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So I've been considering the following:  Phiaton ME-400 Ultrasone hfi 780 Sennheiser 598 Beyerdynamic dt770   I'm aware that these are sonically all quite different from each other. Which one would be best for my needs (listed above)? Any other feedback on these cans as well?  Thanks!
Hey guys.  I'm looking to change from my V-Moda M80s and Grado 225is. I want something that sounds different from these (though I'm not sure what), to keep things fresh, but if there's a great sounding can that would be a significant upgrade that doesn't necessarily sound that 'different' from my current ones, please let me know as well. I'm pretty flexible on this.    I listen almost exclusively to rock, from alternative to metal, and some acoustic, softer stuff...
I actually did get the cable in the package, I just lost it :P  I can't find the cable on Toxiccable's or iBasso's website, or anywhere else. Is there anywhere else I can get it? 
Okay, so from what I gather, to bypass the Samsung s3's DAC / AMP all I need to do is connect it to my iBasso d-zero with a OTG cable, and then I'll get that beautiful sound?    Also, does anyone have a link or know where I can get a compatible and good android OTG cable? Thanks. 
Lol yeah, I know, stock's just ugly as hell :P
Right. So which custom kernels would work? I'm on an AT&T S3. 
What is 'digital USB audio out'?Also, will the USB/DAC still work if I root my AT&T S3 and flash a custom ROM?If so, which ROMs will this work with?Thanks!
I have a stock, US version Samsung Galaxy s3 and an iBasso D-Zero. I know that these are 'compatible' with each other, as in I'll get that beautiful clean sound, but I don't know how to hook it up. Which cable do I use? Where does everything go? Once I connect it, will it work automatically, and I'll get the amazing sound, or do I need the USB Audio Recorder Pro app thing. And can I use this with Neutron Music Player?    Thanks! 
Been searching for an answer everywhere, can't find a straight one, so I guess I'll just ask lol.  So, from what I gather, if I have a stock, US version Samsung Galaxy s3, connect it with the 'charger' cord to a external DAC / AMP, say the iBasso 10, and plug my headphones into the DAC / AMP, it will work and I'll get that beautiful clean sound?  Thanks!! :D 
Okay, so I can't find a straight answer to this question anywhere. I have a rooted Samsung Infuse a JellyBean port custom ROM. I want to be able to use an external DAC / Amp with it; will this work? If so, what exactly do I need, and how should it be set up? Thanks!
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