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I came to this conclusion after purchasing it them based on reviews about how comfortable it is.  I actually hardly read this thread.  There's no doubt it's one of the most comfortable headphones, but I think the headband can be improved.   As for the sound, I'm enjoying them.  I went from the hd600 to these and don't regret it.  These are slightly warmer and have better sound stage.
I've been liking this headphone, but headband is so flawed.  It doesn't keep the adjustment well at all.  Also, even though it is so lightweight, the headband isn't padded enough to make it 'disappear'.  It puts a noticeably pressure point on the top of my head.  The cloth material just isn't thick or spongy enough for perfect comfort.
anyone have the moto g? how does it sound straight from the phone?
 With the faux sound mod (after installing a compatible kernel), I only hear distortion when I really turn the gain up high.  I think mainstream manufacturers purposely handicap the loudness of their devices to prevent the chance of hearing damage, even though unlikely.  So, the quality really isn't lost when you go a bit past the manufacturer defaults.
Anyone think it would be stupid going from hd 600's to these?  I got my hd 600's for $300 and will get the ma900's for ~$200.  I really enjoy the 600's, but I don't find them as comfortable as many have said.  Also my creative z can't power them well enough, as they sounded far better on a schiit magni I tested.  Another needed purchase just further diminishes the value of the them.
The nexus 5 is great with my experience so far, especially if you install a custom kernel that allows faux sound mod.  Then you can increase the gain to a satisfying level without any noticeable distortion.  The clip zip or clip+ doesn't get loud enough for me and carrying an amp around ruins its portability.
why didn't you like the nexus 7?  i just got it myself, and its probably the best tablet i've owned regardless of value.
Could anyone recommend me a warmer sounding HD600?  I think I've read that the HD650 is warmer, but I do not want to spend $100 more just for that and would actually like to keep it around $200 give or take.  It would need to be as comfortable and light as the HD600 if possible.I believe I liked the signature of the denon d2000's more, but like qualities of the HD600 as well.
Thanks for the help guys, it was actually the 1/4 inch adapter.  The sound started working after I moved it around a bit even though it was in there all the way in the first place.
yeah I only have a magni, which is why I'm using the rca to 3.5mm.  I'm guessing it can only be the cable.
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