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Good to know, though I didn't wait 5 mins for the caps to drain, I did wait for a good moment before turning it back on. But I'm going to assume that was the reason for the sparks. Maybe it was a bad seating and a bad connection, but I hadn't moved the tubes in a few weeks. and they we're working just fine before. So strange.
Something strange just happened with my Schiit Lyr 2 and I would like to get yall's take on it. I am using Mullard CV4109 tubes ( http://www.tubemonger.com/Mullard_MINT_NOS_1967_MIL_7308_CV4109_E188CC_MPS_p/2000m.htm ) . The previous owner had 50 hours on these tubes.   I turned the Lyr on.  My left channel did not output sound while the right did, even after the 20 second wait. I looked at my left channel tube and the red glowing area was not glowing. I flipped it on...
Hey guys I busted the smc connector on my HE-4 cable.  I was too rough on it and the termination must have loosened up because I can move it around and get sound if held in the right place.   Looking to see if anyone would offer up their services to repair it.     I would pay for shipping for both ways of course. I am located in Pensacola, FL if anyone is local.   
Pm sent.
Found this little amp while looking for a stereo amp like the fiio A1, what yall make of it?    Topping TP31
PM Sent!
What amp are you folks using for the HE-4? Also for those that have compared them to the HE-400, which set created the "reach out and touch the speaker" illusion the best?
Why does windows volume control still work if the card is being used as line-out with rca's? Do I have a wrong setting? My understanding is that line out is set at a specified level that is not changeable. This bothers me because I'm routing the so-called "line-out" via rca cables to an m-stage amp.
WTB Stax 02 Pads - Black, pm me your price.
To busy with the HE-500's? I appreciate the offer, I will take your word for it, one question though, were your ears touching the driver with your 02's? I don't mind that they touch, I just want decent separation for long gaming session comfort.   Also, those with the Shures, how much separation from the driver did you experience.   Would the Shure 940 pads work?
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