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"spaciousness" as in soundstage is bigger/better than the d7?
Disreguard my post. I just bought the iBasso D7.
Nevermind, I just went ahead and bought the ibasso d7.
which is better?
iBasso D7 vs FiiO E17   Using it with IEM ViSang R03 (Brainwavz M2) and my laptop.   Currently using NuForce HDP with Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm for my desktop.   Mostly for gaming and movies.
iBasso D7 vs FiiO E17?   I'll be using IEM ViSang R03 (Brainwavz M2). This setup will be for my laptop.   For my desktop I currently use a NuForce HDP with Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm and I love the neutral sound.   Gonna mostly be using it for gaming and watching movies.
cant decide which one to get. i can purchase them both for around $200-$300. i've been reading up on so many reviews these past few weeks. trying to gather as much info about products to make an informative decision on what to buy.   so far i bought the denon d1100 and im very satisfied with them. i plan on getting the d2000. i also bought the brainwavz m2 and i wanna upgrade.   i mostly like listening to music with bass. so far from what i read i know the golds...
Title says it all. Which sounds better? With the golds and an amp will the bass drown everything else out? With the coppers and an amp will everything sound balanced and still have that oomph that I'm looking for with the bass? On they're selling the coppers for $211.08 and on I can get the golds for around the same price.
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