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Anyone disappointed that nothing has really come out since 2011 to match the value these headphones give?  Sure there are many great value iems always coming out, but what is out there at $50 for full-size headphones?
why was the KZ thread locked?
 I got it myself and agree with much of what you said.   I feel the 9500 is slightly better in all ways in terms of SQ, but I couldn't get over the fit.  It's just too loose and big on the head.  It's not heavy, but it just doesn't disappear on the head for me.  I'd prefer velour as well.  The cable is also horrible in terms of the rubber material on the outside and the length.
anyone think these would be a significant upgrade from a takstar hi2050?
How the headphones look: 4 How the headphones feel: 7 How the headphones are packaged:  2 How the headphone packaging looks: 1 How the headphones sound: 6 How the headphones were priced: 5 Accessories: 3   Basically, comfort above all.  If it's not comfortable, I won't wear them regardless of how great they sound.  Then sound and value are the next priorities.  Beyond that, I really don't care too much about the rest. 
Just got a second hi 2050 and it is better than my first ~2 or so year old one.  The clamping force has been reduced so I don't feel any pressure on my head, but it won't fall off.  Also, it just seems more solidly put together.    Also, I purchased a superlux 681 evo and couldn't stand them compared to the hi2050.  Unfortunately, there are hardly any comparisons between these, and I believed the hype. The bass was too overpowering.  hi2050 is definitely worth the extra...
I recommend the takstar pro 80 or takstar hi 2050.   Check out this thread:
Hey, I had the Hi2050's for quite a while a now.  I just have a couple questions.  Why do the pro80's seem to be more popular than the Hi2050's?  Do people just prefer the isolation?  Also, for replacement pads for the Hi2050, do those HM5 pleather/valor work well without changing the sound much?  I just see them recommended for the p80's mostly.   Anyway, I don't think anything can beat these at this price point.  I actually prefer them over my sony ma900's in most ways...
did creative ever add gain options to the sound blaster Z?  I sold my card awhile back, but I'm thinking of buying it again.  For some reason, this was the only card that didn't have gain options which caused me some issues.
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