, as the tables are approximately the same size as the ones at the other library, except a bit bigger. As memory serves, we were able to place two-three tables against the wall and they are really big. With us having two rooms, I seriously think we should be okay. 
This is a great reminder. What would be a flexible format for everyone? HDD, Thumb drive, CDs?
Makes me wonder how they sound! 
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