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Hey guys. I've been thinking about getting the total airhead dac/amp, but I don't know if the dac, the part that i actually need, works on portable devices. I know it says "portable" amp, but I've read articles that say that the dac only works through USB, which my android phone doesnt have? So does the dac work on android phones? Thanks!
My computer, which will be playing FLAC files. 
Hey guys. I'm pretty new to the audiophile scene. I purchased my first pair of high-end headphones about 8 months ago- they were the Grado 225is. They sound great, but I think its time to explore a little more. I listen exclusively to rock music, so keep that in mind. I'm deciding between the Beyerdynamic DT770s and the Sennheiser 598s. Since I have no way to test them out or listen to them, I'm relying on you guys to help me make a decision. Here's what I'm looking...
Hey guys! Alex here. I'm still relatively new to the world of headphones. I just got my first "high-end" pair of headphones a while back (the Grado 225is), and I have to say, they're pretty fricking awesome. Absolutely a step up from those Beats everybody's flaunting around. Anyway, I think its time to move on and see what else the audio industry has to offer. I listen to rock music (at maximum volume, mind you), and want a nice, deep bass. I don't plan on using a...
Thanks guys! Where would I go about buying one? 
Hey guys! I've had my Grado's for a while now, and I have to say, they're pretty fricking awesome. Excuse my lack of eloquence, but that's all I have to say about them. Anyway, I've replaced the earpads already, making it a lot more comfortable. However, the head band is still pretty stiff and uncomfortable. Is there anyway to replace it with a plusher one, and where would I get a better band? Thanks!   -Alex
Hey guys. I'm looking for a portable headphone amp to use with my new Grado 225is. However, all the amps I've looked at so far have a 1/8mm input, which won't work, as the 225is have a 1/4mm jack. The amp must be under $100. Thanks!
Crap. Now I have to wait for the jack to get here before I can use my amp. Well, thanks for the help guys! 
I don't see anything that could be used to plug into my laptop or iPad. 
Hey guys. So I recently purchased my first headphone amp, the Rolls HA43 Pro, and it came in the mail today. But the problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to connect it to my iPad. There's no jack or anything. Help? LOL, thanks. I realize how ridiculous this question is, but....I seriously need help. 
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