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Hey guys.  I'm looking to change from my V-Moda M80s and Grado 225is. I want something that sounds different from these (though I'm not sure what), to keep things fresh, but if there's a great sounding can that would be a significant upgrade that doesn't necessarily sound that 'different' from my current ones, please let me know as well. I'm pretty flexible on this.    I listen almost exclusively to rock, from alternative to metal, and some acoustic, softer stuff...
I actually did get the cable in the package, I just lost it :P  I can't find the cable on Toxiccable's or iBasso's website, or anywhere else. Is there anywhere else I can get it? 
Okay, so from what I gather, to bypass the Samsung s3's DAC / AMP all I need to do is connect it to my iBasso d-zero with a OTG cable, and then I'll get that beautiful sound?    Also, does anyone have a link or know where I can get a compatible and good android OTG cable? Thanks. 
Lol yeah, I know, stock's just ugly as hell :P
Right. So which custom kernels would work? I'm on an AT&T S3. 
What is 'digital USB audio out'?Also, will the USB/DAC still work if I root my AT&T S3 and flash a custom ROM?If so, which ROMs will this work with?Thanks!
I have a stock, US version Samsung Galaxy s3 and an iBasso D-Zero. I know that these are 'compatible' with each other, as in I'll get that beautiful clean sound, but I don't know how to hook it up. Which cable do I use? Where does everything go? Once I connect it, will it work automatically, and I'll get the amazing sound, or do I need the USB Audio Recorder Pro app thing. And can I use this with Neutron Music Player?    Thanks! 
Been searching for an answer everywhere, can't find a straight one, so I guess I'll just ask lol.  So, from what I gather, if I have a stock, US version Samsung Galaxy s3, connect it with the 'charger' cord to a external DAC / AMP, say the iBasso 10, and plug my headphones into the DAC / AMP, it will work and I'll get that beautiful clean sound?  Thanks!! :D 
Okay, so I can't find a straight answer to this question anywhere. I have a rooted Samsung Infuse a JellyBean port custom ROM. I want to be able to use an external DAC / Amp with it; will this work? If so, what exactly do I need, and how should it be set up? Thanks!
I bought these about a week ago, but the sound just isn't for me. I prefer my V-modas :D No imperfections whatsoever, only listened to for about 2 hours. No box or adapter, but includes pleather carrying case, extra ear pads, and cable. I'll only ship to US. I'd be willing to trade these for a like new pair of M50s or Philips Citiscape Downtown. Thanks!
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